A Story of Eternity

From Bored to Sitting on the Thorns 1

Dane was a warrior but not just a simple one.He was a warrior who reached the peak.After traveling over the world and learning he reached a level that is not possible the comprehend.At least that was what People thought.He is the legendary traveler, a living legend.

Dane arrived a small town.After he look for a while he found the inn of the village.Once he entered a weird smell enveloped him.A boy in his twenties has come out from the door behind the counter and said: ”Welcome sir! ” .Dane put 5 silver coins and said ”I will stay for one day and if possible I wanna bath ”.Boy smiled and yelled: ”Anna! Prepare a bath!We have a guest! ”

This was a small village and it was not on a trade road.So it was understandable that they dont have many guests.Anna came running and gone to upstairs smiling.And she greeted Dane and said ”Please follow me! ”.Dane followed.He was used to camping outside but this region was facing with drought.Last rain season was nearly rainless.That is why there werent any place to bath.Not any river or lake.So he decided to come to this town.Not that he wanted to sleep on a bed.

After Anna left Dane bathed.After we

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