While walking my mom is in front of me, I put the big basin on my head, her moving ass, my mom loves wearing her white skirt until her leg, and this is the reason why I love her. When the air sneezed her skirt is dancing.

Showing her ass, at first, she was wearing panties, but right now, I can see her ass, her bare ass with no panty. Seeing her ass my dick celebrate, this is the time again to feel my mom.

I take a big step, enough to reach her ass, the wind is on my side, her skirt is dancing, her two ice mountains bouncing ass, as she moves the snow on her ass is falling.

She bent slightly and tried to pull down her skirt to cover her pussy, before she do that, I dropped the basin and put it down to my left. Im just behind her, and I pull down my shorts to show her my dick.

Heer moving ass, I lifted my foot, without hesitation I pressed my dick to her ass, my dick goes to her pussy, because my mom is tall, my dick slip to her ass and goes to her pussy.

My dick is kissing her pussy, Sawako moves her ass slightly, enough to rub her pussy to my dick.

”Mom, can I? here, just a little of our time, I want again ” I place my hands on her belly to push her into my dick.

My mom doesn want to do this, she pushes me using her ass and face at me, her eyes are still sad, the way she act to Yukina earlier like she was just forcing herself to act.

”Im tired, let me rest for a while, after we wash these blanket, you can do what you want to me ” Her tired eyes, she have an eye bag, this is the first time I saw this to my mom, at 7 or 8 pm she already sleeping, but last night I think she sleeps 11 pm???, no.

I thought she is mad at me or jealous, I hope not.

I smiled at her, and we continued, just minutes we already reached the river, a silent flow of water and some fish, we go to the right, as we walk I can see the falls, behind this falls there is a small cave, and my dream is to sit there when my mom is on top of me.

We reach the washing place, side of the river, just a few steps, the water is there and my mom step and she sat on a small stone, as she sat the water wrapped her lower body, but I can see, the water is clear. Her skirt is floating as if her skirt teasing my dick.

My mom said, if we finish this, I can do what I want to her, moreover we are alone here, even my mom moan loud no one can hear her voice.

For my lust, I quickly sat in front of my mom near on the smooth alive rock behind me, and throw the blanket and bed cover, her clothes, her panty, and mine, As I throw the cover bed the strong smell of her cum and my cum went to my nose.

My mom noticed too, the smell of her cum, she looked at me and she smiled, her smile, I want to change her smile with her lewd smile. To make it happen, I wash like a flash… tat! tat! tat! tat! tat! taaat! 10 minutes we are not still done, my eyes focusing on her skirt, just a little her pussy is there.

My mom calls me and she waves her hand. She said not yet, I turn my back to her to focus on this blanket, tat! tat! tat! 15 minutes passed we are already done, I carry the big basin to the path going to our house and quickly go back, but my mom is gone,

I looked around she is not here, oh there she is near the waterfalls, as I run I take off my dress and shorts, my mom, is waiting for me to eat her again, but my bad luck is here, a familiar voice I heard, I quickly grab my short to wear it again.

This voice, yeah there is no one here except Yukina, I turn my head to see Yukina, she was still wearing her school uniform, I want to cry, my dream to hear my mom moan behind the falls become a dream again, hearing her moan and the waterfalls are made her mood better.

My moms favorite is the sound of nature, if mom hears the raindrops in our house she relaxes, in here, the song of birds and the relaxing water are the best spots to make her feel good.

My mom walked towards Yukina when she passed me she said next time honey! and they walk.

Yukina held my moms hand and she pulled her to go home, Im just watching them, I thought my dream will come today but still a dream, I walked with a defeated face.

No, I don need this defeat! defeat!

I stand straight and push my chest up, followed by, yes this is nothing, this is nothing. I have a chance its not like this is the end. I take a deep breath once blow,

I pick the basin and put it on my head and chase them, Yukina become clingy to my mom, and she pick the yellow flower and gave it to my mom.

”oka-san! oka-san! here, my gift to you ” Her smile is shining as if she came back to her childs time 6 years???.

My mom smell the yellow flower and she smile when Yukina saw my moms smile she hug her tightly.

I thought Yukina is sleeping, she already sleeping like a baby or the mosquitoes bit her while sleeping.

Watching them like mother and daughter, my mind went crazy, yes my imagination want to burst.

A few minutes passed my house is in my view now, my mom and Yukina went inside, and before my mom closed the door, she told me to hang up the laundry.

I hang the clothes in front of the house while hanging the laundry, I noticed inside of the house become silent, I thought they will playing something, but I just ignore this silence and continued with what I do.

