A Quest Of Honor

Worth It (Ch.5)

”Weylyn Kalver, receive the imperial decree! ” The Imperial attendant announced in a loud tone.

Duke Raego and the House of Kalver lowered themselves to their knees and bowed low whereas the actual recipient of the imperial decree remained in place, not even twitching in the slightest.

Weylyn Kalver stared on in a daze at the mausoleum forged of pure white jade before her eyes, the tomb of her brother, Ronan Kalver.

The sounds of her environment had long faded to the background as silent tears streamed down her cheeks.

The glow in her golden orbs had dimmed and her gaze was now dull and lifeless.

Weylyns thoughts were a mess, her mind consumed with inconsolable grief as she just stared on at the final resting place of her brother.

Weylyn could not believe it had come to this, barely a few days ago, she had watched Ronan receive his fifth honorary title, the first of his generation to be granted more than two honorary titles.

Weylyn remembered vividly how her heart had swollen with pride as she stood behind the knight of the people, Ronan Kalver whilst he donned the armor granted by the Emperor.

Weylyn had thought then of how privileged she was to be born as the sister of the greatest knight of Kinouri, she had thought of how blessed she was and how blessed the Kinouri Empire was to have a Knight like Ronan.

Weylyn had thought then that not even the sky would be her brothers limit, she had been filled with excitement and anticipation to stand alongside her brother as he fulfilled his great dream and conquered the scattered tribes under the banner of the Kinouri Empire.

So much hopes and dreams had rested on Romans shoulder, Weylyn knew not just her hopes but that of the Kalver Dukedom and the entire Empire had depended on him.

The Knight of Knights, Commander of the Imperial Blood Knights, a man who had fought dozens of battles right from his childhood yet had never suffered a single defeat.

A man of the most unyielding will and the deepest loyalty, a man of compassion and love, yet fierce and brutal when the situation called for it.

Where could there be such a man as Ronan Kalver, who could console this loss the Kalver Dukedom had suffered?

Just how was Weylyn to live on knowing her brother was dead and buried, never to be seen again?

Knowing she would never feel the warmth of his hug, or the tenderness of his ever doting care, his overprotective guidance, his ever amusing personality.

Weylyns heart constricted painfully, it did not matter how she thought of it, Ronan had not deserved such a painful end, bleeding out on the cold battlefield, choking on his own blood.

At the age of twenty four summers, Ronan had been in the prime of his youth, he had so many good years ahead of him yet in the blink of an eye, all his dreams and aspirations had been cut off along with his life.

Weylyn felt it was all her fault, she was the only family by his side, she should have done something… anything that would have protected his life.

Her heart was filled with so many regrets, had she known this would happen, she never would have let Ronan accept the Emperors mission.

Had she known this would happen, she would have risked her life to prevent the Emperor from pressing forward with the mission,

Had she known this would happen, she would have taken Ronans place instead, as long as he could go on living, Weylyn was willing to give her own life in exchange for his.

But fate had so cruelly snatched him away and Weylyn did not know how to cope with this horrible reality.

”Weylyn Kalver! Receive the imperial decree! ” The imperial attendant announced again when Weylyn still did not make any moves whatsoever.

”Lynn… receive it, thats an order! ” Duke Raego growled out to his daughter in a stern tone.

Weylyn was enraged by her fathers words but she did not dare disobey, again, she could not bear to be the reason the generations worth of loyalty of the Kalvers was sullied with treasonous accusations.

Weylyn Kalver slowly rose to her feet on unsteady footing, her brother Rehan rushing to her aid as she staggered slightly.

Her limbs had grown numb from kneeling for over a day and Weylyn could barely feel them.

Weylyn turned to face the imperial attendant, slowly lowering herself to her knees again.

The imperial attendant nodded in approval as he opened the scroll and began reading it out loud.

”Weylyn Kalver of House Kalver, born to Duke Raego Kalver, a warrior of exceptional talent and unmatched prowess, beloved by the people. ”

”By bloodline, honor or ability, you have proven worthy. By the law of succession of the knightdom, you are bestowed the title of Knight Kalver, ”

”You are summoned to the imperial city where you shall take your oaths and be officially knighted to be fully worthy to join your brothers in arm as protectors of the Empire. ”

”You shall assume all duties of the deceased Sir Ronan Kalver as soon as the mourning period of three months elapses, so decrees the Emperor! ” The imperial attendant finished,

Weylyns heart constricted with rage, it had been five days, just five days since her brother had passed on yet the Emperor would not even allow the House of Kalver some time.

It had been just five days yet Ronans status and efforts were being handed over so easily as though his death was merely a passing occurrence.

It had been just five days yet the Emperor expected her to take up a sword again, with the same hands which had been soaked in her brothers blood,

It had been only five days… and he had tossed away all grief for Ronan as though her brother was dispensable, merely a weapon that was easily replaced.

”Weylyn Kalver, do you accept the Emperors decree? ” The imperial attendant asked as though Weylyn was in any position to refuse.

Refusing an imperial decree was tantamount to disdaining the Emperor which was treason in itself.

Weylyns hands scrunched up into tight fists, her heart aching terribly as she passed a pained look to her father.

Her fathers stern gaze broke her heart even more as she lowered her head into a bow, stretching her hand out to accept the decree.

”I Weylyn Kalver of House Kalver shall abide by My Lieges command. ” Weylyn murmured through gritted teeth as the imperial decree was placed in her grasp.

Duke Raego Kalver and the other members of the House of Kalver took their leave to grant Weylyn some much needed privacy before she would have to depart for the imperial city.

”You could not even allow me a time to mourn this loss, you could not even allow me a time to rid myself of this grief…you never did care for me, did you? ” Weylyn murmured quietly as she gazed down at the imperial decree.

”Now I am to become your dispensable weapon just as my brother was… the new Knight of Kalver? My brother is the only Knight of Kalver! And you killed him! ” Weylyn sobbed out aloud,

Weylyn scrunched her fist tightly, her eyes ablaze with rage as she vowed aloud.

”Emperor Vaeros Tharur, for this humiliation, for this disdain, for this insult to my Ronan…I Weylyn Kalver will never forgive you. ” Weylyn swore bitterly.

Unbeknownst to Weylyn, hidden in the shadows and watching her with an aching heart was a certain Emperor of Kinouri.

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