A Story of Eternity

Investigating An Admin(Jane\'s Pov)

nt to the planet where she resides. As I landed I created two clons of mine and each of us took different jobs. First clon will investigate the other managers in admin bureau. Second will track the illegal transactions. And lastly I will investigate the admin. If it weren for the system that wouldn be such a pain. I parted my way with my clons and came to the house of administration known as Palace of Flowers. I was in stealth mode. No one can sense me.. I gigled. Entered to palace. Palace was magnificent with its white structure. I passed the front garden full of flowers and started my investigation.

Everytime I saw the Kaedi, she was either working in her office or was watching the flowers. With her light brown hair and green eyes she was like a beautiful flower. A blue dress with white flower details she was truly the sovereign of flowers. Because of the power difference she couldn sense me but she wasn weak. She was on the verge of becoming a high sovereign.

My first job was looking at the archives. Then I looked at her room and her office. Even the flowers and trees she talked, all had investigated. There wan any evidence so far .Only thing remained is the other officials in admin bureau. I hope she is innocent. If she is I will come to visit her sometime.

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