”Im sorry Lihua ”

Those were the last words she heard before everywhere went pitch black

What happened?, she couldn make out where she was, and her blurry vision wasn exactly helping

”Tss, sh*t ”, she hissed in pain trying to pull herself up from the ground, everywhere hurt and the pain only got worse,

Her ears were ringing incessantly and she felt blood trickle down her forehead, just how did she end up like this?

the last thing she remembered was being driven home by Fu Hao, other than that, her memory drew blank

Wait Fu Hao, where is he?, Having had the realization, the shock erased the layer of haze from her eyes and she frantically roamed her eyes around to search for him

”No! ”, She dragged her injured body over to where he lay, completely lifeless. He was covered in blood and bruises from glass shards which had pierced into him

Tears rolled down her face uncontrollably as she stared at the gruesome sight of her husband which she was supposed to hate,

”It was all my fault ”, Her memories were triggered and it all came back to her, she had gotten into trouble and Fu Hao had come to help her, as usual. She had bickered with him, being ungrateful, then simmered down and decided to think of a new way to ang

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