A Dragon King is Her Soulmate


Zerlyn approached the unknown man and was confused as to what to do. Because her attitude that is always attentive to others makes her feel guilty if she leaves the man alone in the woods.

”What should I do? Is this man sick? Why did he suddenly faint? Should I wait for him to wake up? But, I can waste my time here. ” After thinking for a while, Zerlyn decided to lay the man down in the bushes so that no wild animals would attack him.

”Sorry, unknown man. I had to leave you alone. I was also in a hurry. I also have my own problems. I hope you are fine until you become conscious. ”

After that, Zerlyn walked quickly because it was soon to dawn. She should get out of that place as soon as possible.

After half an hour of walking, Zerlyn finally found the road. Finally, she was out of the Bourine Village area.

”I finally managed to get out of the Bourine Village woods. Now what should I do? Should I follow this road? It seems that this road is always traveled by people. ”

Suddenly, the light of the rising sun shines, and the dark atmosphere has become brighter. Zerlyn turned to look at the rising sun.

”It looks like I don have time to stay here for long. I have to go further. Hmm… It looks like Ill just follow this road to the north. If I follow the south side, it looks like Ill end up back in the Bourine Village area. Ahh! Im doomed. This is the result if I never leave Bourine village. Im like a fool. Whatever… I just follow this road to the north. ” Zerlyn put out the fire of the wood torch. She discarded it, then continued her way to the north.

In the village of Bourine, the situation has become a mess because Zerlyn is no longer in the village. The villagers flocked to Hagens house and shouted.

”Chief Hagen! Where are you hiding your daughter? Hey! get out of the house. Come out and face us. ”

Hagen came out of the house with a straight face. ”All of you who are watching over her, but we
e the ones you
e blaming. ”

”But shes gone! You must be the one who took her away. ”

”You can check my house if you want to be sure. ”

”Check his house! ” Some people entered Hagens house and searched his house but did not find Zerlyn. They left Hagens house with unhappy faces, and Hagen asked, ”How, are you satisfied? ”

One of them said again. ”We
e sure you hid her somewhere. ”

”Thats enough, your attitude is annoying. Who do you think you are to manage our lives? ” Zale came to meet them, holding his sword.

There is an old man yelling at Zale. ”You must be the mastermind! You must be the one who helped the woman escape! ”

Zale drew his sword towards the old man. ”Her name is Zerlyn, not a woman. Watch your mouth when you say something. ”

The villagers were surprised when Zale drew his sword. ”These people are really crazy. We have to drive them out of this village. ”

”Yes! Drive them out of this village. Since they are irresponsible!! ” All the villagers shouted. They want them to be driven away.

”Don worry, we will leave this village even without you telling us to leave. ” Drusilla carried their things and was ready to go. They were speechless as Drusilla carried their things.

”Hagen, Zael. Lets get out of here. I can wait to leave this village. ” Drusilla said cheerfully and enthusiastically.

One of the old women said sarcastically. ”Do you think you can live out there? Only in your dreams. ”

”Ahh… old lady, don forget, before I married Hagen, I was a traveler. After I met Hagen, I had to stay here in this village. ”

”Old lady, I forgot to say. If Im not mistaken, you have a granddaughter who will soon turn 18, right? Why don you ever speak up about that. ” The old woman was shocked to hear Zaels words, and she stammered.

”I… I… don … ”

Zael smirks and cuts her off before she finishes her words. ”Oh, you really wanted to be secretive. Im sorry I spoke anyway. Whatever, we have to go now. Well excuse ourselves. Father, mother, lets go. ” The three of them walked towards the gate.

The villagers stared at the old lady with a curious face. ”Why… Do you look at me like that? I… I really don have a granddaughter. ”

”We don care, we want to check your house. ” The villagers shouted and ran towards the old ladys house.

After leaving the gate of Bourine Village, Hagen turned to look back and looked at the village with a sad face.

”Father, are you sad? ”

”Uhm… its just, yes, I feel a little sad. Because Ive lived here for decades and today Im leaving this village. ”

”Hagen, this is the time for us to explore the outside world. Until when do we have to be stuck in this village? Im sure our lives will be happier after this. During your life as a chief, you
e just like a servant. They never respect you or treat you nicely. Lets start our new life as an ordinary person without rank. ”

e right. Before we die, lets see the outside world. ” They smiled happily and got on the carriage that Zael had prepared.

