Chapter 4: Duan Yu (2)

The loss of all four Mythical Beast Cores greatly impacted mankind. Although the four perils were successfully slaughtered, they came with a great cost.

Needless to say, mankind not only failed to obtain the core they greatly needed to attempt their breakthrough to the next cultivation stage but also lost too many in the process.

As this was a joint operation organized by the five venerable, it was only natural that they compensate for all the losses.

From the news of an insider, it was reported that a total of eleven dynasties, three thousand cities, and fifteen billion lives were lost. The compensation alone is astronomical; to make up for that, the dead venerables sect was divided into four to make up for the expense.

The slaughtering era followed after the matter of compensation quieted down.

True to the four venerables words, all living beings who related to the four perils, either by legacy, bloodline, or religion, were slaughtered without mercy. This includes both mankind and the beast.

Not a single day went without blood spilled on the ground during the five hundred years of the Slaughtering Era. The true report of the total number of losses wasn recorded. Still, it was estimated to be doubled the figure compared to the attempt to kill the four perils.

Just like this, another five hundred years passed.

Except for unimportant mentions throughout the thousand realms, almost nobody remembered the four perils and the story. Even if they did, all there was left to it was some rumors, made-up stories, and pranks to entertain kids.

Huanle Continent, Ruyi Realm.

This Ruyi Realm was one of the few thousand minor realms positioned neighboring one of the nine Heavenly Realms, known as the Tuyuan Realm.

(Huanle = Ring of Joy)

It was a small realm with only a single continent, surrounded by a few smaller islands from North to South, East to West. The total population here hardly exceeds ten billion. And unlike other nearby realms, no kingdoms nor dynasties rule over this continent due to the scarcity of natural resources.

All there was here were four cities located in four corners of the continent. In the eyes of the residents of this continent, the City Lords were their rulers. But theres something ironic in the last sentence here.

Indeed, the City Lords were the rulers of this small piece of the continent, but the word does not apply to all four lords. Only the lord of the South, the West, and the North were qualified.

As for the City Lord for the Eastern City, he and his household are more of a joke. Was it not because the family and city were named after their surname, they would have lost this right over the city long ago.

”Milord! ” it was early in the morning. And people were already screaming outside the City Lords manor, with a voice louder than a group of roosters. These people would easily be mistaken as QiongQis descendent if the legacy of the four perils didn disappear.

”Who the hell is screaming such early in the morning? Can they let me sleep properly for once? ” a middle-aged man, around his fifties, steps out of his sleeping chamber and complains. He looks seriously unkept, with a messy beard, unbuttoned robe, and a loosely tied hat.

His name was Duan Shunde, the current patriarch of the Duan Clan and City lord of Eastern Duan City. He had been running this city since he was fifteen and had already been a city lord for over forty years.

”Its me, Milord. Did you forget that we
e going to dig a waterway today? ” one of the workers said. Judging from the bandana and the city emblem sewn on it, he was the head of these workers here.

”Alright, lets go. ” Duan Shunde shook and rubbed his forehead, feeling a slight headache. Nevertheless, he behaved like a lord and led the workers out of the city.

Although Duan Shunde was a responsible lord and loved by his people, the condition of this Eastern Duan City was too awful. With no talented people staying to help with the citys administration, almost everything had to rely on Duan Shunde for them to get completed.

Their present circumstances were all thanks to the five hundred years of the Slaughtering Era, which reduces their number to one-tenth of what it should be. The city was eventually freed from the accusation of being connected with the four perils. Still, no matter what, the damage was done.

The culling not only killed most of the talents and workforce but also targeted the weak and young on purpose. Even though five hundred years had passed after that era, the condition of Eastern Duan City today was slightly better than before.

After Duan Shunde left the manor, another window was opened to expose the suave and handsome youth sitting inside.

(Hmm… Where should I go and fool around today?)

His name is Duan Yu, Duan Shundes one and only son. The Duan Family had over a thousand people with the same surname in their household but only managed to father one son and nine daughters.

