Chapter 2

The Sun rises on Royal Woods as the rays hit the loud hose on Franklin Avenue, birds chirping, the rooster crowing and (cue alarm clock beeping!)

Lincoln loud awakes and hits snooze on his alarm waking slowly with a big smile on his face as he exits his bedroom to use the bathroom and like every morning in the loud house a line of eight girls (lilys probably still asleep and Lori is the one in the bathroom first because as usual she is the eldest) now usually Lincoln would sometimes be annoyed by the long line but instead hes just feeling to positive about yesterdays events with girl Jordan.

Luna looks behind her to see her brother feeling happy ”morning bro! ”

”Morning sis ” Lincoln responds happily, though these words were noticed by everyone else, except Lisa

”Why are you feeling so positive today? ” asks Lola

”I think you look nice with that smile on your face ” says Leni

”Yeah, Im positive that your happiness is contagious! Hahahahaha! Get it? ” jokes luan

Ugh! Says everyone except Lincoln

”So why are you happy today stinkoln? ” asks Lynn

”Lets just say I had a great encounter yesterday ” Lincoln responds

”What did you get a new ace savvy comic? ” says Lynn

”Were any of your friends available to hang out with you? ” asks Lana

”Did you watch a new sci-fi movie? ” asks Luan

”Firstly it was Saturday and new ace savvy comics are out on Wednesday, secondly all my friends were too busy with their thing including Clyde and finally there were no movies I wouldve been interested in and I don have enough money to watch one yet ” Lincoln responds

”Then what did you do yesterday? ” asks Lana

(Lincoln thinks about telling them what happened yesterday and done suddenly remembers what happened during the Heavy Meddle incident) ”Well thats a story for next time ” Lincoln answers

”Whatever ” Lola responds annoyingly as everyone else goes back to waiting in line

”Don mind them Bro, but if you feel like talking my door is always open ” Luna tells her Lincoln

”Thanks for the reassurance lunes ” says Lincoln

(skips after the long sister line and using the bathroom) now in Lincolns room he puts on his blue jeans and his orange polo and heads straight for the kitchen with the same positive smile on his face and sees his dad cooking breakfast

”Morning son ” says Lynn Sr.

”Morning Dad ” says Lincoln

”You seem happy today sport ” Lynn Sr. responds

”Just had an eventful time yesterday ” Lincoln responds

”Well good for you kiddo, since all your sisters were busy yesterday ” he says to his son

Eventually all Ten Sisters (yes Lily finally woke up and is being held by luan) enter the kitchen for breakfast with many of them surprised that Lincoln is still wearing that positive look on his face

”Hey Lincoln are you available for some Sparring at the backyard ” asks Lynn

”Ugh no hes going to be my butler for my tea party ” demands Lola

”No hes helping me feed my pets ” Lana argues

”Actually I require an assistant in helping me with my latest chemical experiment just in case I may have missed a few mixtures ” says Lisa

”Id hate to raise this discussion further but hes helping try out a new comedy routine ” Luan tells them

Then Luna speaks out ”Hey dudes! Leave him alone and let Lincoln decide on what he wants to do! ” she demands

”Yeah theres no need to fight over him ” Leni points out

And then an argument spirals on the dining room table leaving Lincoln just staring at the fight cloud.

”Girls, Girls! Stop this at once! ” Lynn Sr. yells at them while holding their food

”Lunas right let your brother decide on what to do today ” he says

”Thanks pops ” says Luna then turns to ask Lincoln ”So what do you think Bro ”

”Well I think (then his cellphone rings) ” looks to see who it is ”Oh sorry guys I got to take this ” leaves the kitchen to go to the living room

All the sisters look into the living room to see Lincoln whispering to whoever is calling him (a smart move so his sisters won be able to hear his conversation)

”Hey Jordan whats up? ” Lincoln asks through the phone

”Hey Lincoln, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Burpin Burgers later and hang out! If you
e available ” Jordan says

