Su Lihua stared at the ceiling trying to come up with an idea as to what she could do,

she sighed then sat up, nothing she thought of was perfect, they were either too cringy or just plain weird and awkward,

”Urgh, Im starving, I guess Im gonna have to eat dinner first, after all no good idea was made on an empty stomach,

”Wait, maybe THATS, what I should do ”, she could make dinner for him. Because of one of her previous misdeeds, he would be coming home late, so she could just leave his dinner on the table with a note, that way, she didn have to see his reaction if it ended badly,

she went down to the kitchen while rejoicing at her plan,

She opened the fridge and stared at the different ingredients whilst trying to decide what to make, he didn exactly have a favourite food nor was he a picky eater,

”I know, ill make rice and soy broth with shrimp ”, it was relatively easy to make and it was even better that she knew how to

Even though she was the eldest daughter of the Su family, which was a very well-off family, she had learnt how to cook despite it not being encouraged, Its a good thing I was a bit defiant back then, she chuckled to herself,

She set to work and within an hour and some minutes, she was done

She stared down at the food she had prepared and giggled seeing how over the top she had gone, she had added fried dough sticks and marinated deep-fried mutton to the number of dishes. She just hoped he would like it.

After plating the food and setting the table, she sat down to eat.


Lihua bit the tip of her pencil staring at a blank yellow sticky note and thinking of what she would write on her note to him,

maybe this would be okay?,

[Dear Fu Hao] she wrote,

”No, urgh, it sounds too formal, she rolled the paper into a ball and chucked it into the trash can she had conveniently placed by her side,

Okay, this has to be better

[Hey Hao],

”URGH, no, we aren exactly the best of friends ”, she crumpled it and chucked it again,

The next twenty minutes were spent with her complaining and chucking innocent pieces of paper;

”No, nothing sounds right ”, it was either too formal, overly friendly, or just plain cringy, nothing was good enough,

Alright Lihua, RELAX, She took a deep breath and stared back at a new sticky note, ”Ill just write anything that comes to my mind, a few more tries and I should have gotten a good one ”

[I know I have done some awful things in the past but I sorely regret them. I hope my dinner will at least show my remorse. If you don want it, you could always throw it away, Ill understand, Im not worth trusting anyway


”Ha, finally. Its finally okay,

She read through the message again and her eyes twitched, this was seriously the thing that had taken her up to twenty-five minutes, she was really bad at expressing herself,

She stuck it on the table umbrella that she had used to cover his food,

She took a step back and stared at the whole set-up hesitantly then sighed, she just hoped he saw how sorry she was and ate the food, her heart wouldn be able to take it if he didn .

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