you and me they
e my five favorite sisters ” he explains ”Again wow, thats a lot to take in ” she responds.

Then they spot their destination ”looks like we made it ” until they notice a sign on the door that says ”The Burpin Burger is currently closed due to an infestation of cockroaches sorry for the inconvenience ” then a roach crawls out from under the door and runs off making the two kids rethink their decision ”Guss? ” Lincoln asks Lincoln ”Yeah ” Jordan responds and soon both kids walk away from the hazardous establishment and make their way to the Arcade Pizzeria.

”and thats why Im terrified of barbed wire ” she says nervously ”Wow that was intense, sorry to hear that ” and soon they spot their destination ”we
e here ” Lincoln speaks and opens the door for her ”after you Madame ” Lincoln jokingly responds causing Jordan to giggle ”oh what a gentleman ” she replies teasingly as she enters with Lincoln following behind as the two kids finally find a table and seats to sit, both kids grab the menus on the table and decide on what to order then Lincoln speaks up ” I was thinking how about we both order a large Pizza to share if its okay with you? ” ”That doesn sound like a bad idea the only issue is deciding on the toppings ” she responds soon both kids look back at their menus on the toppings then at the same time they both put their menus down and speak at the same time ”Pepperoni and Pineapple! ” and they soon cover their mouths and start blushing at each others response then the atmosphere around them becomes filled with awkwardness between the two until Lincoln slowly places his hands back on the table and responds nervously ”well that was awkward ” ”Yeah it was ” Jordan responds while still blushing, they eventually call one of the waiters and place their order with the waiter returning later with their order ”Man this looks good ” Lincoln responds looking at their lunch ”well bon apetit ” Jordan replies as both get ready to eat until Lincolns phone goes off ”Umm I have to take this ” Lincoln says ”No need, go ahead I can wait ” Jordan responds as Lincoln smiles at her response and walks towards an empty booth to take the call and sees its from Luna

”Hmmm wonder what shes calling for ” ”Hello Luna? ” ”Lincoln listen I think the others know! ” Luna responds franticly ”What do you mean they kno- ” and he soon realizes what she means ”Did you tell them?! ” ”No dude I didn I swear! I finished jamming on my drums then went out to use the bathroom and noticed that no one else was around, when I went to check up on lily I saw on Lisas surveillance screens (which we still have to talk to her about that) and saw vanzilla drive off with everyone but lily! I think they left while I was jamming, Im so sorry dude ” ”Its okay Luna, but How did they know about this? ” ”I don know dude I wanted to go and stop them but I can leave the house, mom went off to pick up pop-pop from the train station and dad is at the grocery store ” ”Thanks for the heads up Luna ” then looks outside and sees vanzilla outside ”and I think I just spotted them Im gonna have to call you back sis ” ”Okay good luck dealing with them dude ” ”thanks for the support Lunes ” Lincoln puts his phone away and looks outside with an irritated face ”well looks like I got my hands full ” knowing that things are about to get chaotic.

I decided to add Clyde into the mix since I forgot to add him in the last chapter also I added that little twist to the Burpin Burger because I don really know much about its Menu so I just went with Gus Games n Grub.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for the review guys appreciate it.

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