A Mark at First Bite

Chapter Eight: Past Ghosts Come Back to Haunt


”Shit! ” I cursed to myself, sliding out of his arms. Cracking my neck, I could finally move again. Hopping down silently, the morning sun blinded me. Attempting to sneak out of the room, my foot caught on something. Getting on my hands and knees, my fingers wrapping around a black wooden box. Pulling it out, it had a golden lock on it. Glancing around, Novi snores told me that he was still asleep. A golden key swung underneath the vent, my fingers wrapping around the cold metal. Sticking it in, my breath hitched. The clock clicked open, my trembling fingers lifting the lid cautiously. Tears welled up in my eyes, a photo of him with long natural black hair with a pink haired girl flashed up at me. Diamond rings shimmered in the afternoon sun of the city, the urge to scream out rising inside of me. My inner wolf howled in pain, tossing the photo on the floor. Photo upon photo of them taunted me, silent tears streaming down my cheeks. Novi began to stir above me, my shaking fingers shoving everything back. Locking it back up, cold sweat dripped off of my brow as I hung the key back up. Who the hell was she? My bare feet pounded out of the room, and out of the open window. The need to run screamed inside of me, Novi standing oddly at the end of the hall. His scent followed me, the cedar smelling a bit bitter.

”Celly, whats wrong? ” He queried with concern, my body skidding into the village wall. ”You look like you have seen a ghost. ” Shaking my head, my lips quivered as claws grew out of my hands. Ripping off my shirt, my bones cracked as my muscles transformed into my wolf. My fur danced in the wind, the sheer strength allowing me to leap over the wall. Novi cursed to himself, his wolf crying out to me. He ran in the opposite direction, relief washing over me. A sea of pine trees came into view, my inner wolf yipping with joy. Freedom tasted so sweet, my broad paws digging into the dirt. Smelling the sweet air, his scent taking me out of my happiness.

”Celly, what is bothering you? ” He shouted irritably, my golden eyes meeting him. ”You really shouldn run away. I thought we were making progress. ” Shifting back, my fists clenched tightly as he tossed me a black sweatshirt dress and bra. The cotton felt soft against my skin, angry words sitting at the tip of my tongue.

”Who is the pink haired girl you were married to? ” I blurted out, tears streaming down my face. ”I am not a rebound right? ” A snarl curled on his lips, his eyes glowing red. Puffing his chest, raw terror paralyzed me.

”You have no right to ask me about her! ” He barked hotly, marching up to me. ”Did you go through my shit? ” Biting my lip, a growl rumbled in my throat. Anger and sadness darkened my eyes, a scowl forming on my lips.

”Maybe don put it where people can stub their **ing toe! ” I retorted sarcastically, flipping him off. ”Can you just tell me? I feel like the more broken one, so I would love to help you through your pain. ” Hurt flashed in his eyes, my temper flaring down. Clutching me close to his chest, he kissed the top of my head.

”She cheated on me with my best friend the day before I became alpha. ” He sighed deeply, looking away in shame. ”My friend was all set to become my second in command when I came home from a business trip. I caught the two of them in bed, and then I killed him. My inner wolf raged, and I lost control. Then I killed her too. My father covered it up by saying that they ran away. Don you see that I am just a monster! ” Shoving me away, he buried his head in his palms. My heart shattered for him, the guilt must be eating him alive. No wonder why everyone looked like they feared him.

”Lets be monsters together. ” I uttered simply, kissing him sweetly. ”Am I any better? I killed my entire immediate family, granted it was in self defense. You don scare me. You fell in love, and your heart was broken. My wolf had control over me when I ripped my step dads heart out. Let me hold you instead. You have been so kind to me. ” Teardrops crashed to the top of my head, his eyes going back to gray. Embracing me tightly, his fists banged on my back. Taking the hits, his arms fell to his side.

”Why would you stay by my side? ” He sobbed into my shoulder, his tears soaking my dress. ”I am just a m- ” Cupping his face, shock widened her eyes. His pain was my pain, the cycle never ending between the two of us.

”Stop saying that! ” I yelled in his face, fresh tears flooding from my eyes. ”My whole life I have been surrounded by monsters of the worst kind. Everyone had done something stupid in wolf form, the most important thing is that you feel regret. The people who hurt me my whole life never did. So please love me as much as I love you. ” Silent tears flooded from his eyes, an idea popping into my head. Taking his hand, I pulled him through his village. Leaving him numb on the front steps, my fingers wrapped around the black box and leather book that I rescued. Taking one last look through it, it was all of my painful memories put into poems. Running out he was gone, scanning the villagers staring at me. Thomas rushed up to my side, a look of concern flashed in his eyes.

”Where is his hiding spot! ” I demanded urgently, my hands trembling. ”I need to know. ” Thomas crossed his hands, a frightened look in his eyes. Shaking his shoulders, he said nothing. A lump formed in my throat, my inner wolf calling for him. Nothing, his side was shut off. Crap, I forgot to mark him. Panic gripped my mind, everyone glaring at me.

”Hes probably heading deep into the mountains like he did back then. ” He blurted out, passing me a black backpack. ”It will take a couple of days to reach his spot, so be careful. I am counting on you. ” Shooting him a weak smile, the townspeople watched as I leapt over the fence. This was not going to take a couple of days for me, I needed him by my side. Shoving the items into my bag, my bare feet pounded into the forest. Something felt off, a couple of shadows darting behind me. Golden flames devoured my hands, the copper of smell nauseating me. Vampires were surrounding me, my feet skidding to a stop.

