Chapter 7

Future Knight and Lady-in-waiting

”Hey can I snatch your cousin? ” Asked by the revolutionary woman.

”That would be felony. ” Klaveren answered.

”Oooh! Since when did you care about that? ”

”Since the day she was born. ”

Klaveren Maverick von Severina, the son of Chandrias brother. He has no interest in politics as well as his father.

Shes supporting Chiara from the shadows. A member of revolutionary army.

Klaveren left the watching room and rushed towards the long road of Fiergie Street.

Her birthday was yesterday. I forgot to give my gift to her.

He simply hide the revolutionary army sign to avoid any misunderstandings and feuds.

When he arrived at the back of the palace he sighed.

Im back here again. After ten long years.

He walked silently towards the Lijep Soleil, avoiding the Knights. A shag haired man looked on his way. He immediately hide.

”What is it boss? ”

”Nothing it must be my imagination. ”

So close!

His brunette hair is covering his eyes. He slowly opened Chiaras room window and slipped his gift, or so he thought.

”What a surprise. ” Chiara said while looking at her cousin.

Shit! He thought.

Hes going to run now but Chiara grabbed his left hand and pulled him on her room. The size of her room window is about five feet.

For clarification, Klaveren is 15 years old and much taller than Chiara.

”Please sit down. ” She invited.

”Why are you making me sit? I might kill you. ”

”You can do it. ”

”What? Im not some kind of saint, I can kill you. ”

”But that would be parricide. ”

”Huh? ” He asked shocked.

Chiara laughed. She glared at him and said:

e my cousin aren you? ”

”Im not! ”

”Yes you are, brother Klaveren. ”

Silence filled the air. Klaveren felt an anticipating feeling on his stomach and decided to sat with her.

”I-Im not Klaveren! ” He said defensively.

Chiara rolled her eyes and laughed.

”Denying your identity is a bad thing, former Crown Prince Klaveren. ”

”I told you Im not Klaveren! ”

”Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say. So why did you came back here? Are you here to kill me? ”

Why would she think of such thing?

”Why so surprised? Everybody wants me dead. ”

Well like I said, Klaveren doesn have any interests in such things as politics and positions. Power or wealth, he doesn care.

”Why did you guys even left the Imperial Palace? Thats what I want to know. Why did you faked your deaths? ”

Silence filled the air. The atmosphere became heavy.

Its for your sake.

Klaveren wanted to spat it right into her face but its not the right time to do that.

”Are you here to take back your position? ” She asked.

”No. ” He gulped really hard. ”I just want to give you my gift and I want to see you even from afar. ”

Chiara sighed loudly.

”You can see me anytime, aren you watching me everytime? ” She said and looked up straight at the window glass.

There she smirked and punched the window glass. The connection on the crystal ball is suddenly gone because of what she hath done.

”There, I finally got my privacy. You guys are watching me everyday, its making me uncomfortable. ”

”H-how did—? ”

”I can feel it everytime, someones watching me. ”

The footsteps are nearing her room at last a knock interrupted their conversation.

”Princess! We heard a glass breaking! Did someone broke in? ”

Chiara laughed playfully and stared directly through Klaverens eyes.

”No, I just smashed it, because its hot in here. ”

The servants gasped and said:

”Are you being threatened right now Princes? ”

Klaveren stood up to leave but Chiaras little hand held his and looked at him with pleading eyes.

In Klaverens perspective a cute little child is pleading at him but no! Don forget what she just did to the window.

”No, Im not. ”

She snapped her hands in the air.

Chiara tugged Klaverens shirt and said this quietly and softly:

”Can I have a request? ”

”Sure. ”

What in the **ing hell am I doing? Why would you agree on a request you damn idiot! In his mind.

”Can we hug? ”

Chiara knows that Klaveren will definitely decline her request so she smiled bitterly and bowed her head.

She was stunned by his sudden movement.

Klaveren carried Chiara and hugged her, petted her head and back. Klaveren placed his forehead on hers and whispered:

”Don bow your head on anyone, don submit yourself on anybody. Remember you are the Crown Princess of this Empire. ”

Chiara nodded and hugged Klaveren more.

”Don show your weaknesses on anybody, they might use it against you. You are a Severina, Chiara. You must remember that. ”

Chiara is tearing up but bit her lower lip and stared directly at him.

”Hold back your emotions in front of everybody. So when the right time comes, Ill come back again. ” He kissed her forehead.

He placed him on her bed and Chiara said:

”Byebye brother Klaveren, Im going to the Krizantema Conservatoire in a week from now. ”

”Oh? Does uncle Arden knows it? ”

”No, I didn tell him yet. ”

”Oh, then good luck with that. ”

Once Klaveren was gone, Chiara snapped her fingers to release the time stopping spell, and the servants immediately barged in.

”Oh? ”

”So the Princess just broke it out of whim? ”

”I really thought someone was here. ”

”No one was here, Im all alone here. ”

The servants left the room quietly and worriedly. Chiara breathe heavily and soon left the room and went to the House of Voyenachal

Once she arrived she was greeted by the Knights and the newly recruited mercenaries.

”Old man and the gang, we need to talk. ”

They followed the Princess quietly.

”We all know that you must train in a year to became a Knight. A year from now a Knights munera will be held in the Malvar Colosseum. ”

They just listened to her.

