A Girl with Granted Wishes

What Just Happened?

The night feels like a blanket to me. It maybe cold to other people, but to me, it feels warm. The full moon seems to be staring at me with a look that I could never understand.

These flowers are like my true self. They bloom in the morning, shine in the afternoon, glitter in the evening, but pale in the dark. They—people, know when these flowers shine, but don actually care when they no longer glow.

”Help…, ”

A gust of wind brush my hair in between, my fingers and my whole body.

All these flowers around me went dry before I know. They begin to scatter like leaves in the autumn. Their voices rattle in my ears. I don even want to open my eyes.


….. scary.

Again, out of my conscious, without me knowing it, my tears start to fall.

”Please grant… ”

”…my wish, ”

I raise my hand up to my head. The wind change their direction, in accordance with the movement of my hands. I slightly open my eyes, and suddenly find a small light perches on my hand. I don even know where it came from, it just appears. Its always like that.

The light grows and expands. First it wraps me around, then explodes all around me. It went so fast.

I lower my hand when the light completely went off. And when I look around…

Those flowers are returning back to how it used to be. They maybe brighter than before. Or is this just my feeling?

I point my head looking above. The full moon and the stars seem like they are smiling. I think that they
e happy right now. You can see them so clear down here without them being covered in clouds, what could be more exhilarating? Do you hate clouds?

Okay, I think its enough. Now I just want to get out of here right away and see the results. I want to know, my wish, is it granted or it isn . I hope something good is waiting for me out there and then greets me with warm as I come.

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