A Dragon King is Her Soulmate


In the 15th century, humans and beasts coexisted. One of them is a dragon. But lately, the dragon that they call the Great Dragon has been causing trouble in a village called Bourine Village. Because they live in fear, all the villagers discuss and want to find a way to appease the wrath of the great dragons. Hagen Gracchus was the chief of the village. He has short, dark brown hair, green eyes and is in his 50s.

One of the villagers said, ”We have to do something so that this situation does not continue. As the chief of this village, what should you do? ”

With a calm face, Hagen replied. ”What do you want me to do? ”

”We found out that with the offer of a woman who is still a virgin and who is about to turn 18, can appease the dragons wrath. ”

Hearing the words from one of the residents, Hagens facial expression changed slightly.

One of the old women interrupted. ”It seems that in this village, only the chiefs daughter will soon turn 18. ”

They all started whispering and murmuring to each other. Hagens face didn show any reaction; he just remained silent. One of the villagers asked again.

”Chief Hagen, as the chief of this village, you have to be responsible, considering that by coincidence your daughter will soon turn 18. ”

Behind the pillar near the villagers gathering, there was a woman who overheard their conversation. Then she ran away from the villagers in a hurry and entered a house.

”Zerlyn, Where did you disappear to? and why are you panting? ”

Zerlyns hair was long past her tailbone and was light brown. Her eyes are purple.

”Mother, I heard something bad. ” Her face looked worried and scared when she told her mother. Her mothers name is Drusilla, with shoulder-length light brown hair and purple eyes and is in her 40s.

”Zerlyn, what do you mean? ”

”The villagers want to offer me to the dragon. As a tribute. ”

”What are you talking about? That won happen. ”

”I said the truth, I heard it myself. ”

”Zerlyn, stop talking nonsense! ”

Drusilla began to raise her voice as she thought Zerlyn was just being silly. However, suddenly, outside their house, a loud voice was heard.

Zerlyn became restless and approached her mother. ”Mother, I think its them. ”

Drusilla started to feel uneasy and came out of the house to see what was happening. Zerlyn remains in the house; she only peeks from the entrance door. Drusilla was surprised to see hordes of villagers coming to their house.

”What is the purpose of you all coming to our house? ”

Drusilla asked softly and politely, but one of the villagers shouted.

”Where is your daughter, Zerlyn? ”

”Why do you want to see her? ”

”Because the day after tomorrow she will be a tribute to the great dragon. ”

”What are you talking about? ” Drusilla started to raise her voice in surprise, and it seemed that Zerlyns words were right, she thought.

”In this village, it is only your daughter who will soon be 18 years old. So it is your daughter who will be a tribute to the great dragon. ”

”This is nonsense! You can do that. ”

”As the daughter of the chief of this village, she should take this responsibility. ”

”Does my husband agree with your decision? ”

”Agree or not, this responsibility must be carried out by your family. ”

Then all the villagers exclaimed in agreement. Drusillas eyelid twitched with annoyance, as she was annoyed by their actions. Zerlyn was also scared to hear the voices of those who wanted to offer her to the great dragon.

Hagen appeared there, and they all stopped shouting. Drusilla ran up to Hagen and asked for reassurance.

”Hagen, is it true that Zerlyn will be offered as a tribute to the dragon? ”

But Hagen just kept silent and didn say anything.

”Hagen! Why didn you say anything? Say something! I will not allow Zerlyn to be offered as a tribute to that dragon! ”

A woman spoke to Drusilla. ”You can stop us. If you try to stop, we will lock you up. ”

”How dare you! ” Drusilla yelled in anger.

”Arrest her and lock her up! ”

Several men went towards Drusilla, wanting to arrest her, but Hagen stopped them.

”You cannot arbitrarily act recklessly. ”

The woman said again, ”Then your daughter should be used as a tribute. ”

Seeing the reaction of her parents, who were reluctant to give an answer, Zerlyn felt guilty, and her mother, whom they wanted to lock up, made her more worried about her mothers safety.

”What should I do? Should I obey their order? I never thought the villagers were so cruel. I started to hate them. It appears that I must sacrifice myself for the sake of my parents. I cannot let them harm my family. ”

Zerlyn came out of the house and came to meet them. They gasped at Zerlyns serious expression. Zerlyn looked at them one by one and spoke.

”So you all can wait to make me an offer to the dragon? ”

”Not just an offer, but a tribute to the great dragon. As the daughter of chief Hagen, you have to be responsible for protecting this village. ” An old man said sternly to Zerlyn.

”Why should I sacrifice myself for the selfish villagers? ”

”You! You are so rude! This is how Chief Hagen raises his daughter? ”

”You don need to interfere in our family matters! ”

”Zerlyn… silent. ” Hagen, who had been silent, spoke up.

”Even though I am the chief of this village, I am not willing to give my daughter to that dragon. ”

”If you
e not willing, you shouldn live in this village anymore! ”

Hearing their words, Zerlyn became unhappy, because there was nowhere for them to go. The village is the only one they have.

”Father… Its okay. Im willing to be a tribute to that dragon. ”

”But Zerlyn… if you become a tribute to the dragon, we won see you anymore. I don want that to happen. ” Drusilla said, with a sad expression on her face, and her tears almost flowed out.

”Father, mother, I don want anything bad to happen to you. Im fine, and Zael is still here. ”

Hearing Zerlyns words, the villagers smiled happily. But both her parents are sad. They cannot accept Zerlyns decision.

Zerlyn threw a trashy look at the villagers and said, ”Don think that what Im doing is for you. Im doing it for my family. I won do it for the sake of these arrogant and selfish villagers. ”

”How can you say that? Do you want to be hit? I can ruin that beautiful face of yours. ”

A young man said angrily to Zerlyn and Hagen spoke up in anger.

”Don you dare touch my daughter. Don forget that I am still the chief of this village, and I still have the right to drive away anyone who dares to hurt my family. ”

The man just remained silent and did not dare to look at Hagen after being threatened by him.

”Youve heard my answer, right? Now you can all go home. We need privacy and peace. ”

After Zerlyn finished her words to the villagers, she entered their house. One by one, the villagers returned to their homes. Hagen and Drusilla, who were confused, also entered their house. Zerlyn walked to her room and locked herself in. She covered her face with both hands. She was sobbing, while in front of the villagers, she only pretended to look strong, but actually her heart was crushed, because, for the sake of her parents, she was willing to do anything. Hagen and Drusilla heard her cries, though she tried to lower her voice for anyone to hear.

Hagen and Drusilla sat together and talked.

”Hagen, what should we do? Are we just going to let Zerlyn be made as a tribute to the dragon? ”

”So far I don know what to do. I am also confused. If there is a place for us to go to, we will definitely leave this village. The people of this village are really selfish, just like the dragon. ”

”Father, Mother, what do you mean by those words? ”

They were surprised to see their son, Zale, standing up looking at them with a confused face. Zale has

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