A Quest Of Honor

A Kalver\'s Duty (Ch.9)

”Will Sir Kalver need me to come escort you to the grand hall once the ceremony begins? ” Viktor offered,

”Ah…but wouldn you need to escort your sir? ” Weylyn asked,

”Well, My Lord Knight has three squires, and Sir Kalver has none yet, Im sure My Lord Knight wouldn mind. ” Viktor said with an amused chuckle,

”To have the Lord Knights Silver Ranked squire personally escort me…my guilt of favoritism will just keep piling up, I think I can manage this one on my own. ” Weylyn assured with a shake of her head as she made to head away.

”Will Sir Kalver not be going in to inspect your quarters? The preparations for the knighting ceremony would take a short while. ” Viktor said as he realized Weylyn was not going into her room.

”There is nothing to inspect, and I have to meet someone before the ceremony begins. ” Weylyn said dismissively.

”Ah…Sir Kalver has a date already, I see? ” Viktor asked teasingly.

Weylyn rolled her eyes at his insinuation.

”Im meeting my brother Rehan. ” Weylyn explained.

”Very well, the Imperial stables are just west of here. ” Viktor directed knowing Weylyn would need a mount.

Weylyn nodded as she headed back the way they had come, emerging out of the main palace,

She paid no attention to the attendants and guests trooping this way and that as she made her way to the stables.

On arrival at the stables, one of the stable hands rushed to greet her, glancing down at her armor, his eyes widened as he recognized the insignia of the House of Kalver.

”Sir Kalver, ” The stable hand greeted, lowering himself to a knee and bowing low.

”At ease. ” Weylyn permitted.

”Sir Kalver requires a mount? ” The stable hand asked,

”Aye, I intend to take a short trip out the palace, preferably a fast one. ” Weylyn said,

”The steed granted to Sir Kalver by His Imperial Majesty rests here, might I saddle him up? ” The stable hand asked.

Weylyn frowned at the reminder that the Emperor had gifted her a steed she had refused to ride.

”No… anyone but that. ” Weylyn replied.

”Ah…too cherished already, I see. ” The stable hand chuckled, believing Weylyn was reluctant to ride the steed because she treasured it too dearly.

Weylyn did not respond, her expression remaining blank.

The stable hand went in and Weylyn waited patiently, knowing it would take a short moment to saddle up the horse.

”And if it isn the Knight of Kalver… ” A mocking voice reached Weylyns hearing,

Weylyns ears twitched slightly, from the footsteps, she counted about four different people approaching.

Weylyns expression remained blank, she did not bother turning around as she was in no mood for unnecessary altercations.

”What? Your fellow Knights are not worthy of the Princesss gaze? ” Another voice asked from behind Weylyn.

Weylyn was not bothered by their fierce tones, she knew they would not truly attack her, they only felt it unfair that she would be knighted today at such a young age to a rank far above theirs.

”Well, one thing is clear…you will never be worthy of Sir Ronans honor, and sharing the same bloodline will never change that. ” A third voice said.

Weylyns gaze turned dark as she slowly turned around to face the knight who had spoken.

Weylyn could see the eyes of all four knights widen as they saw her, Weylyn guessed they had not been expecting she would look the way she did.

With her long red tresses cascading down her back and her glowing golden orbs exuding a chilling cold aura, Weylyn Kalver was a stunning beauty,

A mere gaze of hers was said to steal hearts at first glance and had it not been Weylyn Kalver had chosen the path of a warrior, not even the Empires No 1 beauty could hold a candle to Weylyn.

Weylyn noticed the change in their mocking stares to something within the lines of awe and a mystified expression, which only further angered her.

Glancing down at the robes of the closest knight, the very one who had brought up her brother,

Weylyn frowned when she noticed he was a knight of the bronze rank whilst the other two were knights in waiting, most likely to be knighted at the ceremony to take place.

As for the fourth, he was dressed in plain robes and so Weylyn did not know if he was even a knight at all.

”Truly, I am not…but if you can stoop low enough to make light of my brothers name, then clearly neither are you. ” Weylyn said in a cold tone as she stalked slowly towards the bronze ranked knight.

”I…I… ” The knight stuttered as he took a step back in light of Weylyns advance, the tips of his ears turning red.

Weylyn kept walking till she was standing right before the knight, with merely an inch of distance between them, she lifted a chilling cold glare to stare straight into his eyes.

”I will say this but this one time, keep my brothers name out of your lips or I will have your head… and believe me, you do not want to see what a Kalver Princess is capable of. ” Weylyn promised solemnly, her eyes flashing dangerously.

The stable hand emerged at this moment with a saddled steed, taking in the situation outside his stable with a puzzled expression.

”Sir Kalver, any troubles? ” The stable hand asked in a concerned tone.

Weylyns gaze strayed from the bronze knight to the fourth who had not spoken at all, leaning against the wall some distance away with his blonde hair dangling over his face,

Weylyn frowned slightly before she spun around and strode up to the stable hand, passing a glance over the horse.

”This is just perfect. ” Weylyn said in approval.

Weylyn climbed astride the horse and then nodded her gratitude to the stable hand before she passed one final glance to the bronze knight,

Afterwards, her gaze strayed to the silent blonde knight, something about the cold aura he exuded unsettled Weylyn and she shook her head slightly as she stirred the horse to a slow gallop.

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