A Story of Eternity

New Home (Dane\'s PoV)

Welcome to Eternity. Biggest existing city in multiverse.A city that has people from all type of universes. Dragons to elves , humans to mystical beings every type of intelligent beings can be found.

With a population more than 10 trillion sustaining this citys laws should be hard you can think. And that is thanks to System. In this city when you commit a crime system inform the authorities. That way justice sustained that way.

The city is divided to 5 regions.Each region is governed by high sovereigns. In region has areas under the jurisdiction of emperors. And lastly every areas has districts and those governed by kings.

Even though sovereigns have authority the real governer of the city is The Great Libraryor Eternal Library . Library is the place where all history of universes under the control of city. Laws are determined here. For being a part of it you need to be an librarian and librarian are people who has reached a certain knowledge level in at least 3 major areas(like law, medicine , magic etc). Laws determined by the votes of librarians. The heads of the library are Great Librarian and his diciple Great Star of Eternity.

If you are a relative of a citizen or a ranker give you the right to be one ,you can become a citizen.

Also if a universe has completely taken under the control of Eternity, all intelligent beings become citizens of the city.

With its great technology you can even decide to live in a world always sunny.From artifacts to education nearly everything is cheap. Citizenship salary is more than enough to live comfortable.

Even though city is great it can be said it is so secure. That is because of the cold war between cities. There 45 little and 3 big cities in multiverse. Void and Cycle are trying to get down Eternity from its throne. If it weren the most of Eternitians were in great danger because of the lack of security ,a war would have happened.And from that time on Eternity was building its power to beat its opponents without giving a civil casualty. And some says Storm is close.

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