A Dragon King is Her Soulmate

Chapter 4: HER SAVIOUR

After finishing eating, Zerlyn was energetic enough to start their journey to town. Zerlyn asked Ignacio because she wanted to know how long it would take them to get to town.

”Ignacio, how far is it to get to town from here? ”

”If we walk, it takes about 2 hours. If we use a carriage, it takes 1 hour. If we only use horses, its faster to get there in half an hour. ”

”It looks like we have to walk for another two hours? ”

”Why can you walk anymore? ” Ignacio asked with a curious face.

”I have the energy to walk. Two hours is fine. Ive walked this far; I can give up. ” Ignacio seemed surprised to hear Zerlyns words.

”Thats nice to hear that. If you
e energetic, thats great. Lets continue our journey. ”

As they walked, Zerlyn was fascinated by the beauty of the outside world. For 17 years, she never walked far from Bourine Village. Her mind seems to be open.

I think the scenery outside is beautiful. I would have left the village if I had known. Hmm… Talk about leave, how are my mother, father, and Zale doing? I hope they are fine. Because of me, they have to face the rude villagers. Ignacio noticed the reaction on Zerlyns face changed.

”Are you okay? If you
e tired, lets rest first. ”

”No need, Im fine. ”

”So, why does your face look gloomy? ”

”Its okay. Im just… uhm… Nevermind. Im sorry if I made you worry. ”

Zerlyn gave Ignacio a cheerful smile. Ignacio looked away and thought, Her behavior seems different from… no, I don know yet. I have not even finished a day with her yet. As they were walking, suddenly the sky became dark. They looked up at the sky.

”Does it want to rain already? ” Zerlyn asked worriedly.

”It seems so. Lets continue our journey. Hopefully well find a place to shelter if it rains. ”

As they were walking, the storm grew stronger. The tree branches are also swaying. Lightning also thundered loudly. Along with the lightning strike

”Ahhh!! ” Zerlyn screamed loudly in shock.

”Are you okay? ” Igancio asked worriedly. I was scared, but I didn want to tell him. I don want our journey to be interrupted because of me.

”Im just shocked. Im fine. ”

”Are you sure you can continue the journey? We will arrive in about half an hour. ”

”You don have to worry. Well continue our journey before the rain falls. ”

Despite the strong wind and lightning, they made their way to the town. This was Zerlyns first experience. She was scared, but at the same time, she was happy too.

”You know what, these feelings are amazing. ” Zerlyn spoke loudly, so Igancio could hear her.

”What do you mean? ”

”Maybe you don understand, but this is my first time traveling alone. This experience is amazing. Im glad I can feel these feelings. ” Zerlyn smiled happily, and Ignacio returned her smile.

”Really? Im happy for you. I hope youll have amazing days ahead. ”

Although there was a thunderstorm, it hadn rained yet, and they took this opportunity to continue their journey to town. After walking for almost 2 hours, they finally saw the town in front of them.

”Ignacio, is that the town? ”

”Yes, we are almost in town. ”

”Finally we
e here. ” Zerlyn let out a feeling of gratitude.

e lucky its not raining. ” Ignacio added.

They continued their way into the town. Arriving in the town, Zerlyn was stunned to see the condition of the town. Many shops are open; clothing shops, restaurants, vegetable and fruit shops, butchers, and many more. There was a stall section, but they closed their stalls because of the thunderstorm.

”Zerlyn, where do you want to stay tonight? ” Ignacios question made Zerlyn silent for a moment. Ive arrived in town. What should I do?

”Do you have a place to live here? ”

”Uh… a place to live? None. ”

”So what do you want to do? What is your purpose here? ” Zerlyn was confused by Ignacios question. She just wanted to come here, but she didn have a plan yet.

”Do you want to stay at the inn? ”

”Inn? ”

”Yes, there are many inns here that can be rented. ”

”Is the rent expensive? ”

”There is a special inn for travelers, maybe a little cheaper. ”

”I want to try renting there. ”

Ignacio took Zerlyn to the inn specially for travelers. They went inside and were greeted by a woman, the inns keeper.

”Welcome, do you want to rent a room? ”

”Is there a cheap room at this inn? ”

Zerlyn asked without hesitation, but the innkeepers face changed slightly. Ignacio noticed the innkeepers facial reaction change and he said.

”She is a traveler. Renting an expensive room is such a waste of money. Its a long way to go and still needs a lot of money. ”

The innkeeper was surprised to hear Ignacios words, and she forced a smile.

”Well, you should definitely save money if the journey is still far. We… we only have one room left that is cheap for 10 jewels. ”

”Its okay, Im not renting here. Just give her the room. ”

”Igancio, where are you going to stay tonight? ”

”I have something to take care of. I won stay here. ” Zerlyn nodded her head. She felt a little sad because she would be alone after this. Zerlyn opened her pouch and gave 10 jewels to the innkeeper.

