A world without men

9: a dream is a dream

My mom pouting cheeks, her beauty was showing. This is my normal mom, not normal, my mom girl, my Sawako, yes she is mine now, but now, If I choose these two, my heart choosing my mom, I don know or because Yukina is late.

If Yukina came here a year ago, I think I will fell for her, no, that is not gonna happen, my heart is already for my mom, even if she came here early, I will choose my mom or I will choose Yukina, this is hard than I thought, like choosing between angel to angel.

”Yukina, like I told you, what you saw is the real me, I didn hide it because Im that kind of man, if you insist to be my wife, then you need to accept who I am, I want you, its not because you look like to my mom, If I stare to your face, your own beauty is showing, like the Yukina I have never seen ” while she hugging me I held her shoulders and lift it to see her face.

With her straight gaze in my eyes, while looking at her face, I can hear her heartbeat.

”See, at first glance, you look like my mom, but now the real Yukina is showing, you have a cute cheek, li—, you have lip l—, you have big eyes li–, your silver hair l—, ” I want to to say, you look like my mom, shit, how the hell this becomes possible.

I already have seen my moms picture when she is young, yes just like her. No, Yukina has her own.

Hey, how long are you h– ”

”Yukina, I know, I know now, the shape of your face is different from my mom, your face is like snow and my mom is like snow too ”

I heard mom growling belly, I need to prepare some food.

”Zena–…. jun, are you still hungry, do you want me to prepare some food, wait for me he— ”

I let go of her shoulder and touched her lip with my index finger.

”Do you want to impress my mom with your cooking? ”

Her eyes widened and brightened. She quickly nodded,

Before Yukina stood up, I checked moms door, her door was closed, this is our chance, I held Yukinas shoulder and lift it, shes not heavy or Im just strong.

I forgot my dick is still here, I hug Yukina again. Her soft breast, as it landed on my chest, it fall like a slow-mo in my mind.

”Wait Yukina, something very important, I need to hide this first ”

”Y-yes, just hurry ” Her shy voice., it waking my lust, oops! my lust was already awake, my inside, it waking my inside.

I would like to hide my dick, but my dick is in her belly, and she squeezing this to my belly.

”Yukina, we have a problem, can you just stand up while your eyes are closed, promise I will not do anything, I just want to hide my d— ”

She pinched my cheek.

”Can you don say that word, even though I see your… Im uncomfortable hearing that word ” Her blushing face Like a blood drip on snow

I don know, I think she was innocent in this thing, or she was just shy when I say the word dick.

I nodded to her, and she closed her eyes, I guided her hand to the floor to support her body, and when she lifted her body, I saw her own beauty, not my mom, yes, she is beautiful than my mom, just slight, but yes she is pretty than my mom.

”I didn know you have a cute chin, not like my mom, of course you are still young, but when your eyes closed, I can see the Yukina, the very own Yukina ”

She slip her hand or she was just out of balance of what she heard, and her face landed on my face, her soft lip touching my lip, she quickly got up and she turned her back to me while caressing her lip.

That is an innocent reaction, so.

”I didn call this a kiss, its just your lip touching my lip thats it, this is not a true kiss, so we still haven kissed yet, don worry ”

I got up and stand behind her and I hold her hand.

”See, just like your hand and my hand holding, its not counted ”

Her face, she tighten her hold on my hand, before my mom came out, I pulled her hand and we go downstairs to cook some food.

I let her do it, I just tell her what she needs to do first. I tell her to wait until the oil becomes hot after that put the hotdog stir it, to cook all the side, she roll the hot dog in the frying pan, a little fire, and done, her hotdog is perfect, next is bacon, and fish and many more, but she wants to learn the whole egg.

I told her next time, I will teach her or my mom teach her how to cook perfect food, my mom is good at cooking, and I also learned from her.

While teaching her to cook her eyes are delighted, even she fails, she is smiling, she wants to learn how to cook, I think she wants to become a chef when she grows up, but her parents want to take over their company.

If she want to be a chef, she would hire some lessons but I think her lesson was for a company or something, O!, wait this is my chance to fall her for me.

”Yukina, If you marry me, I will let you do what you want, just don leave me, I will cry if you do that, if you want to become a chef, then I will let you ”

She just stared at me and she continued with what she was doing.

”No!, its not I want to become a chef when Im young yes, that is my dream, but when they always compare me to your mom, my mind change, they always saying, hey look, she looks like Sawako Zenami sama, is she her daughter?, and the teacher they always said, even you look like Zenami, your mind is air, so I force myself to achieved everything, but the doubt still there, Im not her, I am Yukina, not Zenami, I want to tell them but it j—- ” She doesn notice her scramble egg burned, I quickly turned off the gas stove.

