Chapter 6

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We continue where we left off at Gus Games n Grub as both kids enjoy the rest of the afternoon on almost every game available, competing to see who has the highest score but in a fun way but Lincoln has been keeping track of score for both of them ”Well Ive counted it all down its 12 to 8! ” Lincoln says holding a piece of paper ”So who won? ” Jordan asks and soon sees Lincoln teasingly bowing to her as if she were a queen causing her to giggle at this ”You have bested me in arcade games, nest to dodge ball you truly are better than me, you have my respect ” he admitted ”Acting like a good sport, thanks Lincoln ” she responds and soon notices her watch as well as Lincoln ”Wow 4:26 pm already! ” he says ”I guess Time flies when you
e having fun! ” she responds ”Especially if its with someone special ” he sighs at her direction which causes Jordan to blush making him realize what he just said ”I mean like a friend! Yeah thats it! A friend! ” he nervously responds while blushing making Jordan giggle and thus creating an awkward atmosphere between them again when Lincoln speaks up ”Well we should probably get going ” ”Yeah! ” she responds as both kids walk out of the arcade ”You waiting on your parents? ” he asks ”Actually I was thinking of walking home, my dad is at work and my mom is at a book club ” she responds ”Well maybe youd like someone to walk you home ” he nervously says ”you think I can handle walking on my own? ” she asks teasingly making him nervous ”Well it is getting late and I just want to see you get home safely ” he responds nervously making both kids blush, as she was about to speak they both hear a car horn and turn to see who it was ”Hey! You guys need a lift ” the person speaking was none other than Lori in vanzilla Oh Boy both kids speak in their mind as both kids walk towards the vehicle ”Lori? What are you doing here? Were you waiting here the whole time? ” he asks with an irritated tone ”Actually Ive been here since four oclock, I knew you would go on enjoying you
e gaming time together, so I thought that I should pick you up, and you
e little friend too ” she replies ”Besides its getting late hop on ” as both kids with no other choice go inside vanzilla, but as Jordan enters Lincoln opens the door for her causing Jordan to giggle at his gentleman like nature ”Oh you! ” she says to him as she enters vanzilla not knowing that Lincoln let her sit on the sweet spot while her sat next to her and soon vanzilla drives off to Jordan home first.

Through the whole ride the air within vanzilla was a silent awkward environment ”So you
e friends with Lincoln? ” Lori asks from the drivers seat Im doomed in Lincolns thoughts ”Yeah I kind of knew him since, well kindergarten. We didn really knew each other at first but we sort of became friends when we were in grade school ” she responds ”Oh well thats nice, I don really see Lincoln hanging out with other girls at school, well besides Stella and the rest of his little band of misfits ” Lori says ”Seriously Lori?! ” he says to her with an annoyed look ”Im just kidding bro! ” she responds as she soon pulls up towards Jordans house ”I had a really good time today Lincoln ” she says to him ”No problem, even if we don hang out much at school much, its nice to actually hang out with you after school days ” he responds to her with I slight blush causing her to also blush ”Well I should get going, see you at school tomorrow ” she says as she gets out of vanzilla ”Yeah see you tomorrow too ” he replies as vanzilla starts to drive off he looks back at the girl waving at them then goes back to relaxing on his seat with a smile on his face ”Well that was interesting ” Lori speaks up, this causing Lincolns smile to form an annoyed frown ”Okay Lori why are you doing this? I thought you left with the others and stayed at the house?! Are they listening in on this? Lisas got cameras in here doesn she? ” he asks with a demanding tone almost like hes ready for a fight and then sees Lori slowing down at a red light, she takes in a deep breath and speaks ” Firstly Linc, Im doing this because I don want you coming home late and getting in trouble from mom and dad, secondly I did leave with the others and no I did not stay back at the house as Ive said earlier when you saw me outside giving you and you
e friend a ride, thirdly no one else is here or listening in and finally there are no cameras in here, I made sure of it ” she answered to his hysterical questions, hearing this calmed Lincoln down back to his normal timid tone ”So you
e not here to meddle? ” he starts asking ”No, I learned that the painful truth way ” she said with a saddened tone making Lincoln feel a little nervous ”Oh, yeah ” ”To be honest when I saw you earlier when me and Jordan were leaving I thought back at the arcade you didn mean what you said and you were just trying to mess with me ” he says this causes Lori to look at him with guilt ”Lincoln what I said was all true, no lies! ” ”Oh sorry I doubted you back there ” he apologizes ”Its okay you
e used to getting hunches about us deceiving you ” she replies and soon the light turns green and vanzilla drives off ”So what happened when you got back home earlier ” he asks ”Well let me put it this way ” she says.


