A Thief In Another World

The Tomb Of Alexander The Great [2]

[ ”There is a sufficiency in the world for mans need but not for mans greed ”

Mahatma Gandhi]


[ ”The tomb of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia and Pharaon of Egypt has been found! Its really a historical finding, don you think so, Mr. Carter? ”]

[ ”Indeed, you are absolutely right, miss? ”]

A conversation was happening on a TV channel.

The small TV was displaying an interview between a journalist and a man who seemed to have been invited to the set.

The bar was bustling with people though it was late at night.

Some people were listening attentively to the TV hanging on a pillar of the hall.

Others were mumbling incomprehensible words. There were doubts they were drunk and depressed.

The majority were speaking lively with each other.

[ ”Ah! Yes, my apologies! I was very excited by the findings. ”]

The woman giggled a little before speaking.

The man near her also smiled.

The people looking at the TV snorted, seeing the man who was doing a bad job ogling the beautiful journalist.

Though the journalist, Jasmine, seemed to be aware of that but didn really show uneasiness. She was a journalist after all.

[ ”Lets start again. Im the journalist responsible for interviewing you, Jasmine Dixon. ”]

She said with a little laugh.

[ ”Im Frank Carter, an archeologist specializing in Egypt. ”]

[ ”Mr.Carter, you and your team found the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great. What are your thoughts on it? ”]

”Ahahah. ”

Frank laughed at her words.

It was a forced laugh…

The men in the bar cringed at that sight.

The journalist was smiling but it was obvious that she felt awkward.

She was really thick-skinned to keep that smile.

[ ”What are my thoughts, huh? Its the biggest discovery of my career so Im really delighted. I have been looking for that tomb for now, it has been 20 years. I was very obsessed with it. We are talking about the greatest conqueror and commander of the world. What he accomplished, 2300 years ago, is simply amazing. It would have been a great loss for humanity to be in the dark about his tomb. Such a man deserves to be shown before the whole world. ” ]

”Hmpf. He may be a conqueror, but how many people died because of him? ”

A man in the bar snorted before gulping down his glass.

[ ”Yes, and you found him. If I may ask, what did you find, exactly? ”]

Jasmine asked in a sly tone.

She doubted if he would answer her, thats why she made sure to lean her body a little. Showing her ample breasts.

Frank Carter grinned.

”That journalist should be in a brothel! ”

”Aahaah. ”

The whole bar, who became surprisingly attentive at the TV, laughed.

[ ”Along the tomb of Alexander The Great, we found several items. ”]

[ ”Items? ”]

[ ”Yes. We found a book written in an unknown language, his personal sword and other things. ”]

[ ”Wow! But isn it strange, the book wasn in any language known? ”]

Jasmine asked confused.

It was strange, since a book from Alexander the Greats era should have been easy to translate.

Franck furrowed his brows at her question.

[ ”Yes, we were also surprised when we saw the strange letters. The sword also had similar letters engraved on the blade. ”]

[ ”Fascinating. ”]

Jasmine nodded, entirely concentrated.

[ ”Ahahah. Don worry, Alexander the Great will be exposed with his treasures in a week. You will be able to see closely. ”]

[ ”Ill be there! ”]

-Clink! Clink!

The sound of a bell chimed inside a bar.


The door closed behind the man.

All eyes turned toward the newcomer curiously.

It was a very young man who seemed to be in his early twenties.

A few drunk women perked their heads up upon seeing the handsome man.

The man swept his eyes around the whole bar before looking at the bartender.

He walked and removed his coat before taking an empty seat.

Putting the plastic bag, he was carrying on another chair, he stared at the barman.

”What do you want, sir? ”

”Its my first time in a bar. ”

The young man replied in a low tone.

He didn seem in a good mood.

The bartender nodded and started preparing.

He was used to new people.

But normally, most of them would try to show off using complicated words.

But who was he?

A barman.

He could recognize the charlatans with one look.

So he was truly surprised to see a rare, honest man.

”Hey, boy, is it a breakup? ”

The man next to the young man asked.

The young man frowned, seeing the middle-aged man elbowing him.

But thinking about something, he sighed.

”I heard this bar was filled with strangers. It was true after all. ”

”Yeah, boy. We are in Cairo! Capital of Egypt. You will not find so many strangers anywhere else than here! ”

The young man swept his gaze around again, ignoring the women waving at him, and indeed there were a lot of strangers. Only a few Egyptians were there.

”I guess… ”

He replied without enthusiasm.


”For the first time. ”

The barman put a filled glass before the young man.

The latter nodded and took the glass with his gloved hands.

He didn even remove his white gloves.

”Cough! ”

”Aahaah! It is always like that the first time, you will get used to it! By the way, Im Baptiste! You can call me Bap! ”

Baptiste slapped the young mans back several times.

The young man wiped his mouth and glared at Baptiste.

”Aiden. ”

”Aiden huh! Nice name! Are you American? ”

Bap asked while drinking his glass.

Aiden shook his head and took a sip.

”My mother is French and my father American. ”

”Woah! Quite a great combination! ”

”They abandoned me and my brother. ”

”Ah… ”

Baptiste fell silent.

He didn know what to say.

He looked at Aiden drinking with a conflicted expression.

”W-Well, you have at least your brother! ”

”He died a few years ago. ”

”… ”

Aiden raised the glass and drank all the contents.


”How much? ”

The bartender who heard the whole story sighed.

He was used to seeing such people with sad backstories in his bar.

It was nothing new.

[ ”350 Egyptian pounds. ”]

Aiden took the bills from his purse and handed them to the bartender.

”Keep the rest. ”

Putting on his coat, he took his plastic bag and walked off.

”… ”

But as he opened the door, he stopped.

He glanced at the TV for a few seconds before leaving.

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