A Story of Eternity

After Dealing With A Child(Jane\'s PoV)

in front of pupils has dissappeared.

”Are you happy now? ”.

I too sighed and said: ”At least you know that I wouldn stop until you give up. As expected of you. ”

”Of course I know. Earrings of Lightning was wrong for your name. Instead of lightning it should be persevearence. Now say how was your day with that child? ”

He gigled as he said.

”It was fine I guess. I don like the deal with children. (Sigh) Just they are so unaware of everything that I don wanna show them the crueltiness of the world. ”

”But he is a little bit old for to be count as child you know. ”

”He is not even thousand years old. Of course he is child. ”

Master rolled his eyes then opened a system window in front of me. In the window there was details of a man and a universe. I knew the person but it was still shocking. And I said:

”You want me to investigate him? ”

”Yes. ” he said nonchalantly.


”If I am going to this mission then my paperwork. ”

”You better finish it before. ” he said smiling.

I looked at him like You are kidding right,right.

After not getting a response I left the room. If you are going to send me a mission at least save me from paperwork you damn dragon.That way I went my lovely but not joyful (because of paperwork) office.

NOTE: Paperwork she means is on the system. She does paperwork on system.

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