A Story of Eternity

Introduction to Eternity

Dane asked ”Who are you? ” as he asked a couple of thoughts has come too.And boy answered

”I am a high judge of this city.As for how I found you , your talent picked my interest.Also I am much older than you.In this city everyone can choose how they wanna look like. ”.Dane drank the tea in front of him.Those people were able answer his all questions before you ask. Then boy continued. ”Kings is the rank one person reached the stage of being independent from time.Time and time attacks doesn affect kings.But of course they continue to live in timeline.That is the reason you are here.You became a king.As for I am, I am an emperor.Don worry you will learn all those things. ”Boy stopped talking.He waited for to Dane to understand all those things then continued ”You can get stronger and live as you want im Eternity.But being an Eternian is a great privilige.Nothing is free.But I don want something big.If you become a sovereign someday I want you to be on my side.That is all I want.Is this okay? ” As boy said those Dane thought and answered. ”Yes that is acceptable but what will I gain from being on your side? ”.Boy opened his eyes and said ”Who knows?Maybe there will be other ways for you to pay your debt to me.There will be enough time for you to think.Once that day comes you can choose. ”Boy smiled as Dane wondered He doesn expect anything in return???It was impossible for him to stop his thoughts.Dane sighed and said ”Then I will think it when the time comes.Thank you for everything. ”.

”You are welcome.And Congratulations again. ”

with that Dane left.Jane said to Dane wait for her and entered the room.Boy was reading a red book with beautiful carvings.Jane started to laugh as he looked her master ”High judge?Really. ”She was laughing.While laughing she said ”It is not wrong but still I had to hold myself in front of him ”.Boy looked at Jane and said ”He will learn who I am eventually.But if he learns now he will be confused about me and my intentions.When he understand about this city he will think that I want him to become a sovereign and aid me.For him to think that way he won be afraid.As everyone knows unless a sovereign kills no death is exist in Eternity. ”.As Jane found this logic quite good she went to Dane.With that they left the mansion.

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