A Mark at First Bite

Chapter Five: Revenge of the Rejected


Birds chirped outside of my window, my body crashing to the floor. The blue uniform barely covered my bruised and battered body, Genovi rushed in. Shit, this nightmare was real. Offering me his hand, the memory of him marking me in front of me caused my cheeks to burn red. Accepting his hand, he pulled me up. Surprise stunned me, he didn even try to touch me. Bowing my head in shame, my fingers played with the hem of my dress. My white wolf inside of me craved his comforting touch, a weak grin darkening my face. Tucking a piece of snarled hair behind my ear, a soft blush rose to my cheeks.

”May I use your bath to get clean? I squeaked out, his hand motioning towards the bathroom. ”Thanks. ” Walking into the bathroom, the hot water felt nice compared to my cold water showers. Rushing to get done, it felt so nice to be clean. Wrapping a towel around my body, a black t-shirt and black sweatpants sat on the bed. Touching my lips, the thought of his kiss plagued my mind. Why didn I kiss him back? Why am I such a loser? The clean cotton felt soft against my skin, rolling the band a couple of times so they fit better. Wandering downstairs, fear paralyzed me. Today I just wanted to sit at home, and hide away. A golden aura burned around her, her energy was one of the more relaxing ones. Touching my busted lips, my self consciousness telling me to go back to bed. His mother sat at the table, turning to run. Novi caught me by the collar.

”I don care who you are but you are going shopping with my mother today. ” He growled irritably, pushing me into the kitchen. ”Sweats aren a good look for you. Here is your favorite future daughter-in-law. Now both of you get out of my hair. ” Winking in my direction, he ran his hand through his hair. My heart fluttered, not understanding what was wrong with me. A snarl darkened my face, a sharp clearing of his mothers throat taming me in a hot instant.

”Okay. ” I stammered nervously, looking for my white flats. ”Where are my shoes? ” Passing his mother his card, she shoved in her red purse. Her curls bounced as she slid me my white flats, her red blouse hugged her body, her jeans making her look adorable. Dragging me to a chair, she pulled a large Wet brush out of her large purse. Crunching sound rang in my ear as the brush barely budged in my hair. Whipping out a pair of scissors, my hand caught her arm. Smacking the scissors out of her hands, she chuckled to herself. Blurting out in laughter, my heart fluttered at the sight of my Novi having a good time. Thank god it was just a joke, I thought to myself bitterly. None of this felt right. Try to have fun, and relax. Don be the loser you are, I yelled at my inner self. Cupping the side of my head, tears welled up in my eyes, a panic attack seconds from starting.

”Geeze, it was just a joke. ” She chirped cheerfully, her face growing serious. ”You are going to get a haircut today. Those dead ends are dreadful. ” Shrinking back, a sickly sweet smile frightened me. Cold sweat dripped off of my brow, her mood changes scaring the dickens out of me. Following her, a red and white fifties car rumbled outside. Hopping in, she peeled out of the driveway. Hot summer wind lashed at my face, a triumphant grin illuminating her face. Was I just another project to her, or did she actually care? Curiosity clawed at my insides, this whole situation freaking me out.

”I am assuming that you brought the diner after your husband retired from becoming Alpha. ” I said nervously, feeling like a bum next to her gorgeous outfit. Tilting her head, a kind smile warmed my dead soul. Gazing into the road, sweet memories drifted in her eyes.

”I suppose we did. ” She admitted proudly, drumming on the ivory steering wheel. ”It was always a dream of mine. Tell me what is your true dream, my dear. ” Stunned by her question, no one had ever asked me that. Thinking deeply, my one true desire was a family to call my own.

”I just want a family of my own. ” I replied quietly playing with the hem of his t-shirt which was swallowing me alive. ”Then I want to take over for you guys when you can handle it anymore. I just think every town needs to have a meeting place for everyone. So why not a restaurant? Besides, I love to cook and bake. ” Tears welled up in her eyes, a look of concern flashing in her eyes.

”That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. ” She proclaimed in a sing-song voice, the trees turning into skyscrapers. ”If I wasn driving, then I would hug you right now. ” Smiling to myself, was this what they called a loving family? The brakes squealed to a stop in front of a fancy salon, a far cry to the one they dragged me to once a year. Opening the door, a pink haired lady ran out to his mother. Spinning her around, they both turned towards me. Sharp whispers passed between them, their scheme coming to life. Just going with it was my only option at the moment, the pink haired lady dragging me into her salon. Rose wallpaper covered the walls, white plastic chairs lined the walls.

”I am going to get you some clothes for you to try on. Call me mom by the way. ” Mom announced cheerfully, waving goodbye. The hairdresser and I just stared at each other until she spoke first, her purple eyes glittering excitedly. Instead of looking into her eyes, my eyes scanned the sleek black furniture and myriad bottles of products.