”Golden flames form a blade. ” I ordered sharply, allowing the white wolf energy to flow through me. A large curved blade came to life in my eager palm, another shadow darting past me. Sniffing the air, there were a total of three of them. I didn have time for this, I groaned to myself. Spinning my blade around, a tall cloaked figure loomed over me. The smell of death sickened me, the smell becoming crisper. It was the smell of a rogue vampire, well three of them. Great, no one would miss them. More importantly, they were near my home. A simple silver blade spun in his palm, the other two popping up behind me.

”So you are one of the last white wolves in the world, a mix of witch and wolf. ” An icy male voice mused, swinging his blade towards me. ”Regardless, I shall kill you. ” Blocking it just in time, ashes drifted aimlessly. Cocking my head, a growl thundered in my throat. Did he really think he was going to win? I could hunt his kind in my sleep, contracts like this were a common practice for my clan.

”Like Hell I am! ” I snapped venomously, kicking him in the stomach. ”I have something to do, so back the ** off! ” Two more blades swung down in my direction, my right foot stomping on the ground. Shrill shrieks echoed in the air as flames devoured them. Leaping back, the leader charged at me the moment the flames died down. Launching up in the air, he stumbled to the ground. Flying towards the ground, a steady stream of curse words streamed from my lips as my blade narrowly missed his head.

”I thought you guys were supposed to be the best warriors. ” He taunted cruelly, slamming into my body. ”I bet you will be a tasty snack. ” The rough bark cut into my back, threatening to open old wounds. His dirt covered fingers gripped my neck, his pointed tongue licking my face. Vampires are major dicks, my eyes rolling. Kicking him off of me, his body rolled several times. Running over to him, the tip of my blade kept stabbing the ground as he rolled away from my attacks. The sun shone brightly, my next aim for his mask.

”How about some vitamin D? ” I growled irritably, my tip cracking his mask. Golden flames devoured his robes, his gray skin burning black. Turning to run, his hand grabbed my ankle. Cold sweat dripped off of my brow, his nails digging into my calf.

”There are loads of us hiding outside of your precious little werewolf towns. ” He wheezed, the sun burning his body. ”The lord of the rogue vampires is looking to kill you all. ” His body crumbled to ash, a breeze sweeping him away. Shrill calls rang out, my heart beating out of my chest. My bare feet pounded towards the mountain, red eyes watching me. No one should be out in this forest at night. Hours passed of me running, still no cedar scent to take me to him. The sun began to go down, more red eyes gathering in the bushes. Gripping the straps of the backpack, a familiar scent caught my nose. Setting the bag down, my trembling fingers stripped off my outfit. Shoving it into my bag, my bones cracked as I shifted into my white wolf. Snatching the bag in my mouth, dirt flew all around me as my large paws bounded towards the mountain. Forest turned to gray mountain, the rocks barely cutting my pads. Cedar danced on the breeze, an orange light flickering at the top of the mountain. Leaping up the rocks, relief washed over me at the sight of Novi sleeping across from a makeshift fire pit. Orange flames danced, his slumbering form hiding in the shadows. Hissing noises sounded like a million whispers outside of the mouth. Fists banged on an invisible force, the hungry rogue vampires peering in at us.

”Let us in. ” They all hissed at once, sounding like a bunch of snakes. ”We promise not to eat you. ” Shaking my head, shifting back. Sliding back on my outfit, my hands searched for a blanket. Rubbing my eyes, I couldn fall asleep or they could come in. Rough wool scratched my palms, the heavy gray blanket barely covering him. Ignoring them, there were a couple of granola bars, a couple of gallons of water. All we had to do was wait out until the morning, the red eyes certainly helping me stay awake. A growl rumbled from my stomach, my trembling fingers ripping open a bar. Sitting down in front of them, I waited just staring them down. They didn scare me, not the way other werewolves did. Rogue vampires were the weakest vampires on the scale of those nasty blood suckers. No one was going to hurt my Novi, no one. Chilly night air lashed my face, the fire nearly going out. A gray blanket wrapped around my shoulders, Novi scooting in close to me. My heart skipped a beat, him sitting me down on my lap. A soft blush rose to my cheeks, his lips brushing the top of my head.

”I am sorry to put you in danger. ” He apologized groggily, rubbing his eyes. ”I have never had someone come after me before. Isn that my job, I mean it would be in a romantic comedy. ” His eyes fell on my neck, a snarl curling on his lips. Chuckling to myself, he held me like never before. It was gentler than before, almost therapeutic for the both of us. We needed each other, my inner wolf laying next to his.

”I don care. ” I mumbled with exhaustion, swaying slightly. ”I am just happy I found you. Please don run off again. I don know what I could do without you. ” Turning around, my fangs grazed his neck. A soft sigh poured from his lips, my fangs breaking his skin. Goosebumps popped up, all of his thoughts running through my head. A migraine throbbed, the two of us just holding each other for a minute.

”There! ” I exclaimed proudly, tracing my fresh bite mark. ”Now you have nowhere to hide. Novi, you are mine and only mine. ” His lips pressed against mine passionately, him spinning me around. Time stopped for a hot minute, the sound of the vampires fading away. My heart fluttered every time he kissed me or held me. We were meant to rule by each others side, regardless of our pasts.

”Yes, Celly. ” He chirped cheerfully, his mood lightening. My fingers snapped, his face twisting with confusion as I hopped off of his lap. Tossing him his black box, my fingers gripping my book tighter. Tears welled up in my eyes, the only thing that kept me alive sitting heavily in my palm

”I thought we could burn our pasts away, literally. ” I offered anxiously, him walking over to the fire. ”Lets do it together, and start over here. Time heals all trauma, so we need to help each other. ” Tossing my book in the fire, his hands gripped the box like his life depended on it. Waiting with bated breath, tears streamed down my cheek as he tossed it into the fire. Wrapping his hand around my waist, our pasts burned away.

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