A Thief In Another World

The Tomb Of Alexander The Great [3]

The moon shone brightly in the capital of Cairo.

It was late at night, 10 pm, but the city was still alive.

Cars, bikes and other vehicles traveled on the roads.

Aiden was walking on the pavement of one of the streets. He gathered quite the attention because of his foreign looks, but it didn last long.

Some wanted to talk to him but chose to refrain after seeing the dark ambiance around Aiden.

Aiden ignored them and walked.

After twenty minutes of walking, he reached a huge building.

It was a hotel.

There was no doubt that the hotel was a luxury one. It screamed money just from the outside. On the entrance, it was written on a board,

[Hayat Pyramid Hotel]

Aiden walked without hesitation inside it.

”Sir, please. ”

A man wearing a uniform stopped him at the entrance.

Aiden took out a white card and showed his phone to the man.

”Please. ”

The man bowed slightly and stepped aside.

Aiden entered and headed toward a specific hall.

Inside it several dozens of tables were placed.

Aiden walked out of the hall and reached the balcony.

Tables were also installed there.

Putting his plastic bag on the ground, he sat on the chair.

Taking the menu card on the table, he skimmed the pages.

A few minutes later, a waitress arrived.

She had a little note in her hands.

”Sir? ”

Aiden smiled at her.

”I will take the Shawerma, is it? ”

Aiden asked in an awkward tone, since he didn know how to pronounce it.

The waitress giggled.

”Yes, sir, anything else? ”

She noted down and asked.

”A glass of water, it will be enough. ”

”Of course, sir, it will be ready in ten minutes. ”

The waitress said and left.

Aiden turned his eyes away and tapped on the table with his index finger.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on a coat rack on a corner of the balcony.

It was probably for people wearing coats, hats etc…

Aiden stood up and removed his coat.

He hung it on the empty coat rack.

Frowning, he patted with his right hand his coat.

But with his left hand, he was doing something else.

After a few seconds, he sat back in his seat.

Putting something from his left hand in his pocket, he waited.

”There for you, sir. ”

The waitress brought a plate filled with dishes.

”Thank you. ”

Aiden smiled.

e welcome. Do you need anything else, sir? ”

”No, thank you. ”

Aiden said before putting a few bills on the empty plate of the waitress.

”Thank you. ”

The waitress bowed and left happily.

Aiden took his fork and knife and started to eat.

Ten minutes later, he finished and headed toward the elevator.

He looked at his watch.


Leaning on a wall, he took his phone and looked at some videos.

Ten minutes later, he pressed the button on the elevator.

Entering it, he pressed for the 5th floor.

Coming out of the elevator, he walked slowly.

At one side was a maid walking.

She was pushing a trolley loaded with chemical products.

”Good evening, sir. ”

The maid said.

”Good night would be better. ”

Aiden replied with a yawn.

”Yes, indeed. ”

The maid laughed and continued to push her trolley.

After the maid passed behind him, Aiden took something from his left pocket.

It was a screw.

He flicked the screw with his fingers behind him.


”Ah-! ”

The maid stepped on the screw and lost her stance.

Aiden rushed to the maid and held her by her waist.

”Are you okay? ”

He asked in a worried tone.

”Ah! Y-Yes, thank you very much! ”

The maid replied, flustered in English, but her accent was an Egyptian one.

Aiden nodded and let go of her.

Putting something in the pocket of his coat, he turned around.

”Be careful, miss. ”

He said and walked off.

Arriving at his room, he swiped his card on the magnetic reader.


The LED on it shone green and the door opened.

Entering his room, Aiden took a phone-like device from his coat.

He swiped on the device a few times.

He was looking if there was a camera or any other device to spy on him.

”Nothing. ”

Aiden smiled and put away his device.

This time, he took out his phone.

He immediately dialed a number.

After a few seconds, someone picked up.

[ ”Hey! Aiden! You are quite the actor, man! ”]

It was the same voice of the man who introduced himself to him by the name of Baptiste.

”Shut up and tell me if you drew well. ”

Aiden said, and took a paper from his coat.

When Baptiste elbowed him, he gave him discreetly the paper.

Aiden opened the folded paper.

On it were dozens of empty rectangles drawn.

But one of them was crossed in red.

[ ”It is! Believe me, Frey! ”]

Freys expression turned annoyed at Baptistes words.

