Humans are equal. Everyone in this world has the same degree—and the same level of equality. Whites, blacks, we
e all the same. The eastern, the western, the north, or the south, we are all the same. I believe in this and you believe in that, there is no difference between us. We are all the same. What a harmonious world.

But its not how the world plays. We are actually equal, we are, but not really equal. Do you think beautiful women and ugly women are equal? Handsome men and ugly men are equal? Meanwhile they are both human, aren they? Humans are born with destiny. You couldn have chosen what you were born with, by whom, when and what you become. This is whats called destiny. Even if fate itself couldn produce equality, what else could?

Wealth, power, and can you call something else that would make people different—that can make us all different? It might be profession. But aren all types of jobs the same, as long as you
e honest and fair? But their salary is different right? If indeed all the jobs are the same, why not just generalize all the jobs salary? If its not about egoism or prestige, what is honesty after all? What is fairness either?

We live in a world which is full of magic. Opportunity in adversity, have you ever heard that proverb? Be careful, someone might take an advantage of your bad luck today. How much cacophony has been created in this world, some of which are damaging and beneficial at the same time. Imagine that you
e hating someone. Seeing that person struggling and facing a hard live makes you feel a sense of satisfaction (I hope you
e not like that).

What are we really seeking for in this world? Happiness? People said that being happy is simple. But the real question is, can people without wealth and power be happy? I often heard people complaining about their financial condition. On the other hand, can people with a massive amount of wealth, miles of power, influence as large as the land and the sea be happy? If so, congratulations.

May I ask you something that a little bit sensitive, how many times in your life have you sacrificed something for something else? Have you ever regretted having chosen that path? Were the results worth the sacrifices you made? Yeah, what else can it be? Life is choice, but sometimes the choice itself is not really a choice. Sometimes we choose this way because there is no other choice beside that. One by one the problems were resolved, but also one by one the other problems emerged. Problem solved with problem.

What you plant is what you will harvest. The problem is that not all crops will be nicely harvested. You have to always irrigate them at the right time, keep the pests away, protect them from the weather changes (I don know much about plants, but I think you get what I mean). Sometimes all the crops fail before the harvest time. But at least youve planted something. As long as whenever we make an effort always has any meaning in it, I won hate this life.


”Try to answer this question. ”

Our lecturer speaks on the podium with his distinctive body language. Disheveled as usual, especially his hair. Do geniuses always look like this?

That middle-aged man shows this picture:

A train is going through a forked rail. There are five people tied up on the first track, and one person tied up on the second track.

”Suppose you are the one who driving the train, ” he continues.

”This train can be braked, and you are the driver. You can go any other way than these two rails. The question is, which rail will you take? If you take the first rail, five people will be killed. If you take the second rail, one person will be killed. ”


The class is going silent for a moment. No, its been quiet ever since. Taking classes at lunchtime is annoying for real. Ive been feeling the rage of my stomach going mad. I just want to eat, thats all.

Oops, two in the afternoon. It means class time is over. I know this one lecturer here is always on time; he precisely values time more. He immediately closes the meeting and doesn forget to add some to our list of homework. We have to answer that question in the form of a resume that has to be submitted at the end of the, semester? What a long time. Oh well, right now I can only focus on my struggling stomach.

I immediately close my notebook and follow that old man out of the classroom. Not to chase and meet him to exchange some ideas in a discussion. I just want to go out before them, thats all.

I walk rather hurriedly through the only access corridor to the campus cafeteria. We are forbidden for running in the corridor. It would be very troublesome if we collided. The books will scatter and you have to pick them up one by one. What about injuries?

Finally I arrived at the cafeteria. However, theres something that is no less surprising. The cafeteria windows which were usually full of various kinds of snacks currently opens the curtains of its horizon. Yeah, now we can see the view of the back side of the canteen through it. In the other words, the food were gone, all of them. Theres no more food.

What should I do? Faint? No, no, its just too embarrassing. Oh my God, I just want to eat. I know there are other canteens on this big campus. But thats way too far. Crossing the faculty building is like facing the whole ocean.


I remember something. . .

My wallet went missing this morning.


Good. Even though theres some food still in the canteen, as long as I have no money, Theres nothing I can buy. Why can my day be more troublesome than this? Ive reported it to the campus security, but my wallet hasn been found until this afternoon.

As a result, I finally came back empty-handed—and an empty stomach. Just pray so I can last longer until this afternoon over, at least until I get home.

I went back up to the second floor. The canteen is on the first floor. The next class starts at half past three. Theres still half an hour to go. But what can I do, Id rather sleep than feel my growling stomach. By the way, class ends at four in the afternoon.


I don know how I can get through all this. My hunger is finally faded away—not completely, though. I quickly barged out as class ended. I can barely focus. I accidentally hit the lip of the door with my shoulder. It doesn hurt anyway, but I hope no one sees it.

Again I walk in haste. My house is not too far, it maybe about fifteen minutes away on foot, but my feet started to tingle.


Long story short, I got home. My grandfather is the only person I live with. And Im the one and an only child in this family, and if you
e wondering where my parents are, they
e definitely not here. They
e still alive—I guess. No, they are really still alive, in prison. As a grown-up, you can say that my life isn very smooth compared to the others. My grandpa is not as strong as he used to be. Theres an inn around here and thats where my grandpa works as a cleaning officer. Meanwhile, I work every night as a waitress in a cafe. I think this is enough to meet the needs of two people. Although sometimes I need some extra money for college.

As a family, we don usually talk too much. Hows your college going? Is your grade good or bad? How are you doing? Maybe thats all it is. Grandpa didn wa

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