This is my First Fanfic, so I hope you all Enjoy it!

One week after Ronnie Anne & her Brother had moved out of Royal Woods, many of Lincolns friends and his Sisters think hes upset that she moved away hes been telling them that hes perfectly fine, but deep down he knows they
e right.

And now we see Lincoln at Ketchum Park sitting on a Bench bored out of his mind, his friends are all busy with their own thing Clyde is having another session with Dr. Lopez, Zach is visiting his Grandma. Liam is dealing with a Weasel problem in the farm and Rusty says he has a Date with a Girl (Doubt that), even his sisters are occupied doing their own stuff (no surprise there). He thought of going to Gus Games n Grub? But it wouldn be the same without a second player or maybe go to the Burpin Burger? Still would be Lonely, so the best thing to do is absolutely nothing in the Park, but just as he thinks there would be nothing left to do, he hears someone calling his name.

”Lincoln? Lincoln Loud is that you? ”

Lincoln Turns and sees a girl from his class wearing a yellow shirt, a blue skirt, white socks, brown shoes and a cute blue bow to go with her braided ponytail. None other than Girl Jordan.

”Oh Hey Girl Jordan, what are you doing here? ” he asks.

”Could ask you the same thing ” responded Jordan.

”Just Bored, all my friends are busy and my sisters, you? ” said Lincoln.

”Just got back from window shopping at the mall, nothing cute or interesting to shop for, so I went here to the park to occupy myself, may I? ” Jordan asks if she can sit next to him.

”Well you don see anyone else here with me, sure go ahead ” Lincoln responds kindly.

After what seems like a minute of sitting alone together on a bench, a small atmosphere of awkwardness rises between them. Suddenly they both speak.

”So I was thinking- ”

”Sorry I didn - ”

”Ha-ha, you go Fir- ”


Lincoln speaks up ”so I was wondering if you wanted to….. you know hang out with me today or something ”

You mean like a Date ” Jordan Blushes.

Lincoln Blushes ”No not like that! What I mean is like friends! I mean we never hang out outside or after school! ”

”Oh, well what did you have planned ” she asks after her Blush Dissipates.

”Well maybe we could play at Gus Games n Grub? ” said Lincoln.

”Sure! I haven been there in a while ” Jordan responds

Both Kids walk off together towards the arcade eatery still with the awkward presence.

Deep within Lincolns mind Okay calm down its just Girl Jordan youve know her since Kindergarten, just like Clyde, shes literally like one of your friends, its not like she was your first crush or something…. WHAT AM I THINKING goes off his static mind.

With Girl Jordan Okay stay calm Girl! Hes just a friend, youve known each other since kindergarten, your just friends, just friends, jut friends! Or maybe you still have a crush on him! Oh shut it! You know you still have that crush on him! I thought I dealt with you six years ago! Well Im back now and you have to face the facts! YOU STILL LIKE HIM! as her mind snaps at her.

Eventually their minds snap back to reality when they realize they made it to their destination, Gus Games n Grubs.

Lincoln asks first ”so shall we go in ”

”Sure ” Jordan replies.

Lincoln opens the door for Girl Jordan ”after you ”

Jordan Smiles ”thanks. But you don have to act all gentleman like ”

”Sorry force of habit when my little sister is big on having class! ” he responds nervously.

Jordan giggles ”well lets get our game on! ”


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