A Killer’s Love

Chapter 5 (Gender)

One morning, Ash woke up late. It was 11 a.m, ”SHIT! I NEEDED TO GO SOMEWHERE. ” Ash thought.

Ash struggled through the sheets and fell.

”Ash, are you okay? ” -Mei

”Not really! I needed to go somewhere today! ” ” -Ash

”Just go, Mr Owen won mind. We always go out anyway and he never gets angry at us. ” -Mei

”Oh, but I still need transport. ” -Ash

”Lucas can bring you there. If you want to… ” -Mei

Ash looked behind Mei and there he was, Lucas.

”You know what, Id rather ask Owen later. ” -Ash

In the evening, Ash came down to look for Owen.

”Is Owen back yet? ” -Ash

”Oh, hello! And no sorry, he went back to the military for a week or two. But mostly he will be back in a week. ” -Mei

”Does the week mean 5 days or… ” -Ash

”Depends, Mr Owen is the captain of the whole army. Young age and got that badge. So young but no one to fall for, did you know a lot women tried asking him out before? HE DIDNT EVEN SAY YES TO ANYONE.! ” -Mei

” Ohh, wow. I don think he is a simp. ” -Ash

”Maybe, or he is just gay. No though… 3 men asked him out before, he said no to all too… ” -Mei

”Asexual? ” -Ash

”Whats that? ” -Mei

”A sexuality that doesn like anyone. ” -Ash

”Oh, maybe that could be true, or he is just not interested in any of them! ” -Mei

Lucas in back made an angry face but didnt want to shout his anger out.

”Alright, alright Mei. I don think Owen will like it if we talk about his life, right? ” -Ash

”Yea, maybe. ” -Mei

”MEI!! I NEED YOUR HELP ! ” -maiden #3

”COMING!! Sorry, Ash i gotta go now. Talk to you later! ” -Mei

”Alright. ” Ash smiled.

Love? Never felt it before. I wonder what does it feel like? Ash thought.

The kid is already 24 and still didn find anyone to love for.

”Hey, kid. ” A voice called out to Ash from behind.

Ash turns to see Lucas standing there.

”Why are you here? You like Owen? ” -Lucas

”Sir, you got this all wrong, Mr. Owen took me in here. And I don like him. Im straight. ” Ash grinned.

”Alright, but don you dare get close to him. ” -Lucas

”Okay? ” Ash was confused.

That was odd… Does he like him? Maybe? I don know… AYY STUPID STOP THINKING!! YOU DONT LIKE OWEN, SO DONT GET INVOLVED! YOU PIECE OF SHIT Ash thought.

Im going back to read manga. BL manga, Gay ass people, hehe

3 days later…

”Good morning, is Owen back yet? ” -Ash

” Im sorry but no… He usually takes up to 8 days only… Do you think something would happen? ” – Milan

”That leaves to the internet to say. ” -Ash

Ash looked around, saw the TV and turned it on. Ash quickly went to the new channel.

It was live.

”Hello dear folks and welcome back to ———– news. Today is about the military. The time was due Saturday 13rd May at 2pm sharp for them all to go home. But the government had some plans in mind. He decided to add more time for the military to practice, and the soldiers will be home by 23rd May. It means in 3 days time, so to the people who have their family members or friends who went to the military, please wait 3 more days till they come home. Thank you. ” -News reporter

”Huh, that was odd wasn it? Well, I have to wait 3 more days till I can get my things back. Hope the people there don throw out my things first. ” Ash was being silly.

”Ohh, thats sad. Working for 3 more days under the sun sounds painful. ” -Mei

”Alright, try cheering up. You all wanna try some fried potatoes? ” -Ash

Everyone looked at each other and nodded yes.

Alright, you guys have potatoes? ” -Ash

”Of course, how many would you like? ” -chef

”How many people are there in the house? ” -Ash

”Around 27- 35 people. ” -chef Amara

”Wow, thats a lot of people. How about 70 potatoes? ” -Ash

”Alright, well get it for you. ” – chef Amara

The chef walked out to the back door leading him to somewhere.

Ash was curious and followed.

”What is this place? ” -Ash

”This is Mr. Owens garden. He loves flowers and food too. So he planted some easy vegetables here, like carrots, potatoes, cabbages and much more. ” The chef smiled.

Ash didn hear about the flowers and started walking to the back. And there was a door…

”STOP! ”

someone shouted.

”No one is allowed except Mr. Owen himself. The place is also only allowed by his one love if he meets that person. ” -Chef Amara

Ash and the chefs all turned their heads to see Lucas with a stern look.

That place you
e looking at is the most private place of all. No one can go in, except Mr Owen. And he said, if he one day brings back someone he loves home, only he and his lover go in.

Ash backed away. Not daring to suffer the consequences.

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