A Story of Eternity

Master of the Mansion

ut this is not the greatest.Then what is it? ”.As Dane said this black haired woman said ”Being an immortal of course.Unless a sovereign comes for your head that is.Also call me Jane. ”.As Jane said this she started to walk out to the building.Dane followed her.When they got out Jane said ”You will meet with master.Then I will show you where you will live. ”After she said that they teleported but this time without lightnings.As they arrived the destination Dane has fell in love.Fell in love with the beauty of the mansion in front of him.Simple but beautiful desing was incredible.A mansion which even has a lake.Jane entered as it is nothing.Door opened.Dane followed Jane to a small room.Door opened and Dane saw the room with bookshelves.There was a table in the middle of the room.And at the and Dane saw the master of Jane.As he saw he thought A childe?Maybe I have gone crazy..Boy took a sip from his tea and said while smiling ”Welcome to my humble abode and don worry you are sane yet this city isn a place for sane people. ”As he said he gigled.And with that Dane tried to think nothing.Nothing noooothing.Jane said before leaving ”Good try but if he wants he is able to see your whole past and future.Good luck with your hide
seek. ”.With that Dane gave up and their conversation began.

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