A world with desire

A demon in angel\'s disguise

He came back while I was not at the mansion as soon as I arrived back home he slapped me he was holding a whip in his hand and I was trembling because I didn know what hes gonna do to me?

He tied my hands with a rope but the rope was too long so I didn had the idea of what is he gonna do to me he pulled me with a rope like a dog owner pulls his dog in fury but he pulled me with a lot of force and he pulled me all the way upside the stairs to the room where he opened the rope and threw me on the bed my body was continuously trembling and with a trembling voice I asked what happened papa why are you angry did I make a mistake.

He slapped me and came closer he kissed me and then he said I am gonna make you something that you can imagine but that has a long way to go right now I am angry because I get to know you made a friend.

I looked at him with a thought in a mind but my mouth was spouting words that the friend I made was a cat she was a mother means a cat mother and her kittens he looked at me with eyes full of anger and he said I killed them and he showed me the pictures.

As I looked upward, I saw how terribly he killed those innocent animals tears started falling down he said don make a friend again.

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