A Quest Of Honor

A Kalver Princess (Ch.10)

”Lord Knight, would it truly make any difference to them if I were to arrive on a steed or in a carriage? ”

”Would it change the popular opinion that I am riding on the glory of my house and that of my brother? ” Weylyn asked,

”Doubtful. ” The Lord Knight replied after a short moment of quiet.

”And would it change Lord Knights opinion? ” Weylyn asked again,

”I have seen you battle Knight Kalver, many have not but I have. I know your worth clearly and it is no less than that of your brother Ronan. ”

”Hence I travel to receive you personally, I accord you such great honor not because I have to but because I find you worthy. That is my opinion and nothing can change it. ” The Lord Knight replied,

”Men are born with the rights to their own opinion, you have formed an opinion of yours and so should I wear a dress or don an armour, it will leave no changes to your believe. ”

”The same goes for everyone else, their opinion is formed, why should it matter to them on what procession I arrive? I shall have to earn their respect in my own way. ” Weylyn replied.

”Your insight is indeed impressive for one so young. ” The Lord Knight commended as he rode forwards to the front of the procession.

Weylyn leaned back against her carriage, heaving a quiet sigh as the procession arrived the city gates and ventured into the Thurian City.

Weylyn could hear the quiet chatter of the citizens from all around, the familiar hustle and bustle of the Imperial City offered her no comfort whatsoever.

The carriage trudged down the cobbled streets of Thurian at a steady pace and Weylyn could hear the cheers of the people as the other knights paraded through the streets on their steeds.

Weylyns eyes fluttered closed, blocking out the sounds all around her and it took the better part of an hour before the carriage finally came to a halt in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace.

”We have arrived, the knighting ceremony will begin shortly. After a three day journey, you must be exhausted but you will have only a few hours to put yourself in order before the Knights are to be presented before the Emperor. ” The Lord Knight said to Weylyn as she stepped down from the carriage.

A young man rushed up to them, bowing low to the Lord Knight.

”Viktor will escort you and your attendants to your temporary residence in the castle, after the knighting ceremony, you shall move into your quarters in the Knights Keep. ”

”I have other duties to see to before the ceremony begins and so I shall leave you to your affairs. ” The Lord Knight said,

”Thank you for escorting me, Lord Knight. ” Weylyn said,

”Do not thank me yet, with Ronan no longer here to perform this duty, I did what I should as your brothers fellow and friend, but I fear it will put you in a more complicated situation with your fellow Knights. ” The Lord Knight said with a shake of his head,

The Lord Knights words meant his action of escorting Weylyn personally would be regarded as favoritism by the other knights and would go further to support their opinion that she was unworthy of the title as Knight Kalver.

”I understand, you have my gratitude regardless. ” Weylyn said, lowering her head into a bow as the Lord Knight took his leave, leaving his squire behind to guide them the rest of the way.

”Sir Kalver, I am Viktor Landin, Silver Ranked squire. ” The Lord Knights squire introduced, dropping to a knee and bowing his head low.

Although knights were usually addressed by their first name, preceded by the title Sir,

For knights of the Imperial Order, they were addressed after the Dukedom they represented regardless of first or last names.

”Pleasure to make your acquaintance, do forego the formalities, I am not knighted yet. ” Weylyn said dismissively, she was not even surprised to see the squire knew her name.

”Ah… before the night runs out, you shall be a Gold Ranked Knight, I reckon you may want to get used to the title. ” Viktor advised in a chirpy tone,

”I guess you are right. ” Weylyn said with a small smile.

”Now thats the spirit! Right this way Sire, ” Viktor said, as he began walking down the path leading to the main palace.

”Uhmm, I may not be awfully familiar with the Imperial Palace, but I am quite certain that way leads to the main palace, the guest palace is in the opposite direction. ” Weylyn pointed out.

”Ah, all who will be knighted today are indeed assigned their personal quarters in the guest palace, however not you Sire. ”

”His Imperial Majesty picked out your quarters personally here in the main palace. ” Viktor relayed.

”The Emperor? ” Weylyn asked in a distasteful tone.

”Uhmm…yes… would that be a problem? ” Viktor asked, glancing back at Weylyn in confusion.

Weylyn swallowed down the sharp words on her tongue, it would not do her any good to speak badly of the Emperor in his own palace.

”Well… I think we already established the fact that I have received enough special treatment, all of which will certainly bite back at me. ” Weylyn murmured,

”Ah… never mind that. As My Lord Knight said, he only personally receives those he deems worthy. What the other Knights think does not matter. ”

”Besides, in this case… the deceased Knight Kalver also had his personal quarters in the main palace, he was His Imperial Majestys most trusted friend. ” Viktor rambled on, only stopping when he realized Weylyns expression had gone dark.

”Oh… Im truly sorry, I should not have… ” Viktor began apologizing but Weylyn shook her head.

”No… its fine, I don mind. ” Weylyn murmured, shaking her head slightly.

She had already come to terms with the fact that her brother Ronan would be brought up to her repeatedly and it was fine,

It only proved what a great impact he had left in the hearts of all who had known him.

”You said earlier you were not familiar with the Imperial Palace, ”

”Everyone knows the Kalver siblings were doted by the previous Emperor and cherished by His Imperial Majesty… didn you spend your younger days in the palace? ” Viktor asked, nodding in response to the greeting of the palace attendants that passed by.

”My brothers did, but I was born much later. ” Weylyn replied.

”Ah… the youngest to be knighted in the history of Kinouri, at sixteen summers, I have heard of this. ” Viktor commended with a bright smile.

”Its nothing to be proud of, would have served better if I was knighted after my coming of age like everyone else. ” Weylyn replied.

”Well, be that as it may, the position of Knight Kalver is a pillar of the Order of Imperial Knights, it cannot be left vacant. ”

”Would you rather the legacy be continued by someone else? ” Viktor asked as they finally arrived at a double door made of polished wood.

Weylyn thought over the squires words for a moment, she knew he was right, regardless of whatever consideration,

The Empire needed a Knight of Kalver, Rehan was a mage and could not carry on the legacy of House Kalver,

There could only be one person who could carry on her Ronans legacy, just as he had carried on the legacy of every other Knight of Kalver that had come before him.

And that one person was her, Weylyn Kalver.

”No Viktor… this is my duty. ” Weylyn replied.

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