”The next time I see you, I will cripple you, Charlie. ”

[ ”Scary! Okay, Aiden. Then when are you going? ”]

”Now. ”

A smile formed on Freys face.

It was a slightly twisted smile…

”I will make a lot of money. ”

[ ”You know, you are going to steal a national treasure. If you are caught- ”]

”I will not. No one has caught me since I started four years ago and no one will ever. ”

[ ”You are really money-grubbing. Four years ago, you weren that arrogant and cheeky. Don forget thanks to who- ”]

”Yeah, yeah, whatever. ”

Frey cut off Charlie and sat on his bed.

”You will have your share as well, so stop annoying me with that every year. The great Alexander will make us rich. ”

Frey said before slumping on his bed.

If there was a smile typical for thieves, then he was currently wearing that smile.

[ ”Yeah, hope God will forgive our sins. ”]

”Don try to act like a good bad guy, Charlie. Moreover, that guy, Carter, was it? He is the biggest ass*ole since he is the one who profaned his tomb. Though Im grateful to him as I will be a millionaire thanks to him. ”

[ ”You are only thinking about money… ”]

Charlie said in an exasperated tone.

”Im wrong? Money is everything, Charlie… ”

Freys voice lowered in the end.

A figure appeared in his mind but Frey shook his head.

”I have to go. ”

[ ”He-! ”]


Breaking his phone, he removed the SIM card from it and broke it as well.

Then he took out a box from his plastic bag.

Using his room card, he cut the tape, closing the box.

He opened the box and took out the new phone.

He switched on the phone and put in a new SIM card.

Then he put his broken phone and SIM card in the plastic bag.

He hung his black bag on his shoulders and walked to the entrance of his suite.

Looking at his room, one last time, he put his gloved hand on the doorknob.

He took his device and pressed a button.

Opening the door, he glanced stealthily at the camera.

The red LED was no longer there.

He immediately ran and climbed down the stairs to the third floor.

He again pressed some buttons on his device to deactivate the camera on the third floor.

Rushing in the corridor, he arrived at the room [37].

Then he swiped the card he stole from the maid on the magnetic reader.

He put on a mask and opened a small bottle he took from his pocket.

Emptying the bottle in a small bowl, he headed toward the bedroom.

”Ah~! Faster!! ”

”Im on it! ”


Frey frowned after hearing the strange sound inside the room.

He ignored the moans and put down the ball inside the room.

The couple inside seemed very concentrated on their activity so, they didn notice the door opening slightly.

Taking a lighter from his pocket, he brought it above the bowl.

Soon, smoke started to come out of the liquid.

Frey closed the door and waited.

Two minutes later, the moans stopped and Frey entered the room.

Ignoring the weird smell and the naked couple on the bed, he started to look around the room.

Soon his eyes fell on a bunch of keys.

He removed a single key from the bunch and put it in his pocket.

Then he put the bowl, bottle, mask and lighter in his plastic bag.

He also made sure to remove any traces of his passage in the room.

Opening the door of the suite slightly, he took a glimpse.

Confirming that no one was there, he took the stairs.

With the same carefulness, he went back into his room.

Taking back his device, he reactivated the cameras of the fifth and third floors.

”Ah… ”

Sighing, he took a bottle of water from the kitchen and drank.

He made sure to not put his mouth while drinking.

Putting the bottle in his plastic bag, he wiped his mouth.

”Now. ”

He put on a gentle smile and opened the door.

He took the elevator and went to the reception of the hotel.

”May I help you, sir? ”

The receptionist asked.

”Yes, I would like to extend my stay and with the same room. ”

Frey replied with a smile.

”Please, wait sir. ”

The receptionist typed on her keyboard and looked at her computer.

Soon, she turned toward me with a complicated expression.

”My apologies, sir. Your room has already been reserved. ”

”I see… ”

”If you want, we can prepare another room like your previous one. ”

”No, its okay. I will find another hotel. ”

Frey shook his head.


Accepting the result.

”Its a nice hotel, I will rate it highly. ”

”I-Im sincerely sorry sir. ”

The receptionist said in a guilty tone.

”Then, goodbye. ”

”Thank you for your stay. ”

Frey nodded and left the hotel.

”Too easy. ”

Smiling, he searched for a particular bike in the hotels parking lot.

Turning on his new phone, he installed a maps app.

Entering the app, he chose the vocal button instead of typing the address.

He smirked and opened his mouth.

”Museum of Egyptian Antiquities ”

Starting the vehicle, he left.

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