A Dragon King is Her Soulmate


After Zerlyn said that, someone that was standing next to him spoke up.

”****? What do you mean? ” Zerlyn was surprised to hear the voice because she recognized the voice. She lifted her head and looked at the person.

”Ignacio… ”

”Zerlyn, what happened to… ” Ignacio was speechless after he saw the condition of Zerlyns body. Her clothes are torn, revealing her body. The color of Ignacios eyes sparkled reddish for only a second, then returned to normal.

”Who did this to you? ” Ignacios voice turned serious as he asked.

Zerlyn shook her head. ”I… I don know… ”

”Nevermind, let me send you back to the inn. ” Zerlyn tried to stand, but her aching legs made it difficult for her to stand. Ignacio helped her to her feet.

”Does your leg hurt? ”

”It feels like my leg is sprained. ” Because Zerlyns torn clothes exposed her body, Ignacio took off his clothes and put them on her. She was shocked because Ignacio was wearing nothing but just his pants. His muscular body made Zerlyn turn her head not to look at him.

”Aren you cold? ”

”I never felt cold. ”

”uh… ” Ignacios words confused Zerlyn. He notices Zerlyns perplexity, and he smiles at her.

”I mean, my body muscles can endure the coldness, so it doesn make me feel very cold. ”

”Ah… I see. ” She nodded her head and just stared at the ground.

”Lets go… ” Ignacio carried her in his arms, making Zerlyn even more surprised.

”Ignacio… I-I can still walk… you don need to carry me… ”

”You can walk, but its slow. I have to go somewhere. So I can waste time. Just bear it only for a moment. ”

After hearing Ignacios words, she said nothing. Ignacio continued to walk, carrying Zerlyn. Zerlyn gave him a sidelong glance. At that moment, she felt her heart suddenly pounding. Whats wrong with my heart? Is it because he carries me, causing my heart to beat? After all, this is the first time someone has carried me.

Ignacio said nothing on their way to the inn. When they arrived at the inn, the woman who looked after the inn was surprised to see them. Ignacio approached the woman with a smile and asked, ”Do you have any clothes that you don wear? Her clothes are torn and she doesn have a change of clothes.

”Ooh… well, yes I have. Wait a minute. ” The innkeeper went to get some clothes. After a few minutes, she came back.

”These are the clothes. Actually, these are the clothes that the former renter left here. These clothes have been left here for a long time. I hope you don mind. ” Ignacio looked at Zerlyn, waiting for her answer.

”I don mind… ” She said in a melancholy tone.

Upon arriving at her room, Ignacio places her on the bed.

”Change your clothes. ”

”I want to bathe. ”

”Fine… Ill wait outside. ” When taking a bath, Zerlyn saw her body with bruises on her hands and thighs. She felt like she wanted to cry when she remembered that event, but she persevered, holding back her tears. She opened the door to her room after taking a bath and getting dressed. Ignacio was still there.

”Are you done? ”

”Yes… ”

Ignacio went into Zerlyns room and put on his clothes.

”Where are your clothes? Ill help you put them away. ”

Zerlyn took her torn clothes and gave them to Ignacio.

”You take some rest, don go anywhere alone at night. Danger is everywhere. ”

”Alright… ”

Ignacio left Zerlyn alone, and he walked out of the inn holding Zerlyns torn clothes. He sniffed the clothes and then continued walking to where Zerlyn had been taken earlier. The man was still there; he was sitting against the wall. The man turned to look at him.

”What do you want? Im not in the mood to entertain anyone. Get away from here! ”

Ignacio threw Zerlyns clothes at him. He was shocked and stood up, holding Zerlyns clothes. ”What do you want? Why are you throwing these clothes? ”

”Do you know those clothes? ” The man examined the clothes, and his eyes were wide open in shock, and he turned to look at Ignacio. Ignacios serious face scared him.

”Wh-What do you want? ”

Ignacio said nothing and strangled his neck with his right hand. His nails are long and sharp. His eyes turned red. The man tried to break free from Ignacios grip, but he couldn .

”Do you know what you are doing? You dare touch my prey. No one can touch her but me. You must die. ”

Ignacio lifted the man using only one hand. The man shuddered in pain, and the fire began to burn all over his body. Igancio released his grip and threw him to the ground. The man screamed in pain. Igancio took Zerlyns clothes and burned the clothes with the man, to ashes.

”My king, aren you overreacting? You killed that man because of that woman. Don tell me, you have feelings for that woman? ”

Ignacio turned to look behind him, and behind him stood a sexy woman. Her shoulder-length hair is black; her eyes are gray. Ignacios stare at the woman without a smile.

