A world with desire

Always in accordance with his desire

I am a well-known business person known as Zayn in the world. I am husband of a well-known business partner who is my wife and my biggest helper in solving my mothers case for me as well and I am happy in my life now that she is with me.

Few years ago, I got curious after watching the news at that time I was sitting in lap of my adoptive father who was a rich trader and also, he was hungry for my body he was the one who was after everything that happened to my family.

I saw a newspaper he told me don look at a bitch like her. I told her to not marry him but she was too stubborn I knew she will kill herself in the end. I looked at him and he kissed me then said look at me and when I looked in his eyes, he had no fear in those eyes he tied me to bed like always and then he started doing something I can say.

I felt pain and I felt my blood rushing towards my brain. He was enjoying it looking at me that I had fear in my eyes but I was that butterfly which could be teared up by human any moment and she is helpless that she can do anything against it and can save herself.

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