”Can you guys promise that you will not cause any trouble in a year and can win the munera? ”

The other one laughed and said:

”Of course, after all the Princess is the only one we will follow. ”

”Thank you, Ill be studying in the Krizantema Conservatoire in a week from now, so refrain from causing any troubles, and… ” She looked at them with her serious yet mischievous eyes. ”…get their trusts, thats the plan for now. ”

She smiled and walked away from them.

She really is a Severina. Their leader is now convinced at that thought.

Her feet lead her in front of the Sunce Pallati she snapped her fingers thrice and Joseph was already on her side.

”Joseph, watch around quietly. ”

He nodded and vanished in the thin air.

”Greetings to the Moon of this Empire, Crown Princess Chiara Natala von Severina. ”

She knocked on ger fathers study room and heard a reply:

”Come in. ”

Arden stared hardly at whomever was on the door, but his hard stare became soft when he saw his only daughter.

”Iara dear, what brings you here? Do you miss Papa? ”

Chiara walked towards Arden and handed him a white envelope. When Arden saw the seal his mood became sad.

”I-Iara whats this? ”

She smiled happily and replied:

”Im going to attend the Conservatoire a week from now. ”

That surprised Arden and because of that he fainted.

”Papa! ” She shouted and Chaos rushed over to her side.

She blushed like crazy and when Chaos looked at her she gasped.

The **ing sharp jawline!

”What happened to the Emperor, Your highness, the Crown Princess? ”

”W-well uh… ” Its very unusual of you to stutter. ”…I told him that I got accepted at the Krizantema Conservatoire, but he suddenly fainted when I said, I will go. ”

Chaos sighed.

”Don worry about it Crown Princess, I think the Emperor just got shocked. I will take him to his room and call gor a doctor, is it fine with you, your highness? ”

She nodded.

After Chaos left the room she muttered a few cusses and covered her blushing face.

The Princess must be insane, now. Oh no! Joseph thought.

Chiara went to her fathers room and there she saw Chaos staring blankly out of nowhere. When he saw Chiara he immediately carried her.

”Do you not want Papa anymore? ” He asked with a puppy eyes.

”I want to spend more time with you, Father. But I need to attend to the academy. ”

”My daughter is so sick of my presence that she wants to get away from me… ” He said.

Sometimes I don know if Im the parent here or the child.

She sighed and kissed her Fathers cheek.

”I love Papa, but I also need to study. ”

”But it will be whole six years. I can bear to not see you. ”

”But Papa is extraordinary, right? You can visit me anytime you want! We can also exchange letters. ”

Arden nodded. He can still feel like Chiara doesn want him to be her father.

Am I putting too much pressure on her?

”Papa, this is what I want. Please let me. ”

”Okay! ” Arden said and cupped his daughters cheeks and place his forehead on hers.

”Remember, Papa is always here! He will do anything for his dear daughter! You are not alone, Iara. ”

She nodded.

After Chiara left her fathers bedroom, she walked through the hall of the throne room.

Someone bumped into her, a buff man. She looked up and the man looked at her too.

”Oh! Im sorry Crown Princess, I didn mean to— ”

”No need to be sorry, my lord. I know its unintentional. ”

”Thank you Princess. Have you seen the Emperor? ”

”Oh, Ill guide you there, my lord. ”

”Its my pleasure, Your Imperial Highness. ”

She just nodded and guided him to the room of her father. She knocked on her fathers room and she heard a cold voice.

”Come in. ”

She opened it and Arden is shocked to see her daughter again. But his face became stern again when he saw the man behind Chiara.

”There he is, my lord. Im gonna get going. ” She politely said.

There she left.

”How are you doing, Your Highness? ” Asked by the Earl.

”Im fine, Earl Tobias. How about you? ”

”Im very fine, thanks to you. ”

He sighed and asked an unexpected question.

”I plan to make your son a Dame. ”

”H-huh? But Your Highness, hes still a child. ”

Arden furrowed his brows.

”I didn say Id make him a Dame now. I plan to make him a Dame and take over his uncles position. ”

Tobias gulped.

The position thats been vacant for a decade. The battalion of Knights for the Crown Princess.

”Your swordfighting skills is unique, I don know what the late Marquess thinks but you should have been the Marquess. Your skills are better than your brother. ”

”Indeed, but I refused the position. ”

Arden laughed.

”Is Ezra studying at Krizantema Conservatoire? ” He asked out of the blue.

”No, hes studying at Viteski rad Schola. ”

After Chiara went back to her palace, she saw a girl practicing her greetings.

”Good morning, your highness the Crown Princess. ”

”Good morning my lady! ”

She laughed silently and tapped the back of the girl.

”Oh my! P-p-p-princess? Greetings your highness! ”

She smiled.

”My name is Clara! ” She said happily.

After Cara saw her talking to the Princess she introduced her as her niece.

She said, Clara will take over Caras position once she got resigned from her lady-in-waiting job.

She excused herself and immediately introduced Clara to Joseph.

”Joseph… ” She said calmly.

When Joseph showed up a new kid captured his eyes, his world turned into slow motion.

”Huh?! Why are you staring at me? Wanna fight?! ”

”T-tsk! Shut up! Im not staring at you! ”

Damn it! Of all times why would I stutter?!

Chiara laughed at the both of them and thinking the unthinkable and most complicated love story that will be made.

My future right hand man Knight and my future lady-in-waiting, huh? How interesting.

She smiled mischievously which they find creepy.

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