She found herself tied to a stature and a man came he tore her clothes and raped her for few minutes than he told four other people to join him they raped her to the point where she fainted again.

When she opened her eyes again, she felt so much pain because her whole body had several deep cuts which could show how she got under bad hands she got electric shocks for trying to run away I don know how she endured with it.

It was not easy. She came back home which was not home any more she saw my siblings sitting on the road begging for money and there was a tag attach to the home that it was open for sale.

When she looked at my siblings, they had hatred in their eyes and it hurt her that much she was thinking that she didn know she will face them all her life.

My elder brother slapped her on her face and told her to get lost she went to many places where they can take her as worker but she got denied by every place and I was still missing.

She did everything to earn money as she wanted to find me but got no trace. Nothing at all the hope she had in her heart after what happened to her the hope also faded with time. She had no other choice but her last words were

”I can endure it my baby your mom loves you from the deepest point of her heart please for me become someone all the world bow to whom ”.

I saw a newspaper after years that she hanged herself to the highest point and had suicide. But I only saw just a news I didn know what happened to my mother and i don believe in rumors I know she is alive.

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