I have good news from my mom, grandma is not here, Im lucky today, I will tell her my plan, I hope she helps me.

While walking to our stairs, my plan keeps coming, Im telling to myself, this will work, I will push myself to work this plan.

My plan is simple, I will ask my grandma what she wants, If I can give it to her I will do it, If I can , two of us will leave here and we live with my friend.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I turn myself to my left, this is my moms room. Her door was open, did she go out?

I quickly approached her door, if my fiance see her while she is naked, my life will not end, Im not gonna lie, I like my fiance, I want her, its not like she looked like my mom because I can see on her face, the face of her own.

I didn go inside my moms room, I just peek to see if she was inside, when my head passes her door, she grabbed my hand and she pull me inside, she was leaning on her wall, waiting for me to come in.

Her eyes, have tears, I think she cried, she was still naked, I didn mean to leave her earlier, I just want to save our precious time we spent here, if grandma was here, she will notice we did something.

Sawako wipes her tears and she closed the door.

”Mom, grand— ” she pushed me onto her bed, she didn listen to me, when she pushed me I sat on her soft bed,

Her gaze, my moms gaze is begging me, I want to ease her heart, to solve her problem but, if she forced herself to the wrong path, our time, our relationship will be shattered in no time.

As I sat on her bed, she approached me and hug me, she put her feet in her bed, while her ass sitting on my lap and she hugged me. In this position, I can see her cute face and her pussy.

”help me! my son help me! ” She keep whispering in my ears, I hold her shoulders and pushed her, to see her crying face, and I stared into her eyes.

Her eyes become red, I think she cried a lot when I leave her, she closed her face to mine, and she kiss me, her shaking lip, I can taste her tears on her lip.

This is my first time seeing my mom like this.

”Mom, Im not gonna leave you, I told you, your existence in this world is the source of my life, if you die Im gonna die, I promise, we die together ” I kiss her shaking lip.

Her hand she place her hand on my shorts, and she unzip my zipper, cause to pop up my hard dick, as we kissed she was rubbing my dick.

In no time I cum again, it splattered on her belly and on my shorts, while cumming, I remember the reason why I came here, but this is my morning cum.

”My son, when you run, I thought you were going to leave your mom, My heartache until right now, I felt like you betrayed me, I can live without you, please, give me your child ” She hold my dick and she guides it to her pussy.

”Mom, we haven eaten– ” she used her weight to penetrate her pussy with my dick, my dick went to her womb easily, as if her pussy molded to my dick, and when my dick went to her pussy, my mom cum, me too I cum a bucket.

Her moan was loud, she moan deliberately to hear downstairs her voice. As we cum together, I push her body down, to give her my child, and she also pushes her pussy to my dick.

I also noticed, that when my dick penetrate her pussy, her pussy was wet, did she masturbate alone???.

My cum, her cum squirt to her pussy, just one cum, my strength leave me, I felt my mom become heavy, she just sitting on my lap, but her body becomes heavy.

And my mom too, she can move anymore, she stared into my eyes, her tears stop, I can see her smile, she closed her eyes and she hug me, I lay with her, my dick is still inside her pussy, still hard, I want to move but I don have enough strength.

”Mom, will you stay with me forever? ”

She just giggles her ass, causes to squirt our cum, inside of her pussy, squeezing my dick, her meat rubbing my dick. Thinking this, my cum wants to come out again.

Sawako just rubs my cheeks.

”Hey, you didn tell me your name ” my fiance twisted the door knob of my moms door.

”What, she already in front of the door???, but why did she know the voice she heard was here? How fast she is, then How fast I am to think.

I quickly got up, and I lay my mom once covered her with her blanket with cum, I covered her lower body, her cleavage was exposed, I turn her face to her left, which is Im standing on her left.

”hey I heard so—– ” my fiance open the door, and she saw me masturbating and I slowly move my ass to touch her lip with my dick.

When my fiance saw me doing this, she covered her mouth with her hands and she closed the door hard, cause to make a noise, my plan was work, all I need is to persuade her.

I gathered all my strength to my foot and run, when I open the door, she just leaning on our wall.

She would slap me but I held her hand, and pull her toward me, once hug her.

I forgot my dick is still hanging, watafak.

She didn react when my dick kiss her pussy. Her skirt and her panty are hindrances to kissing her pussy.

I felt she tried to push me but kissing her pussy even she has a skirt, but my dick hitting her pussy, she felt something she never felt.

”l-let me go, you hentai…, I want to leave in this house right now, I don want to be with you, you tried to do that to your mom, are you crazy ” She leaned her ear to my chest and place her hands to my cheeks and she pulled it.

