A Mark at First Bite

Chapter One: The First Mark


”Celeste! ” A deep voice called, my body trembling in fear. ”How dare you think about joining the damn party today! An alpha is coming to marry your sister and not you. ” A piece of my fathers slicked back gray hair fell over his left green eye. Sick excitement twinkled in his emerald green eyes as his fist smashed into my lips, warm blood dripping onto my white flats. Intense pain throbbed on my bottom lip, his fists raised again, my black lace blouse barely covering the fresh bruises on my arms. Scrambling to my feet, I dusted the dirt off of my black leather skirt. A pair of black tights hid the rest of my bruises, my father dragging me into the community kitchen. His temper was spicier than usual, my self-esteem gone at this point. No one would ever love me at this point, my heart shattering at the very thought running through my head. I was simply bound to be alone, and without a mate. My whole clan despised me for what I represented, my real father long gone.

”You get to work making all of the food, and then you will clean this place top to bottom. ” He barked bitterly, his black business suit looked meticulous. The bruises on my face still felt fresh when he hit me as I ironed his suit this morning. Ignoring the pain, the voice of a morning radio DJ kept me company. Something big was going to happen today, my inner wolf was restless for some reason. Sniffing the air, the smell of cedar relaxed me. Limping around the kitchen, my fingers trembled as I prepared the hors doeuvres for tonights party. My blonde haired sister stumbled in slightly drunk, an evil grin darkening her perfect features. Twirling her braid around, she dumped her current glass of red wine on my shirt.

”Oops. ” She teased cruelly, dropping the glass onto the floor. ”How klutzy of you. ” My father rushed in, glanced over at me then her. Tears welled up in her eyes, her pink body con dress clinging to her five foot two petite figure. Her white heels clicked towards her father, his back hand smashing into my face. Crashing to the floor, my long white hair tumbled out of the bun I was wearing. As much as I hated her, she played a damn good game. Not a soul could deny it, a deep sigh pouring from my busted lips. My golden eyes widened with terror, a mallet in his hand. A cruel grin darkened his face, the mallet stopping just above my arm. Evil laughter erupted from the two of them, tears welling up in my eyes.

”You can have your break now. ” He snapped icily, my whole body trembling. ”Get out, and make it back in time to serve the appetizers. Do you understand! ” Shaking my head, I snatched the waitress uniform he had bought for me. Grabbing my favorite book, The Phantom of the Opera ”, relief washed over me the moment I crossed into the forest. Changing into my uniform, the black vest hugged my ample chest on my hourglass figure. The pencil skirt hugged my perfect round ass, the cheap cotton itching my rough skin. Sniffing the air, something smelt off. A new alluring scent of cedar hit me again as I climbed up the tallest pine tree, the binder of my book creaking in protest as I opened up the ancient book. Was I smelling my mate? A whistle caught my attention, a handsome guy with a crooked grin looking up at me. His navy blue hair hung over to the left of his twinkling gray eyes, his hands tucked into his black dress pants. Piercings lined his left ear, a silver cross dangling from his right ear. A black vest clung to his muscles, the navy blue dress shirt clinging to his large arms. A simple black jacket hung over his shoulder.

”Who are you, my fair maiden up in the tree? ” He queried playfully, leaping up the branches. ”What are you reading? ” Rolling my eyes, he nudged my shoulders. Shooting him a death glare, he chuckled to himself. My breath hitched, my heart fluttered. Never before had I ever been so flustered. He was my mate, but he looked familiar. Why couldn I place his face, I questioned myself.

”I am Genovi Duvont, the alpha looking for my mate. ” He announced cheerfully, sniffing my neck. ”You appear to be it. You smell like a lilac. How do you have golden eyes and white hair? ” He played with my hair, his smile falling at the sight of my face. Slapping his hand away, my book fluttered out of my hand. Catching my book, a snarl curled on my lips. Hopping down from branch to branch, he followed me.

”I am Celeste Luna, the illegitimate daughter of the clans Luna. ” I barked bitterly, landing gracefully on the ground. ”I highly doubt that I am your mate. I am just a nobody. The only way out is a mark from my mate. Thanks for ruining my time off. Go find your real mate. ” Walking away from him, he was my mate but he deserved better. Running into the kitchen, my shaking fingers spun my hair up into a bun. Tying an apron around my waist, I set out silver platters. Applying foundation on my face, the red lipstick glided over my lips. Shaking out my nerves, my bloody worn white flats clicked out of the kitchen with a tray of the first appetizers. My breath hitched at the sight of the done up reception hall in the main log cabin of our village, Genovi eyes met mine, confusion twisting his face. The room spun around me, my vision blurred. My father hadn allo

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