When my grandma closed the door, I rubbed my dick to her pussy behind her.

Her thigh and her wet pussy, squeezing my dick, I pushed back and forth, again I cum.

As I cum I hug her tightly and my cum splattered on her skirt while she squeezed my dick with her thigh and her wet pussy…

”Mom, can I? ” my dick is beating on her warm pussy.

Her right-hand place on my ass.

”There is something wrong with me, My mom told me something that I can accept, I don want that to happen, pls let me forget what she said to me ” She rubbed the tip of my dick on her pussy.

I almost cum when she rubbed my dick, this is still sensitive, I held her hand on my dick.

”Wait…I… can you tell me?… okay if you don want to say, then lets forget the reality, forget everything. Mom, I want you to focus on my dick, don think what she said to you, I don want you to think something while we are doing this. ”

She turned to me, her breath, I kiss her, she let me kiss her, now we are ready to forget who we are.

”Mom, I want to give you ” I lift her skirt on her ass, to see her pussy, oh my god, my cum, her cum, her pussy was so wet.

I point my dick to her pussy, my dick kiss again her wet meaty pussy, without hesitation, I pushed my dick inside of her pussy.

She pushed her ass towards my dick, her heavy breath, and her faint moan, hearing this my dick is going crazy. Just like before, Im not completely inside of her, I cum again… her pussy was so tight, my dick is going to melt, I pushed again my dick is already inside of her, half of my dick is inside of her.

”my son, slowly… Im not leaving, my mom is still outside, my voice she might hear my voice if you thrust your d–d-.. slow… honey ” she bent at 90 degrees, this is easy to penetrate her pussy, as she moves, inside of her pussy is like moving too, it squeezing my dick,

I cum again, how many times I cum again, but this, this is so amazing, this is heaven for me. I held her two arms to pull her pussy towards my dick.

”Mom, count 1 to 5, I want to insert my dick fast ”

Sawako takes a deep breath, inhales, and exhales, once blows her breath.

”o-okay, one, tw—- ” She faces the ceiling and her mouth wide open and her tongue is like she licking her chin, her saliva is dripping.

I quickly inserted my dick into her pussy, her tight pussy, my dick, is inside of her pussy right now, Im not a virgin anymore, not whole but my dick, Im inside of her pussy.

I cum a bucket inside of her pussy, as I cum I pull her hands towards me, cause to moan her and she cum too, we cum at the same time.

If I move, just putting my dick in her pussy, it made my dick going to melt, I feel Im going to pass out, these feelings are new to me, something, something I can tell. The best feelings ever, I want her pussy to stay in my dick forever.

”S-son, I told you, do– ” I pushed my ass and pull her hands, I cum again, how, this is so **ing good.

Mom, vision goes to the door, my grandma came back.

”my son, m mom is coming back, you need to pull your d-d-dick to my p-p- ” mom stands again, quickly, when she stands, her pussy squeezing my dick, cause to cum again, my cum, her womb is full of my cum, its dripping in her thigh.

Sawako cum again, I can feel her ass pushing me backward.

”son, pull your d— ” grandma twist the doorknob to open the door.

”Mom, we don have enough time, grandmas hand is already at the door knob, if she pushes the doorknob, she can see me **ing you, but I don want to pull my dick in your pussy ” I said while moving my ass back and forth, my dick is still inside of her. I place my hands on her belly

Her faint moan is addicting, she quickly grabs her coat hanging on the wall She uses this to cover her front. Grandma opens the door and she peeks.

”Are you two still hugging… did you tell him Sawako what I said to you?… by the way my umbrella is here? I forgot my umbrella ” Grandma looked at the coat moms holding.

”my son, did you see my umbrella ” she just looking at my moms coat.

I can take it anymore, I want to push my dick badly.

”Grandma, you don have an umbrella when you came here, did you forget again ” I hope she didn notice my semen, my moms semen dripping on her thigh. There is semen on the floor too.

I can tell, Sawako cum too, seeing her mother, while inside of her pussy have a dick, most of all this dick is her son, of course, her body will arouse more. Add, I move slowly, enough to make her cum.

”is that so.. ahahah, your grandma is forgettable, thats why Im counting you Sawako, I need your answer tomorrow, tell me your decision, okay… bye my son ”

She closed the door then left, I can take it, this is so paking good, my throbbing cock, her tight become tight again, her inside is rubbing my dick.

I would pull my dick but grandma came back,

”Sawako, I forget to tell you, tomorrow, you are going with me to the city, okay, bye ” Grandma closed the door, then left immediately.

I don know why my moms going to the city, but, means, she will leaving in this house, in our own world.

If she leaves, my time to her, no, don tell me, my grandma planning to introduce my mom to another man, for our company, yes just like me, she will be married again, if that happens shes not mine anymore.

”Mom, are you going to leave me? ” I pull my dick into her pussy, cause to came her moan and my cum in her pussy. I stand in front of her.