Even though Im not by her side when she is young, I can understand the feeling. When someone compared me to a much better person, its like Im just a second to everything, I can be like her, not ever, because she has her own and I have my own. I can be like her, but Yukina wants to reach that person. I respect her, no I will respect her.

In my case is nothing compared to her. To a person she looks alike, then someone criticizing every move she made, because she looks like, I think she tried to kill herself, for those bashers she met, I hope not.

No, she never did that, she said she force herself means, she work hard, and why I didn notice that.

”Jun, did I say something?? ” She looks to me like a different person.

”Yeah, you said its not like you wanted to become a chef, then you stop and stare at the egg, I thought you fell asleep, did you get any sleep??? ” I ready the food she cooked.

”The truth is no, I haven slept yet, I didn know this place is far, I can sleep in your car, and when I reach the rap road, your grandma tells me I just need to walk straight when I see a small path go straight and I saw the greenhouse your grandma saying ” she covers her mouth with her hand and she yawns.

My moms car is not for rap road, I think she has an urgent business if she didn use her truck for rap road, means Yukina just walked.

”Are you okay Yukina? how many hours before you reach our house, if you have a single motorcycle, 2 or 3 hours before you reach this house if you walk means 7 hours? ”

”Ah, let me think, I th— ” She stopped when she saw my mom, she quickly approached my mom and give her respect.

”M-m-my name is Yuchina ” she bit her tongue and my mom just stare at her face,

I know my mom inside is laughing, she can handle Yukinas cute face.

”My name is Yukina nice to meet you Zenami-sama, ” Yuikna said as she just whispered it.

My mom pats her and she bent once to hug her.

”honey! ”

”why mom! ” my mom just look at me, her eyes is red, is she crying again??? oh! she saw us earlier, my moms mind is weak, if it comes to me, I think she is thinking I betray her again, my fiance is here, which means my attention will be focused on Yukina.

That is not gonna happen, mom. Morning my Yukina at night you my mom, I will not let a single night pass not to visit your inside.

”honey, its fine, here Im your mom, okay, consider me like Im your mom, and let me you be my daughter. My past is nothing here Im just Sawako here, not Zenami, don mix the business here, okay ” my mom keeps patting her head.

And yukina hugs her tightly.

”Mom, mother Sawako, oka-san, Im back ” Yukinas tears suddenly drip.

I don want to know but I know, what life she had, Yukina, your hardship is for this, to reach the person blocking your happiness, don give up Yukina, keep going.

While the two are chattings, I prepare my moms food to the table, I wait for them to come to the table, I don want to see Sayas crying face, why? because my heart may fall to her.

I know to myself, someday Im the one whos begging to her to be my wife, I can stay like this, for sure, in the end, I will regret for the rest of my life that shes not mine. Tonight I will make her mine.

Thinking of my lust for her the two came out, Yukina become Yukina again, but I think something changed. Yukina sat next to me and my mom is in front of me.

Yukina used the fork to eat the hotdog, but she gave it to my mom, and my mom take a little bite of the hotdog.

”What do you think mom, is it delicious??? ” my mom nodded,

I watch them like a mom and daughter, Im not jealous, I see her like my wife, yes, she just doing this to our child. We just had sex last night now our daughter is already big, I would like to call her name, just her name. Sawako Sawako Saw–…

My mom stared at me, she rub my foot towards my dick. If she continued this, Yukina might notice.

The food is already gone Im just imagining our daughter now the food is sold out.

”hey Yukina, I noticed you are sleepy, and you said You haven slept yet, I would like to ask you something but first you need to sleep, It might take too long ”

Yukina didn hesitate to sleep. brought her to my room and we go inside, I tell her this is locked, the window is there if she wants a blanket is here if she wants to feel the air open the window, we don have any electric fan, yes we have solar on the roof but this is for lightbulb only. I already told her everything.

When she lay on my bed, she didn ask anything, on her first lay, she was already asleep, I closed the door quietly and locked it.

I heard mom voice, she is outside, when I opened the door, the big basin with her blanket and the bed covered with cum, even my and her clothes with cum.

”We need to wash them first, if my mom saw these and smells it, she will know what we did ” while my mom talking she already walking.

there is a flat river ahead, our drinking water came from the river sometimes t my grandma, if she using her car for rap road, and we wash our clothes to the river means, this is river sex, gulp.

While walking my mom carried the soap and powder, she really loves to wear a skirt, wherever she go just a skirt and t-shirt, the wind blow her skirt up, I can see her ass, she was not wearing anything, she tried to push down the skirt but I already hug her, and I pushed my dicked inside her pussy.

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