Luna is seen in the Living room tuning her guitar while Lily plays with her teddy bear, then she sees the family van coming and her facial expression turns irritated, vanzilla rolls up towards the loud house driveway with Lori turning off the engine ”everyone inside and upstairs we are having a sibling meeting now! ” she demands as they all bolt out of vanzilla and into the house with Lori following, inside Luna sees them all inside and headed upstairs ”You guys got a lot of nerve to- ” Lori interrupts her ”Upstairs, Sibling meeting now! ” she demands and Luna follows with an annoyed face carrying Lily.

Upstairs all the sisters start talking about what happened with Lincoln and Jordan ”If you ask me he couldve brought to a place with more class ” ”how dare he say all those things about us ” ”her strategy in disrupting our plan was very impressive, perhaps if I get a small DNA sample I can see what makes her cerebellum more tactical ” ”They should ban dog whistles ” soon Luna gets annoyed and speaks up ”Are you all for real dudes! ” they all look at her ”This is why Lincoln didn want anyone to know about this, we always overreact about everything he does, even if its just hanging with a girl whose just a friend! ” she yells ”Well youve got a lot of nerves not to tell us about this whole thing! ” Lola responds ”Im his legal guardian, I didn tell him because I trust him ” she responds back ”Yeah right! If we stayed there longer we couldve fixed it, he should be lucky that we were there otherwise it wouldve been worse ” Lynn says smugly ”I dare you to say luck again you little punk ” she yells ”Oh you wanna go Brit! ” Lynn responds ready to pounce Luna ”ENOUGH! ” Lori yells out ”This arguing is getting us nowhere! ” Lori says ”And Lunas right, we have to trust Lincoln when he does things on his own we just have to there for him when it doesn turn out ” she says making Luna question her choice of words ”You
e taking her side! ” Lola asks ”Yes, I am ” Lori says ”I am too ” says Lucy startling everyone ”So am I ” says Leni ”Same here ” also Luan leaving everyone else stunned Lola then speaks ”But- ” ”No Buts, now everyone else to your rooms now, this house is in lock down no one goes out unless I say so! Does anyone want to object?! ” she asks seeing them all either nervous or annoyed ”Good, now go! ” she says as they all leave for their respective rooms, but then Luna walks up to her ”Why did you agree with me? ” then Lori explains what she and the others overheard from Lincoln and Jordans conversation ”Wow thats harsh, well for some of you ” she says ”Yeah, I didn really know he felt that way or that he already favored some us as his favorite sisters ” she says ”I can blame him, after everything he been through I think he has the rights to say those things ” she says to the eldest and sees her looking more upset, she decides to sit next to her ”Hey its okay, maybe this whole ordeal will help you improve a little bit ” she says reassuringly ”Yeah I guess you
e right. Thanks Lunes ” she says ”Nah dude, thank you for actually understanding ” she says, then Luna has an idea ”You know judging by how long Lincolns gonna be in the arcade, you should go and pick him up later so he won be late and get in trouble with the
ents ” she says to Lori ”Really? Are you sure? ” she asks ”Totally dude, and maybe this could give you two some time to talk about your issues ” she says to her sister and gives her a comforting hug ”Okay Ill do it ” she says

(Present time)

”And thats pretty much to what happened ” says Lori as she finishes up her story ”Wow, that was real nice of you and some of the others for backing up with Luna like that ” he says to her as vanzilla then pulls up towards the driveway, he then step out and looks back at Lori ”thanks for picking me up sis ” ”No problem little bro ” she responds as she walks into the house with Lincoln following behind, he notices the house being quiet (except for Luna jamming on her axe) ”Wow you really did control the whole situation ” he says to Lori who just gives him a reassuring smile as she heads up to her room and soon Lincoln heads to his room until he sees multiple eyes peering from their slightly opened doors making him nervous ”Leave him alone guys! ” Lori yells out from her room causing all the doors to slam shut, this causing Lincoln to relax and head straight for his room before anything else happens as he awaits what will happen the following day.

My concept of this story might seem a bit sloppy, I just don really know, please leave a review.

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