A world without men

1 : let me see this world

While I was still in moms belly, she always complained, why was she able to have sex with that man if she just got pregnant,

She also always beat her big belly to make me die, but she was also afraid of killing an innocent child,

so she hurts herself by drinking something, she even tried to poison her life.

When shes alone at home she tried many different ways to kill herself, when she was holding a type of poison, her hand was shaking as if someone was telling her not to take her life and my life.

Fortunately, during those days, grandma came home to check on moms condition, and she was right because mom was about to take some kind of poison.

Grandma immediately grabbed it to get the poison and slapped mom hard.

”what the hell Sawako! even a child who knows nothing, you will not give a chance to see our world ” said grandma while slapping mom again and again.

”Mom, I can , I don know what to do, I don know if I can raise him alone ” while moms voice trembled with tears.

”tell me the truth Sawako, did he say that if you give birth to your son, he will kill you both ” grandma stopped slapping mom. Mom just looked at grandma and she couldn say a word,

even though she was able to look into grandmas eyes, she couldn avoid looking in another direction.

Grandmas suspicion connected, thats why my mom was scared if she let me live freely.

My grandma was right, so she hugged mom tightly and decided to leave our country. Its not like Im bragging that we are rich, so when grandma found out about that, she quickly made a passport so she could leave in our country.

Grandma will come too. Since we have money, moms passport process was quick. from our country, we went to Japan.

It is a rich country and my father will be having difficulties coming here, before he even sees me his money will run out.

I don even know if my father is a rich man, because they don mention anything to me.

A few months ago I was born in an expensive hospital in Japan, and my moms giving birth was successful.

We live here in a remote area, far from the capital of Japan. Our house is surrounded by big trees, in the middle of a jungle.

We had a good life with no distractions, and our daily meals were uninterrupted, but Sawako-san did not want me to feel the rich way.

She just wants a simple life, so Sawako-san rejects nice clothes, cars, and jewelry. Grandma also sometimes visits to say hello to me as well as Sawako-san.

Our house now is just right for two people, a small living room, cramped kitchen, and our bedroom is on the second floor. Typical Japanese house.

6 years later I am already six, I haven left my home just in the jungle world I live in.

One day when grandma came to us she had an envelope and she gave it to Sawako-san, before Sawako-san took it grandma asked her if she was ready.

This was the first time, that she directly gave it to Sawako-san, sometimes they even went to Sawako-sans room to talk.

Sawako-san took a deep breath before taking the envelope and sitting on our couch, calling me over and having me sit on her lap.

While she was opening an envelope her hand was shaking so I held it to ease the fear she was feeling.

She smiled at me while caressing my head. Sawako-san was ready to read the envelope she was holding.

After a few minutes of reading, she smiled at me and said.

”son, until I grow old I will not leave you. Even if you have a family of your own I will not leave you, so promise me when you grow up you will not leave me either ” she said with tears coming out of her eyes.

These days I just nodded and hugged Sawako-san, I also can deny that Sawako-san is beautiful, with an age of 28 years old, her E cup breast, silver hair that reaches her ass, and her nose is like a foreigner, she is also tall like a model.

The color of her body is like snow. Seven years later we still don leave our house, even though Sawako-san is at home always, in my 13 years here, my playground was the vast forest.

We have no neighbors, our light is only solar, but we are not poor either, we live a happy life, Im not even fond of gadgets, Im just books and mom herself teaches me. But, I can get rid of the bad

While Im growing my relationship from my Sawako-san is even harder. One night Sawako-san caught me doing something with her…. she didn get mad at me and she says it was natural to a boy.

To prevent that incident from happening again, she gave me a promise that I could not refuse, that is at my right age, she, herself will give me what I want to know…

So I didn repeat that, I knew Sawako-san was just lying because I was just a child, but I would also understand it at the right time and the right place, but this is the right time.

Grandma is also forcing Sawako-san to send me to a university, but Sawako-san is not willing to leave here. She just wanted me by her side,

she didn miss my needs, except for gadgets. When it comes to lessons, she doesn treat me like a child, but like a student, she is strict with me, every time I do something wrong, I get an angry voice from her.

She will just be a mother after our lessons, she will apologize to me and hug me. Sawako-san is always like this, so grandma just decided to give me an exam.

If I can pass it, she won force mom. In th

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