A Story of Eternity

Investigating An Admin(Jane\'s Pov)

After I dealt with Dane I directly went to the headquarters. Entered the building and went to the 95th floor. At the end of the day I arrived my favourite space, my office. Changed my appearence to my normal self , controled the how much workload I had and left my dear office.

That **er, I had to deal with a child just because he is interested. Screw it. If it weren the watch that Dane bastard would want me to tell him every little detail about city. At least I managed to leave without erasing him. Whatever I didn said anything make that colosus candidate my enemy.. Arrived at the 99th floor ,passed the large corridor. Stopped in front of masters room and knocked the door. When I knocked it I found myself my master in front of me. I was in his office.

Right behind his table he was looking to system pages. 47 pages was there and every 5 seconds some goes and new one comes. I called him ”Master! ”. And he stopped looking at pages. ”Welcome Jane! ”.

But unlike the morning he wasn smiling. In his pupils there were a blue star symbol. He was overworking himself again..

”I am not overworking. If I don do this then no one will do. ”

I frowned and answered rightaway ”You can find other people to do this job. Maybe they can do as good as you but isn it too risky for you to do this. What if you lose your sanity. Who can stop you then? ”.

He sighed and then stars in front of pupils has dissappeared.

”Are you happy now? ”.

I too sighed and said: ”At least you know that I wouldn stop until you give up. As expected of you. ”

”Of course I know. Earrings of Lightning was wrong for your name. Instead of lightning it should be persevearence. Now say how was your day with that child? ”

He gigled as he said.

”It was fine I guess. I don like the deal with children. (Sigh) Just they are so unaware of everything that I don wanna show them the crueltiness of the world. ”

”But he is a little bit old for to be count as child you know. ”

”He is not even thousand years old. Of course he is child. ”

Master rolled his eyes then opened a system window in front of me. In the window there was details of a man and a universe. I knew the person but it was still shocking. And I said:

”You want me to investigate him? ”

”Yes. ” he said nonchalantly.


”If I am going to this mission then my paperwork. ”

”You better finish it before. ” he said smiling.

I looked at him like You are kidding right,right.

After not getting a response I left the room. If you are going to send me a mission at least save me from paperwork you damn dragon.That way I went my lovely but not joyful (because of paperwork) office.

NOTE: Paperwork she means is on the system. She does paperwork on system.

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