Hes eighteen this year. Being the one and only spoiled son of the patriarch, he can be said to be the little overlord of the Eastern Duan City. From messing around to visiting flower parlors to brothels and bullying people, there was nothing he couldn do inside this city.

But aside from his terrible attitude, Duan Yu was a man of words.

(I guess Ill just bring a few thousand coins and visit the slums. Lets enjoy my day by getting showered with attention until I wanna puke from it…)

Duan Yu chuckled and ran his hands across the wardrobe for a robe with the lousiest quality. He immediately left the manor with a bag of money after changing.

”Your little overlord is here again today! Who wants money??? ” this announcement was his typical self-introduction whenever he went. Not even worrying that he would get torn into pieces, Duan Yu walked across the long street and distributed the money like giving alms to his believers.

He was filled with a sense of satisfaction after emptying a bag of money worth exactly a thousand coins. But this was far from completing his day. Reaching into his pocket and taking another smaller bag out, Duan Yu continued by stepping inside a building where countless beauties were dancing and singing for the attention of the passersby.

This building is none other than the brothel, the most visited establishment in Eastern Duan City after the City Lords Manor.

”What brings our little overlord here today? ” asked the brothel owner, Lady Qing. From appearance alone, she looks merely a few years older than the beauties here, but little that people know, this Lady Qing is about his fathers age.

”I am here for some snacks and companionship. ” Duan Yu said and grabbed the empty cup on the table. All he needed was to raise his cup, and there would be a waiter coming to pour him some wine.

As the little overlord of this city, how can there be no special service available for him at all times? All Duan Yu needed was to open his mouth, and his request would be fulfilled, even if they had to slaughter a pig or send someone to the other three cities to purchase it.

But luckily, Duan Yu was a thug with morals. He bullies people, but he always stops before going overboard. He loves drinking, but he won trash peoples stores. He got aroused easily but never once forced himself on an unwilling party.

”Let me grab a few dishes from the kitchen. Would Little Hong-Er be good for you today? ” Lady Qing happily touched her cup with Duan Yus while she spoke. After politely finishing the cup of wine before him, she gently waved her finger toward the second floor for a beautys attention.

”Little Hong-Er will come soon. Please excuse this old lady for a while as I grab you some quick bites. ” Lady Qing said before leaving.

(Heh… I wonder what will happen when they know an old lady like you was an expert in the late Bone Refining Stage…)

Duan Yu chuckled and raised his cup for another fill.

The one called ”Hong-Er ” came after Duan Yu finished his third cup of wine.

”Little overlord, please allow this servant to pour you a cup of wine as an apology… ” Hong-Er cheekily said and sat on Duan Yus thigh. Her right arm was tightly hugging his shoulder while she expertly raised the wine jar slightly above her lips.

”Come, little beauty… ” Duan Yu opened his mouth wide and waited for his reward.

Very gently, Hong-Er poured the wine from her hand, dripping drop by drop across her lips before it fell into Duan Yus mouth. It was both seductive and fragrant thanks to her figure, how she hugged Duan Yu, and the fruity flavor on her lips.

What they were doing was like a provocation to all male customers seated in the brothel. At some point, the stimulation was too much for some weaker men. It made them immediately lose control over their ”cannon. ”

e so naughty, my little overlord… ” Hong-Er shyly said and used the satin handkerchief in her hand to wipe Duan Yus lips.

”So, how many people were turned on by us today? ” Duan Yu chuckled and allowed Hong-Er to leave his lap and sit on the nearby chair. There was still a hint of blushing around her cheeks.

”Around twelve to thirteen people, Sir. Half were cursing, likely blaming the young master and their weak kidneys. ” the waiter holding another jar of wine whispered beside Duan Yu.

”Nod bad today… Not bad! ” Duan Yu chuckled and raised his cup. After it was filled to the brim by Hong-Er, he finished it with a sip. And just as he was about to get another refill, Lady Qing was here with an exquisite dish in her hand and four more dishes in two servants hands.

”Please enjoy your meal, our little overlord, ” said Lady Qing.

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