A Second Chance: I’ll make ammends

Chapter 6: As if it was never there at all

Fu Hao walked into the kitchen feeling a little exhausted. He had just come back from his morning workout so his breathing was a bit disoriented. He walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water gulping it down almost immediately.

Walking over to the dining table, he saw already plated food in white bowls, as if already expecting it, he walked over and picked up the note attached to it

[This pheasant thanks you for accepting her dinner last night, she hopes you shall accept her breakfast as well


Reading the peculiar note, a small smile crept up his face as he shook his head, she really was one of a kind, but even still, he found it hard to understand her,

Last night, he had come home to meet food already plated on the dining table and was completely stunned, seeing her note and food, he didn even know what to think.

In the end, he ended up eating the food- which had surprisingly tasted better than expected- and went to take care of the dishes, there he had noticed the trash can filled with nothing but scrunched-up papers

Did she seriously have this much trouble coming up with what to write?

It didn sound like her, after all, she was always confident and spoke whatever came to her mind,

He couldn wrap his head around what was going on with her,

The Su and Fu family patriarchs were good friends so they decided to marry their grandchildren together. They had grown up knowing that they were engaged, but they had never been close. When they got married, they were just like two strangers living together, they hardly spoke to each other and slept in separate rooms, but even still, their relationship was harmonious, but sadly it didn remain that way for long. After some months, Su Lihua grew colder and started insisting on divorce, she would come up with schemes for that purpose, then would get mad if it didn work and he refused.

He closed his eyes and then sighed, he just hoped her sudden change was permanent and wasn just another one of her schemes.


Shooting Star Entertainment

”Hey Sis Yan ”, Su Lihua greeted her manager as she stepped into her office,

”Lihua, you
e finally here and on time, Im surprised ”

Lihua dramatically put her hand on her chest with a shocked face on, ”What do you mean by surprised, Im always on time ”

Xie Yan just rolled her eyes at Lihuas antics, ”Save your acting for when you
e actually on set, anyway lets get going,

Xie Yan had called her in the early hours of the morning – while she was still asleep- and told her to come early because the company manager had asked to see them.


”Good morning Mr Chang ”, They both greeted walking into his office,

Su Jiao and her manager, Yao Boqin, were already seated waiting,

”Good, you two are here now ”, Mr Chang said,

He was a tall slim man in his late thirties. He wore glasses and had brown hair with stern brown eyes, he was relatively friendly but was serious when he was supposed to be.

”Concerning the end of your break Su Lihua, I would like for you and your sister to do the next two modelling jobs together, how does that sound? ”

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