A Story of Eternity

From Bored to Sitting on the Thorns 1

aring his outfit.He left the inn and wandered around the village.He was thinking.He left the town and looked around.He thought about his adventures.Killing dragons to destroying demon camps he had done many unimaginable things for a person.Going thourough such adventures he gained many skills learned many things.He saw great magicians , powerful knights and many others but none of them was able to beat him.Dane 532 years old but young looking adventurer.He looked like 25.Living 500 years was nothing but now he was alone on the peak yet his passion for strenght was still there.He was in a bottleneck for next level.But unlike the previous bottlenecks that one can be passed by training.He thought what it might be.How can he pass it.Sat under a tree and thought.What it might be.He missed his old times.Feeling of the getting stronger but that was a long time ago.He thought remembered his old companions.Remembering about Ryuji his best friend he sighed. ”Sorry Ryuji even time won let me forget you. ”.200 years was not enough.What is time anyway he thought.Then he wondered What is time?Is it possible to rule over time? ”And he started to try bending time.

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