A Forger’s Harem

Spiritual Space

The dorm room he had entered not too long ago started to burn because he had entered it burning like a human torch.

Yet, Taylor didn seem to take note of this because his attention was on the book he had received from his mother a long time ago.

Blood had poured out of the cuts on his left hand and his palm, smearing the leatherbound book that was still engulfed by brightly flickering flames.

The flames were searing hot but that didn affect Taylor much. He was more concerned that he may accidentally damage the book that had begun to glow brightly.

The temperature of the book started to increase and Taylors mind went blank for a moment.

”What is going on? It never reacted like this… ” Taylor mumbled, furrowing his brows. Until now, he was never able to find out what was written in the simple-looking brown leather book. It was the only thing he had left from his mother but Taylor couldn open it.

There was not even a lock on the book but it didn open even with the use of force. Taylor once thought about experimenting with the book, using various means but he chose against it in fear to destroy the only physical memory he had of his mother.

However, right now, Taylor was not only able to open the leatherbound book but its appearance was changing drastically.

”You were right, this is not a simple book…. ” Eris mumbled, with her gaze fully focused on the books cover.

The brown leather had turned red and various hieroglyphs appeared on it. They were silver and gold and glowed brightly, forming a halo around the entire book. A membrane created that pushed the Demoness away formed around the book.

In the center of the books front side, a huge Symbol showing both a large volcano and a hammer appeared, while the profile of someone appeared on the backside.

”Just like I expected! ” Eris exclaimed before she turned quiet at once. She began to smile brightly and her expression when looking at Taylor changed gradually, revealing her hidden desires.

Taylor was oblivious to this. His eyes moved rapidly as the pages of the book turned by themselves. Blazing flames mantled the book as if they belonged to the book, a second cover.

Inside Taylors usual crystal clear eyes, flames flared up and the longer he looked at the book that lay calmly in his hands, turning the pages on its own, the brighter the flames in his eyes turned.

They spread through his eyes, covering everything. When his eyes seemed to turn into flames, Taylor began to feel changes in his body.

There was a throbbing pain in his chest and his entire body was heating up. At first, he was sure that the surrounding heat was the cause for the increase in temperature but after a while, he realized that it was more than that.

His chest was the hottest, which Taylor presumed to be related to the throbbing pain that intensified.

He was not sure what was going on but when the book in front of him turned to the last page it began to levitate. Taylors eyes widened as the book appeared in front of his head, pages-front. He tried to swallow his saliva but his mouth was dry from the surrounding heat.

The books glow got stronger and a dazzling, reddish-white light spread through the entire room. The light was clearly visible outside the dorm, and both Demons and humans shivered in fright simultaneously.

Their subconscious action was to retreat further away from the dormitory, which was what most did without a second thought.

Meanwhile, Taylor had to close his eyes not to turn blind from the dazzling light that shrouded his entire body. He felt a warm sensation that spread through him before a weird, uncomfortable feeling manifested exactly between his eyebrows.

It moved outward and reached the deeper parts of his head within seconds.

Is someone stabbing me with a dagger made out of magma? Taylor thought, forcing his eyes to open to find out what was going on.

However, what he didn expect to see what that his mothers book had disappeared!

”What?! ” Taylor was baffled and he momentarily ignored the piercing pain that spread through his head.

His head turned and twisted but he couldn see any levitating book. In the dorm room were only flames that started to swirl around him.

The flames formed a cyclone around him, burning everything that was in their way but Taylor couldn care less.

Even if he lost everything else, he was not ready to let go of his mothers book! That was his lowest line, the line he didn want to cross by any means.

Yet, wherever he looked, there was only fire and not the slightest hint of the books whereabouts. Taylors expression turned grim he stretched out his left arm in an attempt to break through the flames that restricted his sight.

”Can these **ing flames disappear!? ” He cursed out, feeling restless that his mothers book was not there anymore. Moving his hand was just a reflex but combined with the intentions he voices out loud, something miraculous happened.

The flames around him were pulled toward his left hand. They entered Taylors body by squeezing through the wounds in his left hand, clearing the burned-down room from all the flames.

Taylors eyes widened in shock and for a moment he could only look at his left arm, which seemed to have been illuminated as his veins turned fiery red, in confusion.

”The book disappeared inside your head…precisely through the area between your eyebrows, ” Eris said, levitating in the hallway while staring at him with a dazzling smile.

When Eris mentioned his head, Taylor noticed the throbbing pain once again. It was less painful than before and it only intensified whenever he thought about his mothers book.

”Why are you standing in the hallways? ” Taylor asked, trying to distract himself, which was much harder than he thought.

The more he wanted to discard his thoughts about the book and the things that happened, the less successful was he.

”Just….for safety measures… ” Eris answered hurriedly and Taylor looked at her in confusion.

My, or your safety? He wanted to ask but he was distracted as tiny almost intractable flames erupted from every pore of his body.

Taylor had felt that his body was still heating up and that something about him had begun to change when the throbbing pain had appeared in his heat but everything was happening so suddenly.

He didn even have the time to understand what was going on when something new happened!

”What…. ” Taylor could barely blurt out when multiple things started to happen simultaneously.

”He is awakening…amazing! ”

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