”my son, theres something important I need to tell you, promise to me, don be mad at your grandma okay ” her tears drip on her cheeks.

Thats right, thats why shes feeling down earlier before she leave, she gave her body to me today, as a parting gift, why, why she didn tell me.

”my son, if you let me ex— ” I place my shoulder on her belly once lift her.

I carried her to her room, she was not that heavy, she really care about her body, her smooth skin, her long silver hair, her long legs is mine, mine only, yes she is my mom, but I want her, I will not let anyone put their flag to my mom.

I already plant my flag to her, even for my grandmas company, I will not let her steal my mom.

”wait, I need to ex– ” I put her down on her bed.

She was sitting on her bed, I raised her long legs, enough to see her pussy, but her skirt, I would lift her skirt, but she lifts it, her gaze at me like shes telling me Im her girl today.

She lay on her bed, her dripping cum on her pussy, just earlier my dick is inside this pussy.

”Mom, forget everything, and me too ” I put her feet on her bed, and I pressed her thigh against her bed to see her wide wet pussy, her flexible body made me want to do something, my grandma told me she was good at gymnastics, thats why …

Her spread leg, dripping cum, I let go of her thigh and spread her pussy, gulp, I remember my feelings earlier,

without hesitation, I licked her pussy, I insert my tongue in her pussy and lick around, I licked like I insert my mouth in the hole of the bottle.

Her thighs are squeezing my cheeks and she holds my moving head licking her pussy. She pressed it on her pussy, I don know how to lick her pussy, I just licked her like Im licking ice cream. well, this is effective, she keeps moaning.

Her cum or this is my cum, I can taste her cum, after I lick her pussy, I lay on top of her and I kiss her, her cum, she licks my tongue, as my dick is kissing her pussy.

”Mom, I want you to sit in my lap ” her eyes, she wants me to mess her inside.

I lay on her bed and she sat on my lap, she undress her clothes, everything, completely naked, then she sat on my lap.

she rubs her pussy, rubbing her pussy to my dick, as she rubs her pussy I fondle her moving breast, every time she moves it follows her.

Shes ready to eat my dick, I don want to think about my grandmas message.

”Mom, I want your breast, last time I suck your breast while you are sleeping, and your pretty face, your hand and your breast, your body, every inch of your body, I want her, pls don go to another world, stay here with me ” she just stared at my eyes, after that she hold my dick, she guided it to her pussy.

My dick is inside of her pussy again, the special thing is, she was the one who is moving, thinking this my cum wants to come out.

”My son, what will you do if I leave you ” as she said, she insert my dick into her pussy, and she use her weight to eat my dick.

I want to answer first but, her pussy is in my mind, I lift my ass quickly enough to penetrate her pussy, my whole dick is inside of her. Her cum, she cum, I cum too, once again we cum at the same time.

I slowly put my ass on her bed, her cum is dripping while my dick is inside of her pussy. She lay on my top, and as she move her pussy tightened.

Her breast, I can feel her hard nipple on my chest. My hips move his own, every time I thrust my dick, her cum squirted everywhere, my cum keep coming in her pussy, it feels my cum is not decreasing.

”Son, ah….slow down, …Im still a p… ahhh…. if you continue like… that….anytime, I will pass out ” her lewd grown-up moan, made my dick hard, hard than hard, add the lewd noise of my dick and her pussy eating each other.

I keep thrusting my dick in her pussy, my dick, I feel it becomes big, is this because of her…

I hug her tightly, and my cum comes again. As I cum she bit my neck, and she cum too.

I know the girl should not come more, but she, she cum many times. How many times did she cum. Sawako was tired, her heavy moan breath, I slowly pull my dick to her pussy, my cum flowed on her pussy

”Im not done yet ” I lay her, and her exhausted body. Her hair, her pretty face, I want to ** her until morning.

In a flash, my dick was inside of her pussy again.

”wait, Im still sen—- ” I keep thrusting and beating her pussy.

”Mom! Mom! Mom! mom! ” I keep **ing her, I tried many different positions, she kept moaning, even she tired, her cum flowing, the noise of her hips, the voice of her rejection, her moving breast, her lusty eyes, her lewd moan, the sounds of her hips, the sounds of her lewd pussy, everything about her, is out of this world, my mom, I **ing my mom, right now, today, we are having sex.

hour passed, and Im not done yet, but Im exhausted, her bed is full of her cum and my cum, she does not have strength anymore, she just laying on my top, while my dick is inside of her pussy.

”l e t m e r e— ” I cum again, she cum too, but she doesn have enough strength to move, or make a lewd moan.

It was already night, my stomach is growling, even my moms stomach but we don have strength, my mom fell asleep, I just let her sleep on my top, but my dick was still hard, still inside of her pussy, my eyes closed on his own, I fell asleep, while my dick inside of her pussy.

morning came, a new female voice outside of our house, my mom still on my top, when I woke up my dick is still hard.

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