A world with desire

More like beasts

When my mother opened eyes, I was nowhere to be founded and I was missing she looked at the flour that had nothing on it she felt like maybe it is a dream but it wasn it was a real life nightmare.

Looking at how fearful she got when a doctor came and raped her than tied her to the bed nobody came to see her for a whole day so she tried to open herself up.

She successfully opened her hands and freed herself than she ran away when she was running people were looking at saying ”look she is the one in the video having sex with a doctor after her husband death maybe she is a murderer ” she ran and ran even more faster than she got hit by a car she crawled on the ground and then took help of a pole to get up from the road.

As soon as she got up, she was so drenched in blood that all her effort went in vain when she fainted.

A good person took merci on her and took her to the hospital but she was so unfortunate she got back to that place from where she was running away.

The same doctor told that men she is his patient in unconsciousness my mother heard those words after that she don know how she get inside a ward where there was nothing but dark and one light bulb making effort to brighten the room the walls were dirty from the blood of people that became the hunt of those hunters in doctors uniform.

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