A Quest Of Honor

A New Knight Kalver (Ch.4)

”His Imperial Majesty arrives! ” A loud voice called, disrupting the quiet atmosphere of the hall which had fallen into silence after Weylyns revelation.

All occupants of the hall lowered themselves to their knees as the doors were pushed open and in walked a regal and noble young man who looked to be in his early twenties,

With hair as black as the darkest night and eyes of an enchanting violet, the unique eye color that was characteristic of the royal family of the Kinouri Empire.

The Emperor of Kinouri was considered to be a man whose visage could only be tagged as beautiful, with slanted eyes and silky black hair, his beauty was considered second only to that of the third child of Duke Kalver, Weylyn Kalver.

However the Emperors personality differed greatly from his looks, with his imposing aura and slanted eyes set in a deadly gaze,

He exuded unrivalled killing intent and an overbearingly powerful aura, each step he took was taken in a powerful and regal stride, his entire bearing inciting a sense of respect and danger in all who saw him.

The Emperors black royal robes trailed behind him as he walked into the hall, he paused briefly at the sight of Weylyn Kalver whose fierce gaze was fixed on him, tears streaming down her face.

Weylyn had glanced up at the mention of the Emperors arrival, her gaze narrowed into a deadly glare and her killing intent burst forth, however just as she made to rise to her feet and move forward, she felt a strong grip on her hand.

Weylyn did not need to turn back to know the hands holding her down belonged to her brother Rehan who still held her in his arms.

Weylyns deadly gaze trailed the Emperors movements as she tried unsuccessfully to calm the rage churning within her heart.

All Weylyn could think of was that image of her beloved older brother, jumping right infront of this very Emperor, cutting off the path of the large spear which had been soaring directly for the Emperor.

That moment when that large spear had pierced right through her brother with such force, the tip of the spear had pierced out from his back,

Weylyn could almost feel the warmth of her brothers blood pouring out over her as she rushed to his side, holding him close to her chest as he bled out helplessly on the battlefield,

Weylyns entire world had crashed down on her, whereas the battle continued as though no one could care less… this scene was all Weylyn could see as she stared at the Emperor.

And all she could think of was It should have been him. He should have died and not Ronan.

”How dare you show your face here?! ” Weylyn roared furiously, as she struggled against her brothers firm hold.

”Weylyn… restrain yourself! ” Duke Raego ordered,

Weylyn gritted her teeth in rage but slumped down against her brother knowing it would not be in anyones benefit to outrightly confront the Emperor of Kinouri,

The last thing Weylyn wanted was to belittle the countless years worth of loyalty of her father and the House of Kalver by incurring the accusation of treason.

”Rise… Everyone but the Duke of Kalver leaves. ” The Emperor ordered, the hall was immediately vacated and Rehan Kalver pulled a raging Weylyn along with him to leave the hall.


Once the door was closed, the Emperors calm facade dropped and his shoulders slumped down as he collapsed to his knees before Duke Raego Kalver,

Tears streamed down the Emperors face, his entire form trembling as quiet sobs escaped his lips.

”Uncle Raego…I…I have failed you, Ronan… I killed him, gods I killed him! ” The Emperor sobbed out,

Duke Raego who had been frozen in shock quickly lowered himself to his knees.

”My liege, comport yourself…you are the Emperor, the son of the heavens, ”

”Upon your shoulders rests an entire Empire, the moment you kneel, you lower your Empire down with you…do you forget my teachings so soon? ” The Duke of Kalver chided in a fond tone as he placed a comforting hand on the shoulders of the trembling man before him.

”Ronan is dead, the House of Kalver has been dealt an unbearable loss… ” Duke Raego paused slightly, it seemed to take him great strength to continue his words.

”But in time, we shall heal…however an Empire that loses an Emperor at his prime shall be thrown into anarchy, many more lives shall be sacrificed, a damage the Empire shall never heal from. ”

”My son is gone and yet he has never done me prouder, he was charged with your protection, I would never have expected him to do otherwise. ”

”As the Knight of House Kalver, had it been my lieges body lying in that coffin, Ronan could only atone for his failure with his own life. ” Duke Raego said,

The Emperor sobbed louder at the Dukes words.

”This pain you feel today, hold it close to your heart and let it fuel your determination, you must fulfill my sons grand aspirations, the hopes of the House of Kalver lies with you. ”

”My liege, you must grow the Empires strength, till no one else has to be sacrificed ever again. ” Duke Raego said in a firm tone.

”Now rise, wipe your tears, straighten your shoulders and keep your head held high. ”

”Let not your heart be troubled and do not allow your spirit be dampened, death is only but a part of life. ”

”Return to your throne, your Empire awaits you… the House of Kalver shall mourn our dead, we shall shed all the tears. ”

”You must not be dragged down by this, a ruler sheds no tears, this is the burden of one of royal blood, it is one you must carry. ” Duke Raego said solemnly as he helped the Emperor to his feet,

Although the Duke of Kalver kept on a calm expression, his eyes glistened with unshed tears.

The Emperor of Kinouri moved closer to the bejewelled coffin in which his cherished friend and most respected Knight lay.

The Emperor placed a hand down on the coffin, his eyes contorted in pain and agony.

”Ro, you have saved my life, you should be the most celebrated warrior in all the Empire, I would bestow you half my Empire even, so why did you leave me? What am I to do now? ”

”Weylyn will never forgive me, you have made me a sinner to the House of Kalver and to the woman I love, is this how you protect your King? ” The Emperor of Kinouri sobbed quietly, leaning his head down on the bejewelled coffin.

”I owe you a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid in this lifetime, however I swear to you that the House of Kalver shall forever be to me as my own family for you were more than blood to me Ronan, ”

”I have come to bid you my last farewell, for failing to protect you my dear friend, do not forgive me… never forgive this incapable Emperor… ” The Emperor sobbed for a short time before he composed himself and wiped his tears and headed out of the hall.

”All hear the Imperial decree! Sir Ronan Kalver fulfilled his duty as an imperial Blood Knight. ”

” His Imperial Majesty decrees the House of Kalver be granted the highest honors of Dukedom, ”

”Duke Kalver is appointed Grand Duke of Kinouri with status only lower than that of the Emperor himself, ”

”The crest of the House of Kalver shall be engraved in the royal shrine and the deceased Knight Kalver shall be named King of knights and protector of the realm…so decrees the Emperor! ” The loud voice of the royal attendant resounded.

”All Hail His Imperial Majesty! ” The Duke of Kalver and Lords of house Kalver echoed in unison.

As the Great Emperor of Kinouri exited the hall in all his regal glory, none would ever know that merely a moment before, in the place of an all-powerful Emperor, there had been a broken man who cried his heart out over the coffin of his dearest friend.

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