Chapter 9: Business (3)

us brothel.

It takes about a quarter-hour to reach the building.

”Welcome, my little overlord! ” the same waiter called Xiao Ma was already waiting outside after getting informed by one of the city lords manor servants.

”Is Hong-Er available for this master? ” Duan YU descended from horseback in a suave manner but hardly friendly attitude.

Duan Yu did not forget to take advantage of the waitress and beauty wherever he was passing by to make himself look worse and perverse. The lecherous behavior he had shown made people uncomfortable, to the point it was a painful sight to their eyes.

These were precisely true for those who don originate from this part of the continent.

”Let me give that lecherous bastard a beating. Ill teach him that having money doesn mean he can behave as he likes. ” one of the few patrons said and decided to teach him a lesson. The way Duan Yu conducted himself in public apparently made him feel ashamed as a man.

”Sit down, you fool. You got tired of living? ” the patrons companion quickly pulled him back on the seat before he caused some trouble.

”Didn you hear how they addressed him? That the only son of the City Lord. If he lost a hair inside this problem, all our heads would fly and leave our body by tomorrow morning. ” the patrons friend quickly said.

Hearing this made the patron feel lucky that hes yet to cause a problem.

”This young master, please calm yourself down with this cup of wine. ” the beauty he chose earlier quickly came to his side and gently poured a cup of wine. Each move from the beauty is seductive and elegant, which subsides some of the patrons anger.

Her action promptly calmed the sir down but made somewhere else fired up.

”B-Beauty… Please be yourself. You don need to treat me on purpose like the lecherous bastard sitting there. ” the patron said with his eyes still staring at Duan Yu.

He thought that would differentiate him from Duan Yu in the eyes of the people around him. But how could he have guessed that everyone here, from the doormen to the woodcutter on the back, was henchmen from the Duan Family?

”Sob… This lowly girl is unworthy of your kindness, great sir… ” tears immediately rolled from the corner of the beautys eyes. Yet, her face still maintained the poker face of beauty, akin to the drawing hanging on the wall.

Nobody would imagine that right now, her heart was like a starving snake, ready to deliver a bite at her prey.

”Why are you crying, dear beauty? Did that bastard do something terrible to you before? ” the patron immediately asked if he could do something for her. His kindness is like a healing paste applied to the beautys sore spot.

The beauty continued to cry softly. The inappropriate dresses on this beauty help alleviate the charm further, making the beauty appear like a damsel in distress and a fox in heat.

”Im crying because even somebody like me could have someone willing to stand up and defend me. As a pitiful woman with ill fate, how can I not cry from this? ” the beauty said.

”I… I… Don know what to say… ” the patron was speechless. He had no idea how to reply to the beautys word. Besides, he already had a few drinks and could hardly think normally now.

”This maiden wonders if young master willing to book me for a private session? Big sister Qing might be willing to give you a discount for my time. ” the beauty changed into a coquettish manner and offered to meet him in a private room.

Her suggestion made the patron consider it again and again. But he eventually lost the battle to his other sibling resting inside his pants.

When Lady Qing collected the payment for the beautys private time, he was slapped with a bill that cost him thirty Mind Clearing Verdant Pills. Still, considering that he would make her life easier with this money, the patron paid without a complaint before following her into the private room.

He wasn the only one to get provoked in that manner. Plenty of other patrons were also aroused by Duan Yus immoral act and persuaded to exchange a talk about life with their beautiful companion inside a private room.

”Had you been waiting for long, my little overlord? ” Hong-Er attractively greeted Duan Yu from upstairs before she took the stairs gracefully to the ground floor. And like a butterfly attracted to the flowers nectar, Hong-Er went straight to Duan Yus side and sat on his lap.

”Allow Hong-Er to feed you a cup of wine first. ” she gracefully put her lips around the wine jar and drank a mouthful before transferring it to Duan Yu using her mouth.

This facade made the patrons lose control over their lust and instantly requested a room, regardless of companion.

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