A Quest Of Honor

A Bitter-Sweet Revelation (Ch.2)

One is still what one is going to cease to be and already what one is going to become. One lives ones death, one dies ones life.

~ Jean-Paul Sartre


The sun had risen high in the sky and its golden rays cast a rosy hue across the morning sky,

The just risen sun shone softly on the streets of the Dukedom of Kalver, the greatest city in the Kinouri Empire, second only to the royal citadel of Thurian.

The rising of the sun would usually bring along with it a flurry of morning activities, however it seemed this morning was different,

An atmosphere of grief settled heavily upon the usually lively city and on this bright morning, the golden fingers of sunlight lit up a dreary scene.

A long procession headed slowly down the cobbled streets of Kalver, the long procession seemed to be approaching from the royal citadel of Thurian,

Since the procession had entered Fort Kalver through the Eastern gates where the Royal city was located and the intended destination of this procession was the estate of House Kalver, the residence of the Grand Duke of Kalver.

On either sides of the cobbled street, the citizens of Fort Kalver covered the streets, all having left their homes to await this procession,

Each citizen fell to the ground in a kowtow the closer the procession got, their pained wails piercing the quietness of the morning as the citizens of Fort Kalver shed bitter tears,

It seemed the Dukedom of Kalver had suffered a great and unbearable loss.

This grand procession consisted of fifty of the Kinouri empires most respected knights as well as ten warriors donning the armor of the empires royal guards,

The fifty knights all rode atop their steeds in two long rows, their expressions were somber and they each donned their ceremonial armor and had a pure white head band wrapped around their fore heads,

Their mantle was however a pure white color that matched their head bands perfectly.

Their right hands rested on the hilt of the sword resting on their belts and their left hands each grabbed a white flag whose pole reached the ground,

Drawn boldly upon the white flag was the crest of the Dukedom of Kalver alongside the insignia of the Knightdom of the Kinouri Empire.

Between the two rows of knights were eight pall bearers travelling on foot, heaved up on their shoulders was a large, bejewelled casket on which was encrusted hundreds of precious stones that glowed in the sunlight,

The casket itself was made from polished white jade an extremely rare and precious jewel,

It was obvious the deceased who lay within the casket was one of great nobility, also the loud and pained wailing of the citizens revealed the deceased was not only a great noble but a highly respected figure beloved by the people.

White funeral papers were sprayed upwards upon the procession as they moved and a large funeral bell was tolled in an eerie manner, creating a sad and dreary ambience.

The entire procession was led by a single figure upon a pure white steed.

This figure donned a glistening pure white armour, along with a white mantle of great length that fluttered far behind.

A large white cape covered the figures head, concealing the figures visage from the rest of the world, however all could see the pure grief oozing off the figure who sat still as one frozen upon the pure white steed,

The figures head was held high, but if one could have seen the stunning golden orbs hidden beneath that large hood,

One would be able to see that those previously glowing orbs that had been so full of life had turned dull, overcome with grief and defeat.

The figure rode at a slow pace, gaze kept straight forward, not sparing a glance on either sides, on the figures white cape was the very crest of the Dukedom of Kalver which was drawn upon every white flag raised to the sky.

Strapped to the figures back in a cross were two white flags with shorter poles, upon both flags were the crest of the Dukedom of Kalver and beneath the crest, written out in bold letterings were the words Knight Kalver.

This was the funeral procession of the greatest knight of the Kinouri Empire,

Sir Ronan Kalver of the Dukedom of Kalver,

First son of the Duke of Kalver and heir to the Kalver Dukedom who had fallen in battle.

The procession continued its somber march till they finally arrived at the large gates of the estate of House Kalver where a crowd was already gathered to await the arrival of the procession.

At the front of this crowd stood an imposing man, a man of a broad stature who towered over everyone around him, the aura of this man alone was enough to incite fear in the heart of anyone in his presence.

This imposing man donned elegant robes, he seemed to be in his mid forties, with golden orbs upon a firm face with a sharp set jaw, the visage of this imposing man was undoubtedly pleasant to the eyes.

The stance of this man was regal and noble, his back straight, feet apart and arms crossed behind his back, his stance oozed authority and danger,

It was the stance of a war hardened warrior, this imposing man was precisely the Lord and ruler of the Dukedom of Kalver, head of the house of Kalver and the current Duke of Kalver, Raego Kalver.

A name which had caused empires to tremble in fear back in the days of his youth.

However at this moment the gaze of Duke Raego Kalver although still firm, the sorrow and grief within his golden orbs could not be hidden as the revered Duke of Kalver awaited the arrival of the procession with which came the corpse of his deceased son.

As the procession came to a halt, Duke Raego Kalver found his feet stuck in place as his gaze settled upon the casket that was slowly lowered to the ground by the pall bearers.

After a short time of staring in barely concealed horror, Duke Raego Kalver composed himself and regained his calm and steady expression as he took a reluctant step forwards,

He headed towards the bejewelled casket, not far behind him was a young and dashing youth, dressed in robes similar to that of the Duke of Kalver.

The figure atop the pure white horse slowly dismounted and dropped to a knee, head bowed low as the Duke of Kalver passed by and headed for the casket,

The remaining company of the procession replicated the actions of the figure in white, dropping to their knees, their heads bowed.

The Duke of Kalver arrived before the casket and slowly pushed the top, within the casket was the flag of the Kinouri Empire which covered the body completely.

The Duke of Kalver stretched out a shaking hand and pulled off the flag, taking in a sharp breath and staggering backwards at the sight of the cold, dead body of a once dashing young man who had been a replica of his younger self.

”Brother! ” The dashing youth dressed in similar robes to the Duke of Kalver exclaimed in a pain filled tone as he collapsed to his knees, sobbing bitterly, this dashing youth was Rehan Kalver, second son of the Duke of Kalver.

The Duke of Kalver remained frozen in place, staring in horror at the corpse of his beloved son, a son he cherished above his own life, a son the Duke of Kalver was most proud of,

A son who had fought at the front lines, following his fathers footsteps to protect and defend his empire from the moment he could use a sword, long before he was knighted even…a son in the person of Sir Ronan Kalver, the great Knight of Kalver.

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