”Okay Im done, I hope they are sleeping, this is my chance to make a move ” I walked towards the door.

Before I open, I realize that I forgot to ask Yukinas age but we are the same height, well, I just asked her if she have free time.

Twisted the doorknob, I heard a weak laugh, to know where it comes from, I push the door and walked once take off my slipper.

A small step, I looked to my left where our living room, no there is no one here, to my left is our kitchen, they are not here too, so I walked straight to go upstairs,

With the laugh I heard from my moms room, I walk silently and slightly open the door to peek, oh…

My mom tickled Yukina, her face, how cute these two were, even I want to steal my mom, for my Yukina, I will let her stay to my mom, I hope Yukina is sleeping with me tonight.

The sleepiness, my sleepiness visit me again, yawn… okay while my mom busy, I take a nap, as I walk Yukinas laugh become moan, I would like to see them but my sleepiness eats my body. I keep yawning.

I think my mom pokes her yawn… my door is open, my body wants to sleep so I let him rest for now, Im still a human, last night is my first rough sex, someday, I will prepare my body for one 1-day sex.

Their noise, Yukina is not laughing anymore, did they nap too???. I lay on my bed before I closed my eyes I look first at my clock on my small table which is on my left. 9 am, its too early, just a little nap, I will wake up at 2 pm, okay…




Oh opened my eyes, no, my eyes still closed, I tried to open my eyes but the dark all I can see, did my vision leave me?, or Im blind???, ** shit, I hope not, I want to see my mom, oops! I forget I have a mask for my eyes.

How idiot I am, I lift the mask but still dark, at this time I thought Im already blind but not, its already night, my mom didn turn on my lamp, I think she is sleeping too.

I used to my bed, I sat on my bed and walk left more than three steps and straight, this is my door, I open the door my mom is on her door too, she closed her door and mine too. My mom didn see me, she go straight downstairs, her worried face, I can see on her face the problem she have.

Did Yukina tell something to my mom??? I peek at the wall stairs and called my mom, she just stares at me. Im right something is bothering her mind, if she saw me, she would smile or wave but she just stare.

Im worried too, so I run to her, I almost slip, but this is nothing.

”Mom did something happen??? ” I held her hand.

She just stares, her mind is floating, this is bad, While holding her hand, I pull her under the stairs which is our bathroom is there.

If we tried to have sex to our own room, my grandma noticed that we are doing something.

”Mom! ”

She was awake now, she smiled at me and bit her lip, I open the door to the bathroom and sat on the toilet bowls and I unzip my zipper to show the angry dick.

My mom carried the solar lamp place to the front door and she sat on my lap.

”mom! ” I can see her face, her face is covered by her shadow and her silver hair, I push her head to mine to kiss her, my lust this morning came thrice.

”Did you miss me??? ” she kissed me again while kissing she is rubbing my dick into her pussy, these feelings were still heaven.

”Mom, right now and to another year, don wear any panties ”.

”my son, rub my nipple and suck them, I want to cum, Im not w— ” She hugged me tightly. As she rubbed the tip of my dick into her pussy, I push my ass to insert my dick into her.

”Im not wet yet, don move ” she tried to lift her ass, but I thrust my dick, she was already wet, and I can feel her wet pussy.

”mom sorry! ” I used her weight to push her pussy to my dick.

”stop! stop!! ” I can hear the lewd noise we made, her ass is bouncing, as I thrust hard my dick, she hugged me tightly, she is cumming, Im right she is masturbating earlier, but why she is worried?

”Stop, Im sensitive, my my… I said stop ” she bit my neck.

”why, mom Im not cumming yet ”

”d-don lie, you cum three times ” my mom is panting, her heavy voice.

She take a deep breath and spoke.

”my son, first, I need some strength tomorrow, your grandma is here, I don want to face her like a dry plant, after that, I will visit you at night, yes we will sleep tomorrow night ” She kisses my cheek.

I don have a choice if this is for my grandma.

”Okay, mom can you stand up?, if you make me pull my dick in your pussy, I can not control my dick to feel good ”

My mom lift her ass, as she lifted her ass, my dick want to follow but for my plan, I will bear this.

Our cum is dripping to her thigh. She stares at me.

She told me too to take a bath with her, I take a bath with her but we just bathed, none other, we talked for a while and go to our own rooms.

The morning came, I heard outside of our home, this is the voice of a man, my eyes widened, thats why my mom worried last night, I think this is her man, I quickly got up and run to the door, when I open the door, my heartache, my world stop, my mom is holding another man, I pinch my cheeks if this is a dream, its hurt, this is reality. I tap hard on this mans hand to let go of my mom and I held my mom tightly.

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