Zerlyn has been walking for almost 2 hours. But she hasn found anyone or any town yet. She is tired, thirsty, and hungry. Her steps were getting slower, and suddenly she stopped walking because she heard the sound of flowing water. She looked for where the sound of the water was coming from. Then she walked to the left side and entered the bushes, and the sound of the water was getting louder. In front of her, a clean and clear rocky river. She was very happy and quickly took the water in her hand and drank it until she was full. After drinking water, she felt energetic again. ”Finally, my thirst is quenched. But Im still hungry. Where can I find food? ”

”I can help you get food. ” Zerlyn turned to look behind her and was surprised to see a man behind her. She stared at the mans face, and she froze.

”You… you
e the guy who passed out. ”

”Yes, I am. ” He smiled with a cheerful face. This mans face is a bit different. Just now he looked gloomy. Right now, he is more cheerful, and his face is also quite handsome. Maybe I didn really see him properly earlier because it was quite dark.

”Are you okay, young lady? Did something on my face? ” The man asked because Zerlyn just stared at him without saying anything.

”Oh… Im sorry. Nothing… Im just thinking about something else. ”

”Young lady, whats your name? ”

”Z-Zerlyn. ”

”Zerlyn… uhm… beautiful name. You can call me Ignacio. ”

While they were talking, Zerlyns stomach suddenly growled. She touched her stomach and felt a little embarrassed because her stomach growled loudly.

Ignacio smiled and took something out of his shirt, like a golden knife. Ignacio can pull it to a length of 1 metre and a half. He walked towards the river bank and jumped into the middle of the rocky river. Zerlyn was surprised that he was able to jump so far in the middle. Ignacio watched the surface of the water carefully, then he speared a rather large fish. Zerlyn jumped for joy because Ignacio had managed to catch a fish. Ignacio jumped back to the ground. Zerlyn approached him with a happy face.

”You managed to catch a fish? You are amazing. ”

e exaggerating. Its just normal. Do you know how to cut a fish? ”

Zerlyn shook her head. Ignacio furrowed a little bit after he heard Zerlyn didn know how to cut fish.

”Come here, let me teach you. ” Zerlyn approached Ignacio and learned how to cut the fish. Ignacio took out a small knife from his shirt pocket.

”Descale the fish with the back of this knife.Cut the fishs stomach open to remove its guts, and clean it with water. Do you understand now? ”

”Yes… ”

”Good, you hold this fish and Ill make a fire. ” Ignacio prepared the firewood, and he turned his back to Zerlyn. The fire was ready. Zerlyn approached him and said, ”Wow… how can you light the fire so fast? You don use stones or wood to make fire? ”

Ignacio was a little shocked because Zerlyn was suddenly behind him.

”O-Of course I use it. I already threw it away. Give me the fish. ” The way Ignacio said it, it was as if he was trying to hide something.

They sat while waiting for the fish to be grilled. Zerlyn remembered Igancios words the first time they met.

”Ignacio, what do you mean by your words that we just met for the first time? ”

”What do you mean? ”

”You don remember, do you? ”

”What did I say? ”

”After hundreds of years, I finally found you, my long-lost love, my fiance. ”

His eyes were wide in surprise, and he chuckled. He tried to hide something again.

”Ahh… maybe Im just talking randomly. At that time, I didn feel well. ”

”Oh… is that why you suddenly passed out? ”

”Yes. But after I woke up, you weren there, and I was in the bushes, covered with grass. ” Zerlyn gasped at Ignacios words, and tried to explain.

”Im sorry for having to leave you alone. I had to leave quickly. Thats why I hid you in the bushes so that no wild animals would attack you. ”

”Why do you have to leave in such a hurry and why do you wander around at night? ”

”Because… ” Zerlyn was thinking of what she should say to him. She doesn want to tell him the truth.

”Because I want to go to town. ”

”Town? Why do you want to go to town? ”

”I want to be a traveler. ”

”Traveler? You don even know how to cut a fish. How can you be a traveler? ”

”That… I can learn. Uhmm, how about you? ”

”I am a traveler. ”

”Traveler? So you know the way to town? ”

”Uhmm… I can show you, since I want to go to town. ”

”Really? ” Zerlyn was happy that she had a companion to go to town with.

”This fish is ready. Now you can eat it. ”

”How about you? Didn you want to eat? ”

”Im not hungry. Just finish the fish. After you finish eating, we will continue on our way to the town. ” Igancio said with a happy reaction, and Zerlyn nodded her head happily, and she ate the fish. Ignacio cast a glance at her with a serious look, then looked away to another place and waited until Zerlyn finished eating.

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