”wait, I have a reason for this, just like you said, I can control my lust, but seeing her naked body my mind went crazy, my mom told me this is normal for a boy, but, seeing her sleeping face, I can control myself ” I pushed her body, enough to squeeze her breast to my chest.

She stares into my eyes.

”Tell me, did you try to force yourself on her? ” Her gaze, as if she know if I was telling the truth or not.

This is do or die.

”No, never ” I stared into her eyes, to show Im not lying.

”let me tell you something, I know when people lie, I will give you another chance ” She closed her face, enough to kiss her, but her eyes keep staring.

I want to kiss her, but, she was serious about this, to show her Im a real man, then lets do it.

”Yes, I pushed myself to her, when she is bathing I went to our bathroom, but she slap me and push me outside, she keeps telling me Im your mom, idiot. In her room, while she is sleeping, I tried to do what I did earlier, but she woke up, and she hit my ass many times with her slippers, also, when she tried to wake me up, I wait for her to closed her face to mine, to kiss her, but her big spoon is ready before my lip kiss her lip, her big spoon is already on her mouth, also, when she changing her clothes, I open the door, but her big pillow is laying, when she was ma—- ”

”Okay, wait enough, okay, thats enough, I didn know you are desperate in this kind, how about the scream I heard, and she was sleeping right now, why she didn wake up or are you just lying? ” Her gaze was like, hey stop hitting my pussy,

She moves slightly her ass.

”you know, my mom is weak to wine, just a single sip, she will be drunk, last night, I asked her to play flip coin, if your guess is correct, you can ask anything, like the king game, my chance is 50-50, in our 1-hour play, I only guessed once, just once, so I asked her to drink 1 glass of wine when she drinks the wine pushed me outside of her room, and she locked, I tried to go inside but her lock is hard to open when morning came, she use her bathroom, once go back to her room, she forgot to lock her door, thats why I do that, I would knock earlier but her door was not locked, so I go inside bu—- ”

”wait wait, is that too long keep it short ” she pulls my cheeks again.

”ah.. we play flip coin, I win once, I asked her to drink alcohol, she locked her door, I sleep, morning comes, she use the bathroom, her door open, I see her naked body, I would cover her naked body, but her naked body is waking my lust, thats why I do that ” I smiled to her and my stomach ask for food again, my dick become soft again, my dick is shy right now.

”Why she is naked, d— ” with my index finger, I touch her lip.

”let me eat first. My fiance, wait, what is your name again? ”

”Ah, I haven introduced myself yet ” she pushed me and she knelt once bow, This is how the Japanese introduce themselves to meet their wife if Im not wrong.

I also do what she was doing, my mom told me this to respect her.

”My name is Yukina Suzu, I came here to accept your grandmas request ”

”I am, I am jun, jun Zenami, I came here to make you my wife ”

As I bow, my stomach keeps growling, she notices my stomach yelling for food.

She stood up and she went to our kitchen, I would like to go to the kitchen but my body won move anymore.

I didn know sex is a drug, Im addicted to sex now.

Minutes passed, and she came back with a fried egg and fried rice and fried apple, apple? did she fry this apple? fried fish, fried bacon, and also a fried hotdog.

Im not picky when it comes to food

”Itadakimasu ” I eat first her fried rice, this is too much oil, next her scramble fried egg, while I chewed the fried egg, my tooth makes some noise, her egg some shell, her fried bacon, no, her charcoal bacon, Im hungry this is nothing. I eat her fried bacon,

This is like Im chewing our charcoal,

Her fried fish, ah, well this is a fish, this is fine. hm.. okay, her fried apple, I didn know apple is good when you fry it, just a weird taste.

last one, these two hotdogs, this is perfect. Without hesitation, I grab this perfect hotdog, when I take a bite, half cook, well hot dog can eat like this, just put it in the boiling water the hotdog is ready to serve, but her hotdog was sweet and salty, did she put some salt and sugar.

I finish her cooking food for me and burped.

”Thanks, Yukina, this is so delicious, I hope I can try these again ” I smiled at her, her name is perfect to her, she was like a walking snow girl, her white skin and her silver hair, and h—-.

I noticed her eyes, her eyes were shining, and some tears came out in her eyes, she cover her mouth with her two hands as if she can believe what she saw.

I think her friends mocked her for her cooking skills, or this is the first time she saw someone eating and finishing her cooked food.

I would say to her I will cook something for my mom but she hug me and we fell, my eyes went to my moms door, she was peeking at her door. Shes looking at me as if Im cheating on her, I smile, her grown-up jealous face is so cute.

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