A world with desire

A demon in angel\'s disguise

I replied because when I will listen a bad news first it will make me sad and when I will listen to good news it will remove my sadness and will give me a bit of happiness Thats why, I asked of you to tell me the bad one first.

He chuckled and hugged me he said you really are a good choice of mine as innocent as a baby can we call you naive? he asked and looked towards me i was dumfounded then he said and I like you too much due to the presence of this fact in you.

I was amazed that he really like me for this.

He kissed me and said the bad news is that it will hurt you a lot to the point you will like to be dead and the good news is that your body will heal faster, you will run faster, you will gain power and you will be able to transform into two more forms of gender also.

Tell me what are your feelings about it? I said but why me? I don want any of this to happen to me.

He replied if you agree or not my hidden underworld doctor force will use this experiment on you and I am doing this because if it gets a successful result, I will tell them to do it to me too which in turn will increase my fear in the hearts of people in this city and they will obey my every order.

He laughed in a very terrible way like a maniac I was scared of what he was gonna do to me.

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