”Heres the key; your room is on the 3rd floor, number 309. ”

”Thank you. ” Zerlyn took the key and looked at Ignacio.

”Ignacio, thank you for accompanying me to this town. I really appreciate it. ”

”Did… you just say thank you to me? ”

”Y-Yes… why? ”

”Oh, its okay. Im glad to help you. Ill excuse myself. ”

Igancio gave Zerlyn a smile and then left. Now only Zerlyn was left alone. She went to her room. The room was small but clean, and there was a bed. When Zerlyn was lying on the bed, she felt sleepy because she was too tired to walk for hours, and then she fell asleep.

After a few hours of falling asleep, Zerlyn woke up. She looked around. The room was dark.

”Is it already night? Where should I find a candle? Maybe I can ask at the counter. ” Zerlyn opened the door to her room, and the candle lantern was already in front of her door.

”Uh… they are already prepared. ” Zerlyn picked up the candle lantern and brought it into the room. The surroundings in the rooms have become bright. She took out her pouch and counted how much money she had left.

”190 jewels. How long can I last with this money? And what should I do? I forgot to ask where I could find Zale. He just said he would find me. But he didn tell me where I could wait for him. Did he find me in this town? What should I do? I have no plans at all. I also have no idea what to do so far. ”

Zerlyn sighed because of her perplexity. She touched her tummy; because she felt hungry. She only ate fish in the morning and didn eat anything after that.

”I better find something to eat first. ”

Zerlyn left her rented room and left the inn. She walked around the town, where many shops were still open. This was the first time she could enjoy the town.

This place is beautiful. It would be good if I brought Zale to town from the beginning. If it wasn for the fact that I ran away, I might have died in that village without ever having gone anywhere.

Zerlyn found a restaurant that intrigued her and she entered the restaurant. This is also the first time she has entered a restaurant. She sat at an empty table while the waitress came to take her order.

”Miss, what do you like to eat? ”

”Chicken. ”

”Chi-chicken? What kind of chicken do you want? Grilled chicken, roasted chicken… ”

”Grilled chicken. ”

”Okay, thank you for your order. ”

After a few minutes of ordering food, the food is served at the table. Zerlyn was starving and ate the food. She enjoyed it very much. At the same time, there was a man who was staring at her earlier. He watched Zerlyns every gesture.

After finishing eating, Zerlyn paid for her food. ”How much? ”

”7 jewels. ”

7 jewels? She was shocked to hear that the price of this food seemed to be the same as the price of her rented room. Zerlyn paid for her food and left the shop with a full stomach.

Before returning to the inn, she walked around first, looking around. She felt someone was following her. She quickly walked away so that she could escape. She looked around, to her right and left. There was no one. Suddenly, her mouth was covered. She was taken to a dark and empty place without anyone.

She was pushed against the wall. Zerlyn turned to look at who was holding her. It was the man who had been staring at her at the restaurant just now.

”Who are you? What are you trying to do? ”

”You aren from here, right? and you are alone. ”

”What do you want? ” Zerlyn has started to be scared. She just came here for the first time, but she has already experienced something like this.

”I was stunned to see your beauty. You turned me on. ” The man said with a perverted facial expression.

”You are crazy! Don you dare touch me! Ill scream. ”

”Just scream, no one will save you. ”

The man approached Zerlyn and hugged her waist tightly. Zerlyn struggled to be released.

”Let me go. Please… please!! ” The man covered her mouth with a cloth so as not to make any noise. She attempted to open it, but the man ripped her shirt across her chest, and her breasts showed a little, which made the man go crazy. He tore her dress up to her thighs.

”Stop… Im begging you to stop… ”

Out of fear, Zerlyn cried because she couldn fight the man, and the man continued to touch her body.

”Your body is very tempting. Fortunately, I found you. Your body will be mine. ”

”No… no! Please stop! Don do this to me! I beg you. ”

Zerlyn remembered the dagger that Zale had given her. She took out the dagger from the pocket of her shirt that she had hidden. As the man hugged her, she took out the dagger and stabbed the man in the back and pulled the dagger out.

”Aarrghh!!! What have you done to me? ”

A frightened and trembling Zerlyn took the opportunity to escape. The man did not pursue her because of the pain. Zerlyn ran as fast as she could as she cried. The situation in the town is getting quieter because many shops have already closed. As she ran, she tripped and fell, spraining her leg.

She tried to stand up but her leg hurt because of a sprain. She tried to walk slowly and stagger, but her legs hurt more and more. Zerlyn felt devastated about her condition. Her life, which had been full of love from her family, suddenly turned into chaos.

”Mother… father… Zael… I miss you so much… ”

Zerlyn stopped walking and sat on the side, leaning against the wall and sobbing. Someone stopped and stood beside her. Zerlyn glanced a little at her side and thought that it was the man who was trying to **** her. She didn dare to lift her head, she just said in a frightened voice.

”I… I beg you to release me. Please don **** me… ”

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