”I know what I am doing. ”

”My king, when you are with that woman, you become different. You always smile at her. Even when you are with us, it is very difficult to see you smile. Your acting is the best. ”

”Why are you following me? ” Ignacio looked at the woman with a sharp look.

”My king, please don look at me like that. You scare me. Can you smile at me like you smiled at that woman? ” The woman said to him, with flirty body language.

”This is how my facial expression has been all this time. Why suddenly do you want me to smile? ”

”Like you smiled at that woman. ”

”Erzaka, enough! You know the reason. So, stop talking nonsense. You started to get on my nerves. ”

”Im sorry for my rudeness, my king. ”

”What is your purpose for seeing me? ”

”My king, I just want to remind you that you shouldn wander around. Enemies are everywhere. ”

”You don need to worry about me. So, have you investigated the fire pearl? ”

”About that, yes, the fire pearl is in the phoenix volcano. ”

”Good, my next destination is the Phoenix Volcano. ”

”So, how about the woman? Where are you going to keep her? ”

”Keep? Why do I want to keep her? She will come with me to the Phoenix Volcano. ”

”What!! That can be happening. You can always be with her. What if she knows your identity. ”

”She won know if no one tells her. ”

”What if you fall… in love? Her face looks like… ”

”Ill never fall in love. That won happen. I have to go. See you soon. ” Iganacio leaves Erzaka alone in the dark. Erzaka is not happy that Ignacio is close to Zerlyn.

”You cannot fall in love, my king. I won allow that to happen, never. ”

That night, as Zerlyn slept, she dreamed of what had happened to her. She raved in her sleep.

”Please don … don touch me… please no… no! no! no!!! ” She woke up from her sleep. She was sweating from the fear in her dream. She got out of bed and drank water. She returned to her bed and sat.

”What should I do? I can stay here for long. I will run out of money. Should I look for a job? Well, I will look for a job and save money. Thats my plan. I have to live well so that I don make my family worry. ”

The next morning, there was a knock on the door of Zerlyns room. She woke up and walked slowly because her legs hurt. Who came early this morning? Im still sleepy. She opens the door; its Ignacio.

”Good morning, Zerlyn. ” He gave her a warm smile. Uh… his smile was so charming, it really made my day. Wait! What was I thinking? Zerlyn was surprised by her own thoughts because she was fascinated by Ignacios smile.

”G-good morning, Ignacio. ”

”May I come in? ”

”Yes, sure. ” Ignacio went into her room and saw that the room was a little messy.

”Im sorry, I just woke up. The room isn even tidy. ”

”You… can sleep? ”

Zerlyn just nodded her head and cleaned the room with her sore feet. Ignacio looked at her leg and asked, ”How are your legs? ”

”Just a little sore. ”

”Do you want to see a doctor? ”

Doctor? I have to use money if I see a doctor. I have to save up.

”No need… my leg is fine. ”

”Alright. So, Zerlyn. What do you want to do after this? Where are you going? ”

”Ive been thinking overnight. Im going to find a job. ”

”Pardon? ” Ignacio was surprised to hear Zerlyns words that she wanted to work.

”But aren you a traveler? ”

”I need money. If I want to be a traveler, I must have enough money. ”

Suddenly, she wants to work. This is a really unexpected situation. No, I can let her work. ”Zerlyn, I want to go to Eastica. Do you want to go with me? ”

”Eastica? Where is that? ”

”You do not know? ” Ignacio was surprised because the famous place was unknown to Zerlyn.

”Ive never heard that name. ” Zerlyn actually only knows the names of her village, Bourine Village, and the town.

Ignacio was speechless after hearing Zerlyns answer. For a moment, I started to doubt if she really was my long-lost fiancee. Their attitude is the opposite. But that crystal brought me to her. Their faces are similar; only the hair color and attitude are different. This current fiancee is weak, and the past fiancee was uhm… even to remember that made my blood boil.

”Ignacio… Ignacio, are you okay? ”

”Yes… I was just thinking. So how do you want to travel with me? ”

”To be honest, I don have much money to travel. ”

”Hmm… how about I hire you to be my traveling companion? Ill pay you. At the same time, you can get to know the world. ”

”Hire me? ”

”Yes, I will pay 1 weeks worth of 300 jewels. If you work here for 1 month, you only get 300 jewels, or maybe less. ”

”Are you rich? How can you afford to pay me? ”

”You don have to worry about that. ”

”Uhmm… Ignacio, can I think about it first? ”

”Sure, take your time during your recovery and thinking and give me an answer later. ”

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