”I am going to make you look drop dead gorgeous. I am Rose by the way. ” She promised jovially, spinning me into a chair as her black leather dress swayed with her. ”No peeksy. ” Pleasant floral perfume wafted up my nose, her nimble hands massaging my head as she shampooed my head. Walking me back over to her station, white hair floated to the floor with the scratch of the scissors cutting off my dead ends. The bell clanged, mom coming in with a rack of brand new clothes. The hairdresser was almost done, just blow drying my hair. Mom gasped in wonder, the thought of her never having a daughter probably making this moment magical.

”Next step is style. ” She sang in a chirpy voice, pulling me from the chair. ”Put these on. ” One by one she handed me a bunch of dresses, shirts, and skirts. It was all a blur of fabric, the two women dressing me up like a doll until they found the perfect outfit in their opinion. Pulling me in front of a mirror, my breath hitched at the sight of me. My long tangled hair now hung around my shoulder, the layers giving it texture. Feathered bangs highlighted my golden eyes, a simple green silk wrap dress hugged my body in all of the right places. Pulling out the best clothes for me, she dialed a number on her phone. A black car showed up and took what didn work.

”Let me work off the haircut and stuff. ” I blurted out desperately, both of them turning back towards me. ”I want to make sure that I didn put you in any position of inconvenience. ” Moms face flashed with annoyance, her perky personality dying down real quick. Bracing for an hour long yelling, her arms embraced me tightly. Playing with my hair, a light chuckle tumbled from her lips.

”You don need to worry about anything. ” She promised sweetly, denying my request to pay her back. ”Now we have to show you off around town. Givoni will meet up with you later for the first day, so you have to look immaculate. ” Tears of joy flooded from my eyes, both of them fussing over me. This was all too much, my black boots pounding out onto the cracked pavement. Running down the road, guilt ate me. Trembling, I didn deserve any of this. Sprinting away from them, my head throbbed as I smashed into a hard chest. Stumbling back in fear, my father towered over me. His eager fingers wrapped around my neck, air becoming less of a steady supply as his grip tightened. Clawing at his fingers, nothing was working.

”Where is your mate now? ” He teased cruelly, tossing me to the ground. ”Do you really think a new haircut and clothes are going to fix you? ” Crawling on the ground, coughing up a lung, His boot slammed into my stomach. Teardrops crashed to the ground, my fingers digging into the loose dirt beneath me. Tossing it into his face, he stepped back. A deep grunt exploded from his lips the moment my foot met his face, my fist slamming into his unnatural abs. Enough was enough, my knee smashing into his groin. The world spun around me, probably using too much energy too soon.

”Never again will you lay another hand on me! ” I screamed proudly, his hands cupping his balls. ”I am not a mistake! I will never make a mistake again. ” Stumbling to his feet, his fist swung towards my face, my palm catching it. Bones cracked, a small gasp of pain tumbling from my lips as my hand broke. Slamming my other wrist into his nose, the sharp crack of his nose breaking broke the sticky summer air. Blood poured from his nostrils, a stream of curse words flowing like a river from his mouth. Sprinting away from him, his blue t-shirt fluttered in the wind as he pounded after me. Charging at me, dust blew around me as I leapt into the air. Popping up behind him, his body shook with fury as I held his arms behind his back.

”Go home, old man. ” I growled through gritted teeth, his head smashing into my nose. Bone cracked loudly as my nose broke. ”That won stop me. ” Blood poured onto my new dress, I had a family to protect. A loud whistle broke us up, horror widening my eyes. Novi stood in front of us, his foot tapping incessantly on the ground. His blue aura mixed with gray, guilt destroying me in a simple moment. Blood covered my hands, my vision blurring. What did I just do! A mixture of random emotions flashed in my face, my fingernails digging into my palm as I clenched my good fist. Breathing became harder, my chest ached as I began to breathe faster. Everyone watched me, as tears poured from my eyes uncontrollably.

”I can believe you would go after her. The rules are the rules, and you know that Declan. ” He barked bitterly, snapping his head in my direction. ”You shouldn have engaged. I know he did some awful shit to you, but this makes you no better. You look gorgeous by the way. My father dusted himself off, my fingers wrapping around my nose. Snapping it back into place, everyone looked on in shock.

”Yeah, I bet with all of the blood dripping down my face. ” I retorted sarcastically, wiping it off with my sleeve. ”He choked me first. ” Looking impressed, he forgot to be mad at me for a moment. Shaking his head, he took me by the wrist. A mixture of happiness and anger burned in his eyes as he dragged me into his car. Why can anything just be black and white? Was I doomed to such confusion with my emotions?

”Could you not go from zero to one hundred in ten seconds? ” He pleaded desperately, pulling napkins out of his glove box. ”Please restrain yourself. ” Ignoring him, my eyes rolled. Dabbing at the blood pouring from my nose, he sighed deeply to himself. I screwed up and I knew it. This was the only thing I was good at. Everyone gaze upon the worlds greatest screw up and point your grubby finger at her.

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