Why am I drowning? No one will save me? Why? Should I ask how? How did I end up like this?

The thoughts in Sydimels head were blurred and scattered into pieces. She is granddaughter of Akiyamas grandmaster.

She also belongs to the Elite Assassins family, Akiyama. She is trained since she was a kid so, how did she end up like this?

Why do I feel like Im drowning? Is my life going to end up like this?

She raised her hands asking for help, but she knows that no one will see her, because shes in the deep water.

Maybe this is my end, my very sad end, well its okay. Im fine, now my suffering will be finished. Goodbye earth.

She closed her eyes and gave up on resisting, the darkness of the sea slowly ate her.

She remembered what her grandfather taught them, when you are in the brink of death, chant this.

Demon demon in my blood, Im your sin and your my kin, we have bonds upon my blood, you will carry me to your promised life in the letter.

She doesn believe that it will work because it might just be a legend passed down by the Akiyama.

Little did she know that it will actually work.

The chant will work because her ancestors shed a blood on the letter to make it true.

Ugh. My body feels so heavy, its like someones consuming me.

”…cess! Princess! ”

Sydimel opened her eyes and saw the surroundings around her, shes so confused.

Eh?! Im not dead yet?!

”What are you wearing Princess? And why are you in the fountain? ” Asked by some maid.

”P-princess? ” She asked.

”Yes, my lady. You are the Crown Princess of this country, Princess Chiara Natala von Severina. ”

What the?! I-I became my idol in history? But Princess Chiara is an idiot too, shes as silent as the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories!

Sydimel is very shocked to know that she became one of the strongest women in history.

But due to her foolishness she died. I will not die here. I will survive and die because of my old age!

That day, Sydimel-no Chiara became different from what she have read in the world history.

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