”Sure I think Im available for today ” Lincoln responds

”Great! Where do you want to meet? ” asks Jordan

(Lincoln thinks and realizes that if she meets at his house then his sisters would know and end up meddling with his personal life again) ” how about we meet at ketchum park? ” says Lincoln

”Sure Ill meet you there later at ten ” says Jordan

”Sounds like a plan ” says Lincoln

After what seemed like a normal conversation on the phone neither of them hang up (cue awkwardness over phone) Lincoln replies ”So Ill see you there ” then Jordan responds ” Yeah sure ” … ” So I guess I should go back to eating breakfast ” Lincoln responds ”Yeah me too ” Jordan replies …..… both speak up ” okay bye ” then they both hang up

”Well that was awkward ” Lincoln says to himself

He then heads straight for the dining room and takes his seat and sees all his sisters looking at him

”What? ” he asks

”Who were you talking to over the phone ” Lori asks

”Just a friend Im hanging out with later ” Lincoln responds

”You mean the friend you were with yesterday? ” Lucy asks

”Wait a minute I thought you said all your friend were busy yesterday? ” Lola accuses Lincoln from his early conversation from the bathroom line

”Well its a friend from school that only I know about ” says Lincoln

”Well now we know what Lincoln wants to do today ” Leni speaks up

”Hope you have fun today dude ” Luna speaks to Lincoln

Thanks Luna ” Lincoln responds to his third oldest sister

Now we go to Lincoln looking at himself at the bathroom mirror after breakfast

”You got this Lincoln you
e about to hang out with Jordan later, remember shes just a friend, just a friend with a fun loving laugh, a cute blue bow, her cheerful looking smile- Wait did I just say that ” Lincoln speaks to himself ”No just calm down and don make it weird ” reassuring himself as he exits the bathroom and nearly collides with Luna ”Oh sorry Luna I didn know you were outside ” he apologizes ”Its cool bro, so you getting ready to hang out with your so called friend that you know later? ” she asks with a knowing look on her face.

”Uh yeah sure am ” he responds nervously

”Step into my room for a bit bro ” she tells him and he follows her into Luna/Luans room ”No need to worry dude Luan left because she remembered she had a birthday to go to, why don you take a seat ” she tells Lincoln and points to her bean bag chair in which Lincoln takes a seat.

”So tell me who the girl you
e meeting with is? ” Luna asks a nervous looking Lincoln

”I don know what you
e talking about ” Lincoln responds nervously

”Come on Linc as you
e legal guardian I know when you
e hiding something, also you
e nervous look gave it away ” Luna responds ”You can tell me dude ”

Lincoln realizes that there is no getting out of this and decides to give up ”Her name is Jordan but at school we call her girl Jordan because theres another Jordan there whose a boy ”

”Okay so when did you two started hanging out? Was it yesterday? ” Luna asks ”yes ” he replies ”but please don tell the others about her I don need you guys meddling with my personal life! ” he protests to her

”Its okay bro, you
e secrets safe with me Im not the taddling type ” she assures him ”and to be honest I wanna apologize for that time I helped the others meddle with you with Ronnie Anne and the Sadie Hawkins dance incident ” she responds with a guilt tone ”Im really sorry Lincoln ”

Feeling touched by his sisters words ” Thanks Luna and I accept you
e apology you were only looking out for me I really appreciate it ” Lincoln then hugs Luna who then hugs him back ”Now go on little bro you got a gal waiting for you ” she tells him as they break the hug and fixes up his hair ”Thanks sis wish me luck ” as he leaves her room, heads down the stairs and out the door as Luna watches with pride knowing the her little bro is growing up.

But unknown to her that they
e conversation was spied on from the vents by a Gothic little Girl

Thanks again for the reviews guys and for accepting the fact that this is my first fanfic, also Im still having issues with my grammar and stuff!

I would also like to ask if anyone has any requests for the third chapter Im still going through my mind on what might happen next, so from one Jordancoln fan to another please leave a review.

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