A world with desire

A demon in angel\'s disguise

He said don cry in a loud voice and said ”your every tear must be for me ”.

While thinking that he can even leave a cat alive a living human how can they be able to survive in his hands so I stopped my work because I was worried about my hidden force which I loved the most they were my men I was still crying he rushed towards me and started slapping me to the point where my mouth got all swollen up when he saw my tears are not stopping, he tied me to bed and started hitting me with that whip that he was holding all the time.

The only thought I had in my head was how bad he wouldve treated my family.

He hit me that much that my body was unable to take it. My body was drenched in blood I fainted right away.

When I opened my eyes and as soon as I hold back my senses, I saw he was sleeping next to me while hugging me.

He was looking just as if he was an angel but he was the real demon in angels disguise.

Then I looked at myself I was wrapped in bandages.

When I touch my head I found out that there was bandage on my head too I get to the conclusion that he did hit me on my head too while looking at him I tried to get my hands on his mobile while I was trying he opened his eyes and said what are you doing?

I looked at him with fear he got up and he had his eyes on my hand which was on his mobile that I was unable to pull back due to fear he told me if you want a mobile tell me I can get you one but trying to touch my mobile sneakily this will only increase my fury.

I looked at him with sorry eyes he kissed me on my fore head and said I am going to give you two news which one you want me to tell you first I said a bad one he said why bad one?

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