A Story of Eternity

Master of the Mansion

Dane left the town.As he traveling he was trying to solve his new riddle.Time thinking and trying thourugh days he was wondering.Was there way for him to return in time or using time as a weapon?

In his world ,even greatest mages couldn play with time.They were quite busy with magical formula of time but couldn make much progress.

As with thoughts Dane continued to his travel.His adventure for understanding time continued for 42 years.Young looking grandpa at the and passed thourogh the bottleneck.When he did he was in front of a lake at night.Watching the reflection of the stars.As he understood he seperated himself from the time for a moment he felt that time stopped and he looked around.

”So that is it. ” while he saying that he saw a purple light on the grass.Little lightning were formed there.Right after that from the lightnings a black haired woman with a purple detailed dress came out.Dane looked around again.Nothing was moving.Before he continue to think.Woman talked.

”Congratulations for becoming a king.My master wants to congrulate you as well.He invite you to city of Eternity. ”Woman said those without any sincerety.Then spoke again. ”You stopped the time doesn mean that everything stopped.Maybe there isn any here but there are beings independent from time such as I ”

Dane shocked.So shocked that he couldn understand for a while.After he understood he was about to ask but woman didn let him.

”Eternity is the biggest multiuniversal city.I am here to invite you to be a citizen of there ,yes and for last two you will learn there.So are you coming or not?

Dane said ”Ah , yes ”

With that purpla lightnings envelopes the two.

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