A world with desire

He has no humanity

When his desire vanished, he freed me saying have a good day be obedient if you want something or want to do something do it but don run away, I am going out of country for my work.

I listened to him and then I came down stairs looking at the women in newspaper I don know why tears started dropping down my eyes and down the cheeks.

I felt familiar while watching her I didn know she was my mother. I was told from the start I am fathers girl I got adopted by him and that I have no parents.

I got my connection too after staying with father. So, I contacted them one by one saying to not inform anyone not even my father.

In few days I got information while sitting in my secret room and I got to know what happened back than and at that time I was only 16 so I didn know what to do neither did I get full information as it was hidden by adoptive father nor the diary.

I just get to know that she was my mother and my father is dead. I still got no information of my siblings.

My adoptive father soon arrived I had my own spies but apart from them there were his spies also the information got out that I have been out of the mansion too much and that I go to amusement park every day.

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